VIDEO: Pet owner makes homemade harness for disabled fish

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(UPI) A Swedish pet owner gave an injured fish a new leash on life with a home-made harness that allows the creature to swim around in its tank.

A video created by the Lidingo resident shows a fish tank with one of the fish suspended via two twist ties from a floating piece of cork.

The owner said the fish was injured and appeared unable to ...Read more

Sea lion lounges on wooden bench in Galapagos Islands

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(UPI) A visitor to a Galapagos Islands dock captured video of a lazy sea lion enjoying a nice nap on a wooden bench designed for human visitors.

The video, filmed earlier this month, shows a sea lion lounging on its back on a wooden bench in Puerto Villamil.

The sea lion does not appear at all fazed by the presence of humans on neighboring ...Read more

Brazilian man drives badly-damaged Ford with collapsed roof

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(UPI) Astonished travelers on a Brazil road captured video of a man driving a car that's so badly damaged his head doesn't fit under the collapsed roof.

The video, filmed from a passing car, shows a man driving what appears to be a Ford Fiesta that has apparently been badly damaged in a crash.

The driver has to lean his head and shoulders out ...Read more

Mechanic removes car seats to catch venomous snake

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(UPI) A mechanic was able to remove a 4-foot venomous snake from a Louisiana woman's car after it spent days hiding inside the vehicle.

A mechanic identified only as Tony was filmed removing the seats from Lynette Bilello's car in Shreveport a few days after she first spotted the serpent inside the car.

Bilello said animal control officers and...Read more

Construction workers rescue kitten from top of Jacksonville bridge

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(UPI) A pair of construction workers helped rescue a tiny kitten from the top of a bridge in Florida.

The Jacksonville Humane Society shared a photo of the 5-week-old kitten that was nicknamed "Dames Point" after construction workers found him at the top of Dames Point Bridge.

"Two men, Arthur and Jose, found him and pulled him to safety," the...Read more

$24.1 million lottery jackpot claimed two days before expiring

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(UPI) Lottery officials in New York said a $24.1 million jackpot has been claimed only two days before the ticket would have expired.

The New York Lottery said a person came to the Beaver Street Customer Service Center in Manhattan Tuesday and claimed a $24.1 million ticket that was due to expire Thursday.

The winner had apparently been ...Read more

Hapless raccoon knocks out power for 5,000 in Florida

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(UPI) A Florida utility company said more than 5,000 customers lost power when a hapless raccoon climbed on some equipment and was electrocuted.

The Kissimmee Utility Authority said 5,194 customers were without power for about an hour when the raccoon climbed onto a 13,200-volt piece of electrical equipment at the Airport Substation in ...Read more

Mystery emu runs wild in Alabama, blocks highway traffic

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(UPI) A worker at an Alabama business captured video of an emu running wild in the streets and even holding up traffic on a stretch of highway.

Amanda Stephens, who works at Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative in Rainsville, posted a video to Facebook showing the emu evading several pursuers Friday outside of the business.

"It was just running ...Read more

California woman with drawn-on beard arrested for bank robbery

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(UPI) Police in California arrested a woman suspected of robbing a local bank on Tuesday while disguised with a drawn-on beard.

Danville police shared a press release describing the incident which occurred at around 9:10 a.m. when the suspect entered the bank in West Danville wearing black pants, black shirt, a camouflage backpack and "what ...Read more

German music festival constructs 4-mile beer pipeline

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(UPI) A heavy metal music festival in Germany constructed a 4-mile long beer pipeline to more efficiently serve beverages to its guests.

The Wacken Open Air music festival in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein began constructing the massive beer pipeline in the fall and announced it was completed on Tuesday.

"Until this year, we ...Read more

Truck spills chicken parts on Maine road, residents wake to foul stench

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(UPI) Residents of a Maine neighborhood awoke to a pungent mess when a truck dumped gallons of chicken parts on more than a mile of road.

Portland police said the tailgate on a truck operated by Maine-based food waste collection company Agri-Cycle malfunctioned about 5 a.m. Tuesday, causing waste to pour out from the back of the vehicle as it ...Read more

Family of geese emerge from Chicago hospital parking garage

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(UPI) A mother goose led her newborn goslings to an Illinois harbor after they were born on the roof of a nearby hospital for the third straight year.

Chicago's Weiss Hospital shared video of the annual routine known as the Weiss Waddle which has the geese travel from their nest at the top floor of the hospital's parking garage to nearby ...Read more

Florida man finds 4-foot python coiled on floor of pantry

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(UPI) A Florida man said he opened up his pantry in the morning and was shocked to discover a 4-foot python coiled on the floor.

Lenny Lichtman opened the pantry Tuesday morning at his Orlando home and quickly noticed the large snake "rolled up like spaghetti" on the floor, he told WFTV.

"My heart was in my stomach, I thought I was going to ...Read more

Florida firefighters rescue injured owl from pool

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(UPI) Fire rescue crews in Florida helped pull an injured owl that was stuck in a man's backyard pool to safety.

Polk County Fire Rescue shared photos of firefighters holding the owl after they received a report it had been stuck in the Bartow man's pool at about 7:30 a.m. Monday.

Capt. James Towns, engineer Darren Monk and firefighter James ...Read more

VIDEO: Florida CVS customer finds herself locked inside after closing

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(UPI) A woman who stopped into a Florida CVS store to buy a birthday card a few minutes before closing time said she ended up locked alone inside the store.

Lillian Rimmel of Orlando said she was visiting a friend in Titusville when she stopped into the town's CVS to buy a birthday card about 9:50 p.m. Friday.

Rimmel, who said she was unaware ...Read more

German automobile club crash tests Lego Porsche

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(UPI) Experts from the General German Automobile Club performed a crash test of a Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The General German Automobile Club or ADAC shared video of the Lego model Porsche participating in a miniature scale version of its traditional crash test at the club's facility in Landsberg.

The 2,700-piece, $300 Lego model car ...Read more

Pennsylvania fisherman saves baby bear from drowning

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(UPI) A Pennsylvania fisherman shared photos of perhaps his most unusual catch: a baby bear he found struggling to keep its head above water.

Brad Meck said he was fishing near the James Creek boat launch at Raystown Lake in Bedford County when he noticed a block object bobbing up and down and floating toward his boat.

"When I first saw it I ...Read more

VIDEO: Man helped rescue four squirrels with tails tangled together in Maine

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(UPI) A Maine man discovered four squirrels with their tails tangled together on a sidewalk near his parents' house.

Video shared to YouTube by Andrew Day showed the four baby squirrels joined together by their tails walking in opposite directions as they struggled to untangle themselves outside the Bangor home.

"Four squirrels, one giant mess...Read more

California whale watchers spot dolphin with rare coloration

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(UPI) A naturalist riding along on a whale watching boat in California captured photos and video of a dolphin bearing highly unusual black and white speckled coloring.

Dana Wharf Whale Watch posted a video to Facebook that was filmed by Robin Lowe, a naturalist with the American Cetacean Society-Orange County, during a Monday whale watching ...Read more

Man proposes at Cleveland Marathon finish line

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(UPI) An Ohio man proposed to his girlfriend at the finish line of the marathon where their relationship began years earlier.

The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon shared video of the end of the race as Dan Horvath dropped to one knee in the rain to propose to Stephanie Lesco as she completed the women's marathon.

"Bling...and a ring!" The marathon ...Read more


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