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Answer Angel: Makeup rules?

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Without makeup — eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick — I just don’t feel right. I look washed out and tired. I have a beauty regimen that is working for me and makes me feel better when facing my day.

My question, actually two questions, has to do with color, namely the color of lipstick I wear and the color of shadow. Is there a rule that the lipstick has to match your clothes — specifically is it OK to wear pink (or orange) lipstick when wearing, say, a red blouse? And eye shadow: What color(s) are considered most flattering?

--Alixe J.

Dear Alixe: I know what you mean about makeup. Just a little eyeliner and lipstick does wonders for the spirit.

I’ve written before that in fashion there are no rules. But in makeup there are a couple strong guidelines: Your lipstick certainly doesn’t need to “match” your clothing, but you look better if it doesn’t clash (like red with pink or vice versa). When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a beige-y neutral, for instance well-priced Maybelline’s number 660 “Touch of Spice” (drugstores, $5.99).

Colorful or highly pigmented shadow is best saved for evening. And although powder blue shadow enjoyed a moment of high-fashion popularity, greys and browns are my usual go-tos. Don’t overdo the shadow and blend it in thoroughly for something that (for some of us) gives a more natural accent. As for liner, again a natural look in black, brown or grey is usually the best choice.


And another eye makeup question…

Dear Answer Angel: Help! Covergirl Perfect Point Plus has discontinued their 215 Grey Khaki color. This works best with my light skin tone and hair color, as black and brown colors tend to be too dark. Can you help suggest a brand with a similar color?

--Katie C.

Dear Katie: The people who come up with the names of the colors of cosmetics don’t make it easy to figure out what color you’re even looking for. And you need to be creative to know what to search for on the Internet.


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