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Ask Amy: Husband’s love has hit a wrinkle

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My wife of 40 years is a beautiful woman and always has been.

When younger, she turned many heads. To this day (when she wears makeup), she still is quite attractive.

The one caveat is that now that she is in her 70s, she has developed many wrinkles.

She frequently asks me if I think she is looking much older.

I would never upset her and so I fib and say “no.”

At times she will look at another woman who has lots of wrinkles and ask, “Do I have as many wrinkles as she does?”


I always say “…not even close,” although in some instances she does have as many.

Am I right to fib?

I could never see myself saying, “Yes, dear, you have a lot of wrinkles.”

I love her and it truly doesn’t matter to me.


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