St. Louis moves 122-year-old home seven-tenths of a mile

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ST. LOUIS (UPI) -- The city of St. Louis, Mo., moved a 122-year-old house about seven-tenths of a mile to make room for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's new campus.

The home of Charlesetta Taylor, 81, was loaded onto a truck Sunday morning and slowly driven through the city's streets to its new location.

Taylor had been a vocal ...Read more

Australian cyclist's GoPro captures smiling quokka's adorable leap

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ROTTNEST ISLAND, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian cyclist who stopped to look at a quokka chasing after him was wearing a camera that captured the seemingly-smiling animal's leap into his arms.

Campbell Jones, 21, of Landsdale, said he was riding his bicycle on Rottnest Island, off the coast of Western Australia, when he stopped for a second ...Read more

Young dolphin makes rare visit to River Thames in London

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LONDON (UPI) -- Visitors to the River Thames were treated to a rare sight around midday Sunday -- a young dolphin swimming through London.

Staff at the Thames Rib Experience, which offers speed boat rides from Embankment Pier, said the dolphin was first spotted around midday.

"The staff were at Embankment Pier and then one of the ladies, ...Read more

VIDEO: Puppy in rocking chair goes 'ice skating' on frozen lake in Canada

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MAPLE RIDGE, British Columbia (UPI) -- A Canadian dog owner shared video of a Labrador puppy "ice skating" with the help of a human and a fold-up rocking chair.

The video shows Molly the Labrador puppy looking contented on the rocking chair while being pushed around British Columbia's frozen Whonnock Lake by her owner's son's girlfriend, who ...Read more

Australian teen 'snake boy' grabs snake from under SUV

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QUEENSLAND, Australia (UPI) -- A daring teenage boy in Australia earned the nickname "snake boy" after pulling a large snake from the undercarriage of an SUV.

Video uploaded to Facebook by Yogi McDougall from Queensland shows the teen Oli Wardrop pulling the lengthy snake from underneath the vehicle before leaving for school.

The teen wrestles...Read more

Grandpa builds miniature electric Lamborghinis for grandson

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ZHENGZHOU, China (UPI) -- A Chinese man concerned about his young grandson's safety on a scooter engineered a solution -- miniature Lamborghini replicas with electric engines.

Guo Liangyuan, 53, said he became concerned about the safety of his young grandson while riding a scooter, so he turned to Lamborghinis for inspiration to design the boy ...Read more

'Iron Crotch Kung Fu Master' shows off ability to take groin hits

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LUOYANG, China (UPI) -- A Chinese martial artist shared video of he and his students taking repeated blows to the groin as means of promoting his unusual form of kung fu.

Master Wei Yaobin, known as the "Iron Crotch Kung Fu Master," appeared in a video alongside some of his students taking strong kicks to the groin, as well as being hit in the ...Read more

Thieving alligator steals large fish from young fisherman's line

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A hungry alligator stole a large fish off the line of a young boy attempting to reel in his catch from a pier.

A video posted to Facebook by Bass Masters And Fish Experts shows an excited young boy attempting to reel in a large fish while fishing with two men from a pier.

One of the men warns the boy, Conner, that there's ...Read more

VIDEO: Drone records surfers' near miss with stalking great white shark

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BALLINA, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian state government released drone video of a great white shark chasing an oblivious surfer who was saved by a well-timed wave.

The New South Wales government's Department of Primary Industry Fisheries posted a video to YouTube showing the footage captured by a shark-spotting drone hovering over Ballina's ...Read more

Hairy 'monster' carcass on Philippines beach likely dugong or whale, experts say

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CAGDIANAO, Philippines (UPI) -- Experts said a mysterious hair-covered carcass that washed up on a Philippines beach could be the badly decomposed remains of a dugong or a sperm whale.

