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Target going ahead with special limited-edition designer partnership on dresses

By Kavita Kumar, Star Tribune (Minneapolis) on

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They decided on a June rollout, encouraging people to shop the collection online, was the best course of action.

"Our guests look forward to these collaborations, so we do think there are going to be people who look forward to this," she added.

The collection is Target's first collaboration built around a single wardrobe item and includes more than 70 dresses between $40 and $60. It also includes a range of aesthetics including form-fitting designs with bright colors, vintage-inspired florals, and polka dots and gingham.

It will launch online on June 6 and hit stores on June 15. Target also shifted more of the inventory online and reduced the number of stores that will carry it to 700 instead of 800. Target has nearly 1,900 stores.

The marketing campaign will be all digital, too, after having ditched plans for billboards in Los Angeles and New York City.

Apparel has been a tough sell during the pandemic as many clothing stores have temporarily shuttered and many people are working from home or have lost jobs.

Target said last month that its apparel sales had declined as much as 40% in April. It will report its full quarterly results on Wednesday.


As consumer demand for apparel has dramatically shifted, Target has been hustling to adjust its inventory with categories such as athleisure and sleepwear being in higher demand compared to outfits for the office.

Amid that backdrop, Target's dresses collection is a bit of a gamble, said Carol Spieckerman, a retail consultant.

"Dresses would seem to be a little risky as people are working from home and not necessarily refreshing their wardrobes," she said.

But she added that there is a devoted dress customer who likes to wear dresses for comfort for whom this assortment could be appealing.

"And by the time it launches, customers could be in the mood for a refresh for a few new items that make you feel pretty and refresh your look even if it's for Zoom meetings," she said.

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