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Answer Angel: A gal pal fashion question roundtable

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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When you're 14 years old, going into high school and mostly stuck at home during a pandemic, you've got plenty of time on your hands. So, I gathered some girls (remotely of course) and asked them for their style and shopping questions. I told them I'd do my best to come up with some sensible answers. Thanks to Amelia I., Annabelle F., Natalie M., Bella S.-P., Eviance R., Ella S. and Nora D. It turns out that most of their questions are applicable to women of all ages. Here goes ...

How can I style T-shirts that are too large?

If they're really huge, gather a big handful of the hem near a side seam and tie a knot. Wear the shirt as a tunic over leggings. If it's just a little too big, roll up the sleeves a few times to form a cuff and employ the French tuck - tucking the very front of the shirt into your skirt, pants or jeans but leaving the back untucked. Also, keep in mind that oversize "boyfriend" style dressing is now a very fashionable option (think Billie Eilish).

How can I get the best online shopping deals?

Patience. Keep returning to the website and wait for a sale - a certain percentage off, free shipping or both. Subscribe to your favorite websites' email lists for coupons, sale information, deals and bargains. If there's a specific item you're looking for, eBay and a profusion of other fashion consignment sites (,,, etc.) list a surprising number of current, gently used or new items with or without tags. Some sellers accept offers. And some sites have a function that will alert you when an item you're looking for is listed for sale.

Can you wear black with gray?


What colors can I wear with navy blue?

What are good color combinations for an outfit?

Yes, you can wear black with gray. Any color goes with gray. Any color goes with navy too. All color combos are good color combos. A quick flip through any fashion magazine or website (including the high-end ads for fashion houses like Gucci and Prada) turns up what used to be considered "clashing" color combinations and print/pattern mixing that breaks all the old rules. As you're looking through your closet keep telling yourself, "In fashion there are no rules."

If you have a simple style, how can you make your outfits look cute and put together?


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