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Answer Angel: Fix for dry, cracked heels?

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Although I get regular pedicures, my heels are still dry and cracked — and not fit for viewing in sandal weather. I’ve tried various creams and lotions at bedtime under socks, but I don’t like sleeping with socks on.

Do you know of any product that would work without having to sleep in socks?

--Livvy M.

Dear Livvy: On a whim, I bought Dr. Frederick’s Original Moisturizing Heel Socks (, 2 pair $13.99) and their gel lining does the job. Yes, they are socks but they only cover your heel and ankle and leave your toes free so they are not constricting. My only asterisk is that after they soften your heels in a few days, give your feet a break from daily wear because my heels got too soft after I wore them four nights in row. You can also wear these in daytime with or without real socks over them. They’re sized for men and women and come in neutral colors.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I’m traveling on a cruise and trying to bring only a backpack and a small roller suitcase so I don’t have to check any bags. (A very bad lost baggage experience taught me a hard lesson.) However, I need to travel with a heating pad because it is the only thing that works on my calf cramps. I have tried those adhesive heat pads from the drug store, but I think they’re worthless. Any options?

--Tina N.

Dear Tina: I was surprised to find an array of smaller heating pads that might solve your problem. My preliminary testing of a rechargeable cordless one I bought on amazon has found it (at 10 inches long and 4.3 inches wide) to be a good travel-size compromise. Made in China and sold by uncn it is marketed as a “cordless period heating pad for cramps” but it has a long adjustable “belt” that you can wrap around your leg a few times to keep it in place and close to your skin. It heats up fast, turns off automatically after one hour and the directions say it stays hot for three hours when fully charged with the enclosed cable. There also are other similar pads from different Amazon vendors to choose from (, $17.90). Of course, you will need to pack a universal travel outlet converter if you’re going outside the U.S. I’m happy with my Tessan brand one (, $19.54) although I wish it were a little smaller to take up less room in my already jammed suitcase.

Angelic Readers


From Kelly J.: “I bought the Jones Road ‘Miracle Balm’ you recommended as a substitute for a foundation that migrates to reader Linda D.’s wrinkles. I liked it a lot but you should tell your readers about my experience. In the bright outdoor sunlight or even inside in a brightly lit room, on a couple occasions, friends would say, ‘Are you wearing glitter?’ or ‘You look sparkly.’ So there were some effects of using the product that I hadn’t expected. It happened when I used the shade ‘Magic Hour.’ Not sure if that happens with other Magic Balm colors.” From Ellen: Other colors of the Miracle Balm don’t sparkle. One thought: Save "Magic Hour" for evening and chose a different color for daytime.

And another recommendation for mature women’s makeup…

Reader Gail. O. praises Look Fabulous Forever ( makeup for older women. “Using the whole product line for makeup does prevent foundation from settling into our wrinkles. Yes, it is several steps, but the results are worth the time. They also have a lot of wonderful videos to help older women apply and use the products: real older women, wearing makeup, who are not 20-year-old models.”

Angelic Readers 2

From Joyce Z.: “Like other readers who have written about small A cup busts but with a band size in the 40s, I’m also a slightly overweight woman with an A cup. I bought a bra from Shapermint ( that included an extender, which made it fit perfectly. I also just saw an Underoutfit bra on ‘The View’ that I want to try. It's called The Comfort Shaping Bra (, $36.90). Their size chart shows an XL for an A cup and 42-inch band size and a 2X for an A cup and either a 44 or 46 band size.

Angelic Readers 3

Barb O. writes, “I am elated to find a kindred spirit in Kathleen L. who ranted about men’s two-button suit jackets with only the top button buttoned. I agree with her 100% and have frequently ranted so, but my husband disagrees with me.”

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