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Ask Amy: Where there is a will, there is no way

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She has been going into work early and coming home late. She told me her career is her priority and that our relationship would just “be there.”

She said she doesn’t want to come home, due to not feeling wanted, needed, or loved. She says she feels unappreciated.

I work from home, taking care of the kids, animals, shopping, appointments, my job, the yard work, etc.

Can you help?

– S

Dear S: When your wife said she feels unwanted, unloved, etc., she is saying – something. You should encourage her to expand on all of that – and assume a very non-defensive attitude when she does. The new household might be overwhelming for her.

Some of the clues she is dropping indicate that there may be someone else in her life.

As painful as this is for you to confront, you should ask her about that, too.

Marriage counseling works best when a couple participates, but individual counseling would be helpful for you.


Dear Amy: “Expecting” said that her late-life pregnancy caused her husband to accuse her of infidelity.

Amy, in your answer, you didn’t even address the fact that Expecting’s husband had had a vasectomy! Hello! How could he get her pregnant?

– You Missed It

Dear Missed It: Vasectomy failure is extremely rare, but it does happen. In this case, DNA proved that “Expecting’s” husband had fathered the baby.


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