VIDEO: 11,000 zombies go for bike ride in Florida

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(UPI) About 11,000 people donned costumes and got on their bicycles for the Zombie Bike Ride, organizers of the annual Fantasy Fest event in Key West, Fla., said.

The Sunday evening event along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline and streets of Key West featured some 11,000 people in zombie costumes and makeup peddling together to the annual ...Read more

Repeat winner scores third major jackpot from Maryland Lottery

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(UPI) A Maryland Lottery player who holds the record for the third-largest Racetrax jackpot in the history of the game nearly equaled his earlier feat with a $183,465.90 jackpot -- his third major jackpot.

Paul "Pickles" McDonald, 49, of Bowie, told Maryland Lottery officials he was at the Corner Lounge in Upper Marlboro when he decided to ...Read more

Tennessee farmer converts giant pumpkin into kayak

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(UPI) A Tennessee farmer who grew a 910-pound pumpkin celebrated his achievement by turning the giant gourd into a kayak.

Christin Ownby posted video to Facebook showing her husband, Justin Ownby, taking the hollowed-out pumpkin for a float on their Cleveland property.

"He has tried for four years to grow giant pumpkins," Christin Ownby told ...Read more

VIDEO: Haunted house requires 40-page waiver, physical exam

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(UPI) A Tennessee haunted house billed as the scariest in the world requires visits to sign a 40-page waiver, pass a physical and undergo a background check -- and no one has ever finished the attraction.

Russ McKamey, owner of McKamey Manor in Summertown, said the price of admission is only a bag of food for his five dogs, and the prize for ...Read more

14 Guinness World Records broken during marathon in Toronto

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(UPI) Guinness World Records announced 14 records were broken at a Toronto marathon, including records for running while dressed as fruit, a vegetable, a cartoon character, a cowboy and a supervillain.

The record-keeping organization said 22 participants in the 2019 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon attempted world records during the race,...Read more

Kentucky zoo employees round up escaped emus from Amish farm

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(UPI) Employees at a Kentucky zoo rounded up a quartet of emus that escaped from an Amish farm and went wandering near a busy highway.

Mick McGill, animal management director at the Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo, said phone calls started coming in about 3 p.m. from drivers who spotted the emus wandering loose near the L&N Turnpike in ...Read more

2,024 erhu players break Guinness record in China

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(UPI) A Chinese county achieved a Guinness World Record when it assembled 2,024 erhu players into a single ensemble.

Raoyang County, in Hebei Province, gathered 2,024 people to play the traditional Chinese two-stringed bow instrument in a single mass performance.

The ensemble performed songs Guangmingxing and Me and My Motherland.

The ...Read more

British zoo's escaped red panda caught on wildlife camera

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(UPI) A red panda that escaped from a British zoo has been located by a local resident who set up an outdoor camera and placed some bamboo in front of it.

James Gale said in a Facebook post he and neighbor Carl Richards set up a wildlife camera and left bamboo in front of it to entice Kush, the male red panda that escaped last week from the ...Read more

California woman returns library book 74 years overdue

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(UPI) A California woman who was cleaning out her study found a library book her mother had checked out 74 years earlier -- and she returned it.

Berkeley Library workers said they were surprised Friday when Jean Durham brought in a copy of Sir Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake that her mother had checked out in 1945.

"My mother did buy some ...Read more

Small fish helps recover swimmer's lost wedding ring

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(UPI) A British man who lost his wedding ring while swimming was reunited with the ring thanks to a couple of beach visitors -- and a helpful fish.

Dan Levine, 44, said he was swimming in Penzance, Cornwall, England, when the custom wedding ring designed by his wife fell off his finger.

"I put a post on Facebook asking for people to get in ...Read more

Clerk's suggestion leads to $587,247 lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A Michigan man said he won a $587,247 lottery jackpot from a Fantasy 5 ticket he wouldn't have bought if it hadn't been for a store clerk's suggestion.

The 70-year-old Genesee County man told Michigan Lottery officials he was buying his usual Mega Millions ticket at The Liquor Carousel in Grand Blanc when the clerk gave him a tip.

"I buy...Read more

Dog rescued from Idaho cliff after five days

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(UPI) A pair of volunteer animal rescuers in Idaho rescued a dog from a steep cliff after the canine was stranded for at least five days.

Dave Wright, a volunteer with Jerome-based Friends Furever Animal Rescue, said he was having his morning coffee Oct. 13 when he saw a Facebook post about a Great Pyrenees dog stranded on a cliff near Bliss.

...Read more

California man's Halloween light show draws spectators

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(UPI) A California man is drawing crowds to his neighborhood with an elaborate Halloween light display featuring ghosts and gravestones.

Tom BetGeorge decorated his Tracy home with spooky decorations and a series of lights that illuminate in conjunction with various songs, including Skrillix's Bangarang, System of a Down's Chop Suey and the ...Read more

Bears open doors of unlocked SUV, steal pack of gum

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(UPI) A family vacationing in Tennessee said their vehicle had only been left unlocked for a brief time when a family of bears opened the doors and made off with a pack of gum.

Krista Colson of Franklin, Ky., was visiting Gatlinburg with her family when her mother left the doors of their SUV unlocked because they were planning to leave their ...Read more

'Highly aggressive' cow leads police on a chase in Germany

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(UPI) Police in Germany said a "highly aggressive" escaped cow in Bavaria destroyed a greenhouse, wrecked a scooter, damaged a police car and knocked its owner to the ground before being recaptured.

Lower Franconia police said the cow, which weighs over 1,300 pounds, escaped from a farm Saturday night and multiple police cars and a helicopter ...Read more

Illinois boy completes quest to run half marathons in all 50 states

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(UPI) An 11-year-old boy who finished a half marathon at the IMT Des Moines Marathon in Iowa might have also broken a Guinness World Record as the youngest person to run half-marathons in all 50 states.

Aiden Jaquez, 11, of Montgomery, Ill., ran his 50th half-marathon Sunday at the Iowa event, which was the last stop on his 50-state tour of ...Read more

'Habitual runaway' emu captured in Minnesota

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(UPI) Authorities in Minnesota said they captured a "habitual runaway" emu about a day after the animal was spotted running loose.

The Benton County Sheriff's Office said the emu was reported running loose Saturday night, and authorities were familiar with the animal from previous incidents.

"Have you seen this emu?! This emu is wanted for ...Read more

Michigan scientists create world's largest periodic table

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(UPI) A team of scientists in Michigan have created what they believe to be a new Guinness World Record in the form of the world's largest periodic table of the elements.

The scientists, from company Perrigo, said they are aiming to promote STEM education with the giant periodic table, which measures 120 yards long by 53.3 yards tall.

The team...Read more

Class ring lost in yard of Montana home found 50 years later

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(UPI) A woman visiting her former home in Montana found the class ring she dropped while raking leaves 50 years earlier.

Judi Dyson said she was raking leaves at her home in Belgrade, Mont., about 50 years ago when she lost the ring from her Pickstown, S.D., graduating class of 1960.

"I knew I lost it right away," Dyson told the Sun Thisweek ...Read more

VIDEO: Florida deputies rescue raccoon with plastic bottle stuck on head

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(UPI) Sheriff's deputies in Florida came to the rescue of a raccoon spotted running "scared and confused" with its head stuck inside a plastic bottle.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said deputies inside the District One Office spotted the raccoon struggling in the parking lot.

"The animal was scared and confused, running into the ...Read more