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Ask Amy: Where there is a will, there is no way

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband's narcissistic father died by suicide three months ago. After over 25 years of our adult life dealing with his childish, nasty, out-of-proportion reactions to our lifestyle and family values, we created boundaries for him within our family.

It infuriated him that he could not control us with money in order to get us to adore him.

He wrote my husband out of his will and left his estate to my husband’s siblings.

This was a pain that you cannot know unless it is done to you.

Is it naive of us to think that his siblings would each give up a percentage of their inheritance to make my husband whole and even things out?

His father had dysfunctional relationships and rifts with all of his children at different times throughout his life.


It is not about the monetary value of the inheritance; it is about doing what is natural as siblings.

If offered a share, my husband would give his portion to charity.

How do we have a relationship with these greedy people who continue their father's legacy of manipulation and of dangling money in exchange for adoration?

– Upset


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