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Ask Amy: Proud papa wants to stop crop top

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Dear Amy: I am the proud papa of a brilliant, beautiful, 18-year-old daughter. She is thriving as a freshman in college.

She came home recently for Thanksgiving wearing a “crop top,” exposing her stomach (we live in a very warm climate).

She is 20 pounds overweight. I know she doesn’t need to be reminded of this, as she is aware and ...Read more

Ask Amy: Sister’s annual gift cards just don’t cut it

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Dear Amy: Every year, my husband receives a text message from his sister asking what our two children would like for Christmas.

She does not acknowledge our children's birthdays or any other special milestone that would warrant a call, a card, or a gift; but at Christmas she always sends gift cards.

My children and I appreciate the sentiment, ...Read more

Ask Amy: Mother-in-law triggers traumatic experience

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Dear Amy: I’m a new mom to a wonderful, healthy and happy baby.

The birth was traumatic. My postpartum period was marred with unbearable pain, physical limitations, and multiple surgeries.

It was a difficult time of my life that I’m trying to move past in order to enjoy the happy times of new parenthood ahead.

I’m having a lot of ...Read more

Ask Amy: Minimalist wants to maximize birthday gift

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Dear Amy: I have always been against senseless consumerism. I am a minimalist in almost all aspects of my life.

I do not try to impose my beliefs on anyone, however, whenever I am invited to birthday parties, I almost wish I wasn't.

My solution is to give a gift card, which the recipient can spend on whatever they might need or want.

For some...Read more

Ask Amy: Pandemic places extra stress on holiday visits

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Dear Amy: My husband and I (ages 55 and 62) have followed CDC guidelines throughout the pandemic: masking, social distancing, limiting time in stores, etc. We have kept very much to ourselves.

Only after being vaccinated did we return to socializing with other vaccinated couples, taking short trips, and enjoying occasional indoor dining.

My ...Read more

Ask Amy: Widow feels left out of in-law’s bequest

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Dear Amy: My husband died young. He was one of three siblings.

I made sure to visit and call my late-husband’s parents regularly. I consider them family. My own father died when I was young, so my father-in-law was my “Pop-pop.”

My mother-in-law died six years ago, but my father-in-law and I continued to call each other on Sundays. I ...Read more

Ask Amy: Wife spends and sets up private accounts

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Dear Amy: I met my wife online right before I had a serious accident, followed by cancer in 2013. She stayed with me during my treatment and recovery, but it was not “cookies and cream” during that time. We fought a lot. She left a few times, but always came back.

I was grateful to her for her financial and emotional support for a little ...Read more

Ask Amy: Abusive ex-husband now wants to share cabin

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Dear Amy: I was married to “Bart” for several years. We divorced some time ago.

Last year we got back together but did not remarry.

As it had always been our dream to buy a cabin in the woods, last year we found a property to purchase.

We split the cost equally.

A month ago, he beat me up, threatened to kill me, and kicked me out with no...Read more

Ask Amy: Doctor suspects child has autism

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Dear Amy: I am a physician and live far away from my family.

My niece has a 3-year-old daughter.

Between distance and COVID, I have seen my grandniece only rarely.

About six months ago, while I was visiting, my family united at my sister’s house. Our cousin is a speech pathologist and is familiar with signs of autism.

She recognized ...Read more

Ask Amy: Vaccination status interferes with holiday

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Dear Amy: I am struggling with the fact my husband's family refuses to get vaccinated. These unvaccinated family members are also traveling across multiple state lines right before the holidays.

My husband understands that we shouldn't celebrate the holiday with his unvaccinated family members, but he says that in turn, we shouldn't see my ...Read more

Ask Amy: Homeowner’s racial call-out offends family

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Dear Amy: Am I racist?

A couple of teenagers were at my front door, and I shouted to my husband: "Hey, there are some Black kids at the door, and I don't have time to deal with them."

Kids at the door in my neighborhood are usually selling something or are looking for yard work.

My biracial future daughter-in-law was present when I did this ...Read more

Ask Amy: Homemaker’s devotion is waste of a good career

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Dear Amy: My wife and I got married right after college and quickly welcomed our first child.

I knew that having kids would take all of my wife’s attention, therefore, I did not want any more children.

But shortly after the first child came baby number two.

At that point I got a vasectomy.

Twenty years later, I have built a very successful...Read more

Ask Amy: Affair between neighbors leads to awkward silence

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Dear Amy: I am a 56-year-old woman. When I was growing up, my father had an affair with “Sarah,” our next-door neighbor. This affair lasted for many years.

Everyone knew about it — at least everyone in my family knew (my mom, my brother, and myself).

My dad died 17 years ago. Sarah has also died.

My mother is 87, has some dementia, and ...Read more

Ask Amy: Car sale goes sideways, feelings follow

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Dear Amy: My best friend's mother can no longer drive, so they are selling her car.

I asked her how much they were asking for the car. The reply: “For you, $500.” I said, “Consider it sold. I will buy it for my daughter.”

I called my daughter to go over and test drive it. She did and got the VIN number to get the insurance on the ...Read more

Ask Amy: Husband’s Twitter profile leaves wife stumped

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Dear Amy: I’ve been married for 23 years to a really mellow guy who had always been very private.

We haven’t had a good physical relationship in a decade because of his medical issues.

I assumed he had just lost interest, and I almost gave up.

We seemed to be rounding the corner to a more loving relationship, but there was something ...Read more

Ask Amy: Overwhelmed mom wants to pack it in

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Dear Amy: I never wanted to marry or have children.

When my husband proposed I knew it was right to say yes (no regrets). We ended up having a honeymoon baby ... and two others after that! Now they are 7, 5, and 3.

I LOVE the life I thought I didn't want. I'm a stay-at-home mom and I homeschool all three children.

My husband works two jobs. ...Read more

Ask Amy: Sibling’s spousal diss shakes sister to the core

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Dear Amy: My partner, “Chas,” and I have been together for 30 years.

My sister “Shelly” introduced us. Shelly and Chas are very old friends, in fact, Chas is her daughter’s godfather.

Chas tends to be quiet and low key; Shelly is exuberant and loves attention.

All these years, we have shared various family gatherings and holidays. ...Read more

Ask Amy: ‘Bestie’ worries about her role in friend’s affair

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Dear Amy: My best friend of 25 years is having an affair.

I’m devastated. We raised our kids together, our families spent holidays and vacations together, but most of all she has been my soul sister and confidant.

I have tried to be the best support since this began, listening and trying to be non-judgmental.

The problem is that my dad ...Read more

Ask Amy: Pandemic shuts down long-distance love

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Dear Amy: Before the pandemic, I met a wonderful woman and fell in love. The catch? She was from New Zealand and had to return home in November of 2019.

She and I made arrangements for me to move there.

Then the pandemic hit and created unending border closures. My flight was canceled by the airline.

We engaged in a long-distance relationship...Read more



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