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Answer Angel: 'Big Hair' is back

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I don’t even know where I saw this story, but it basically said that “Big Hair” is back.

And then, I watched the Hulu series about Truman Capote — “Feud” — about his once-adoring crowd of beautiful, rich society “swans” whose hair was teased and lacquered and poufy. Is teased hair now in style again?

-- Katherine A.

Dear Katherine: Big Hair is having a moment -- like many trends of the 1960s that are roaring back: bell bottoms etc. Apple TV+’s "Palm Royale," set in 1969’s Palm Beach, features more Big Hair.

The Capote swans favored New York stylist Kenneth, who once recalled that some of the women’s more elaborate ‘dos required as many as seven fake hairpieces to concoct all that loft. Few women today would sit still for that kind of marathon in a stylist’s chair, but just look at photos of six (or seven)-figure weddings on and you’ll see that brides (and guests) are leaning into the bigger ‘dos for the Big Event.

Modern styling tools make it easier to achieve Big Hair without all the damaging and goopy sprays of yore. But for a big occasion or just for the fun of emulating Capote’s beautiful favorite swan, Babe Paley, why not give it a try?


Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Can you recommend tops for small-busted, heavy-hipped women? I wear a size M bust but need an L-XL around my hips. I have a friend who wears an S bust and XL to XXL in the hips.

We are tired of wearing an open front sweater over EVERYTHING to hide the plumber-butt, or wearing tops that:

— Fit in the bust and shoulders, but don’t begin to cover the hips

— Are a little too big in the bust, but still ride up because they are too small in the hips


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