The massive carcass, which measures 15 feet long, washed up Wednesday on a beach in Cagdianao, part of the Dinagat Islands, sparking rumors about the potential ...Read more

Snuggie-clad goats found wandering Idaho neighborhood

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NAMPA, Idaho (UPI) -- A pair of goats dressed in snuggies were found roaming around an Idaho town unattended.

Nampa Police Department shared a photo of an Animal Control Officer holding the two escaped animals, each donning its own blue snuggie, in hopes of tracking down their owner.

"Have you lost your goats? Or your Snuggies? If so, we found...Read more

VIDEO: Martial artist crushes world record 77 drink cans with his elbow

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A martial artist from Pakistan set a world record by crushing nearly 80 drink cans using his elbow.

Muhammad Rashid quickly delivered several mighty elbow strikes as he crushed a total of 77 full cans to set the Guinness World Record for "Most drink cans crushed with elbow in one minute."

He sent foamy liquid splashing into...Read more

'Wolf-like' dog captured by Maryland police

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CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. (UPI) -- Animal control officers in Maryland tracked down and captured a loose dog many residents believed to be a wolf.

Prince George's County police shared photos which concerned several citizens due to its large size and wolf-like appearance.

Police managed to track down and capture the animal at about 10:30 a.m. on ...Read more

'Tough pup' recovering from heroin overdose in Texas

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CARROLLTON, Texas (UPI) -- A Texas police department shared a photo of a "tough pup" recovering after it was found suffering from a heroin overdose in its owners' truck.

The Carrollton Police Department said in a Facebook post the young dog was found suffering from a heroin overdose on the floorboard of his owners' truck in a Home Depot parking...Read more

New Hampshire kindergarteners host duck wedding

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MANCHESTER, N.H. (UPI) -- A group of kindergarteners in New Hampshire gathered together to hold a wedding for a pair of ducks.

The two ducks, Plumpty and Pierre, were hatched in a kindergarten classroom at Weston Elementary School in Manchester two years ago and returned to visit the school several times before the students decided to celebrate...Read more

Whale leans in for a kiss from tourist on boat in Mexico

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MAGDALENA BAY, Mexico (UPI) -- A tourist on a whale watching bout in Mexico was filmed planting a kiss on the nose of a friendly whale that popped up to say hello.

Todos Santos Eco Adventures posted a video to Facebook showing the American man leaning out of his boat to share a smooch with the curious aquatic mammal in Magdalena Bay.

The whale...Read more

Oxford Dictionaries adds 'yas,' 'squad goals,' 'cat lady'

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OXFORD, England (UPI) -- Oxford Dictionaries announced the addition of 300 new words, including "squad goals," yas, untag, Kodak moment, and drunk text.

The Britain-based publisher said "craptacular," drink the haterade, and fitspo also made this year's cut.

The new words include:

cat lady noun: An ...Read more

Scottish neighborhood uses hairdryers to deter speeding drivers

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HOPEMAN, Scotland (UPI) -- Residents of a neighborhood in Scotland have armed themselves with hairdryers and reflective vests to combat speeding drivers.

People in the village of Hopeman posed as police officers using speed guns to prevent speedy drivers, who have placed residents in danger by exceeding speeds of 60 miles per hour along a ...Read more

Man stopped at red light uses slingshot to take out traffic camera

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SHANGHAI (UPI) -- A driver stopped at a traffic light in China was recorded leaning out the window of his van and using a slingshot to take out a traffic camera.

The CCTV traffic camera footage shows the man, identified by the surname Li, stopped at a Shanghai red light in his blue minivan.

Li can be seen reaching a slingshot out the van's ...Read more

Swedish politician proposes paid sex breaks for workers

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden (UPI) -- A politician in Sweden has proposed that the country's workers be provided an hour-long break to go home and have sex.

Per-Erik Muskos, 42, of the Swedish Social Democrat Party proposed the idea in a council meeting in the northern city of Overtornea, stating couples in Sweden don't get to spend enough time together ...Read more