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Answer Angel: Ankle bracelets stage a bigger, bolder comeback

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

Published in Fashion Daily News

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Now that the weather is getting warmer, I've started to notice more women wearing ankle bracelets. Not just slender gold chains but the kinds of bracelets that you'd customarily see on the wrist. Is this a trend? And if it is, your thoughts?

- Terry T.

Dear Terry: Much as I love accessories (especially jewelry), I've never been a fan of ankle bracelets. Well, maybe as a lark on the beach on some island vacation. But otherwise, they seem out of place to me - especially when they take attention away from your cute shoes. However, after I read your question, I started paying more attention to women's ankles, and I have seen more bracelets there than in the past. And they're clunkier and chunkier too.

Fashion site The Zoe Report enthuses, "Like basically every other gigantic trend from the '90s, anklets have come back in full force. ... The street style crowd has tapped the accessory, wearing it with higher-end pieces like fur coats, loafers and heels." So, if you're part of "the street-style crowd" - women who want you to notice their fashion savvy - anklets are trending. Or, for some of us, maybe they're just a brief no-more-boots celebration of spring.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have a quick question about eyebrows. I go to a professional to have eyebrows shaped and dyed. My eyebrows are not bushy or thick, but my cosmetologist has started cutting them. As a result I think they are looking skimpy. I need to go for shaping and dyeing next week and am ready to tell her to stop cutting them. Am I correct, or should she be cutting them? Please give me your opinion.

- Ellen K.

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Dear Ellen: My advice is to tell your eyebrow lady to only cut the ones that are so long that they look unruly. In general, length helps the brows look fuller, so cutting isn't a great idea. BTW, my favorite eyebrow helper to make brows look darker and thicker is Maybelline's Precise Fiber Volumizer (drugstores, $5.99 and up), although there are many new eyebrow products to choose from at the drugstore these days. Let me know how it goes!

One more eye-related question ...

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I've got eyelash envy. Mine are skimpy, and I'd look better if they were fuller. I haven't found any mascara (despite all the advertising in fashion magazines) that makes a big difference. I'm afraid to try false eyelashes, and eyelash extensions and prescription Latisse are too expensive. Suggestions?

- Mila A.


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