Raccoon choking on cheese rescued by Michigan friends


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(UPI) A trio of Michigan friends having a backyard bonfire ended up rescuing a raccoon choking on a piece of cheese.

Bill Boski, Tyler Whalen and John Ptaszenski said they were hanging around the fire in Boski's Burton back yard when they made friends with a local raccoon.

"Initially, when it came up, it was acting skittish," Boski told WJRT-TV. It arched its back up like it was ready to attack. We were keeping our distance. After a little while, it grew comfortable with us. It was just kind of roaming around all over the yard.

The trio said the raccoon was eating what appeared to be a piece of cheese when it started to choke.


"It delved into our trash. It looked like he had a piece of cheese with him, and as he was eating it, he started choking. It did this weird thing. It reared up on his hind legs," Whalen said. Next thing I know, Billy is over there patting him on the back.

Ptaszenski captured video as Boski slapped the raccoon's back in an attempt to dislodge the cheese. Whalen gave Boski instructions to slap a lower spot on the animal's back, and the cheese was soon dislodged.

"I was really excited for the little guy," Whelan said. He was in a bad way, and it could have been really horrible, but it all worked out. I was really impressed.

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