Teen pulled over while wearing 'Shrek' makeup

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(UPI) A teen was pulled over by police while on her way home from school while wearing a face full of Shrek makeup.

Twitter user haybay shared a photo of herself made up to look like the titular green ogre from the series of DreamWorks Animation films.

"Ok so I got pulled over on my way home from makeup class," she wrote.

Haybay didn't ...Read more

Australian man fells tree with barrage of bare-knuckle punches

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(UPI) A man at an Australian ranch was filmed showing off an unusual method of felling a tree -- with bare-knuckle punches.

A video filmed last week at the Alpha-Daisy ranch in Queensland shows the man practicing his boxing moves on a banana tree.

The man's rapid punches slowly start to tear away pieces of the tree, until it finally falls over...Read more

Time-lapse video catches skateboarder clinging to bus

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(UPI) A man taking time lapse video of a busy road in Australia accidentally captured footage of a skateboarder clinging to the back of a moving bus.

A video posted to Instagram by user @corinrules shows a time-lapse of Adelaide St. in Brisbane, Queensland.

The video captured a skateboarder appearing to hitch a ride by clinging to the back of ...Read more

Animal rescuer removes fox from Australian store

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(UPI) An animal rescuer in Australia was called to a store to remove a fox that entered through a ceiling and took up residence under a raised floor.

Nigel Williamson of Nigel's Animal Rescue and Pest Control posted a video to Facebook showing what he found Friday on an unusual call at a store in the Armadale area of Melbourne.

Williamson ...Read more

Surprise birthday party leads to $100,000 lottery win

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(UPI) A Minnesota woman said a surprise birthday party brought a second surprise when one of her gifts turned out to be a $100,000 winning lottery ticket.

Dawn Meredith said 50 of her closest friends and family threw her a surprise party Sept. 30 for her 60th birthday, and among her gifts were a pair of Minnesota Vikings scratch-off lottery ...Read more

VIDEO: Man jumps into harbor to rescue seagull from drowning

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(UPI) A restaurant worker in Nova Scotia was caught on camera jumping into a harbor to rescue a drowning seagull that was tangled in fishing line.

A video posted to YouTube by user K Ross shows Erik Nolan jumping into Halifax harbor with a flotation device and swimming out to the struggling seagull on Thursday afternoon.

Nolan, a worker at a ...Read more

World record 14,000-pound cachupa stew made in Cape Verde

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(UPI) Chef's in Cape Verde claimed a Guinness World Record after making a massive pot of cachupa stew.

Cape Verde's prime minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, was on hand as a group of more than a dozen chefs made the record-breaking 14,021-pound pot of the traditional stew at the ninth "Badja ku Sol" festival in Praia.

"We expect it to be a ...Read more

New York hotel announces return of $1,000 gold-topped bagel

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(UPI) A New York hotel announced the return of one of its most famous limited-time menu items -- a gold-topped bagel with a $1,000 price tag.

The Westin New York hotel in Times Square announced the $1,000 bagel, which had a limited run in 2007, is making a return to the hotel after multiple requests.

The pricey bagel's toppings include goji ...Read more

Swedish train officially dubbed Trainy McTrainface

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(UPI) A Swedish transport company has given in to the will of the people by officially naming a new train Trainy McTrainface after a public vote.

Transport company MTR Express, which earlier this year asked readers of Swedish newspaper Metro to vote on a name for the train, said 49 percent of the vote went to "Trainy McTrainface," making it the...Read more

America's eighth oldest person celebrates 112th birthday

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(UPI) The eighth oldest living person in the United States celebrated her 112th birthday with a glass of beer on Sunday.

Lucy Treccasse was born in 1905 and lived through the Prohibition when her family brewed five-gallon crocks of beer and decided to spend her birthday splitting a beer with a friend.

"She and I split one... I still like beer,...Read more

Firefighter records massive firenado in Portugal

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(UPI) A firefighter in Portugal captured video of a massive firenado swirling a stream of flames high into the air over a wildfire.

Firefighter Vitor Hugo, one of some 600 firefighters taking on the wildfire that broke out Oct. 6 near Pampilhosa da Serra, captured video while fighting the flames as they approached the city of Arganil.

Hugo's ...Read more

Dog dropped by CIA after refusing to sniff out explosives

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(UPI) The CIA announced a member of its "puppy class" has gone into early retirement after she failed to show interest in explosive detection as a career.

The CIA announced Wednesday on Twitter that 1-1/2-year-old Lulu was leaving the explosive detection program after handlers determined she was not enjoying her career path.

"A few weeks into ...Read more

Woman brings police officer a cake reading: 'Sorry I tried to bite you'

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(UPI) A Louisiana woman whose night at a wine tasting took a turn for the worse returned to a police station with a message on a cake: "Sorry I tried to bite you."

Celina Dally posted a photo to Facebook showing her presenting the cookie cake to Lake Charles Police Officer Guillory a few days after her arrest.

"Most of you [don't] know lol but...Read more

Restaurant under fire for re-serving Popeyes chicken

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(UPI) A California restaurant is defending its practices after customers reacted angrily to finding out the eatery re-serves Popeyes chicken in two dishes.

The controversy at Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach began when customer Tyler H. posted a review on Yelp that accused the eatery of re-serving fast food from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

"...Read more

Norway woman has world's largest collection of 'Zelda' memorabilia

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(UPI) A woman in Norway earned a Guinness World Record with her massive collection of memorabilia from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

Anne Martha Harnes record-breaking collection contains more than 1,816 individual items from the classic video game series, which began on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986.

Harnes' collection ...Read more

South Carolina woman's message in a bottle found 29 years later in Georgia

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(UPI) A South Carolina woman's message in a bottle finally found its way to shore nearly three decades after she first wrote it.

Miranda Chavez shared a photo of the letter which she placed in a glass bottle and cast off the shore of Edisto Beach in 1988 after a couple in Georgia discovered the 29-year-old message.

"The most amazing thing just...Read more

Amorous bull's mating attempt with motor scooter goes awry

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(UPI) An apparent escaped bull on a New Delhi road gave a couple of motor scooter riders a scare when it attempted to mate with the vehicle.

A video recorded Sunday on a busy New Delhi street shows the loose bull wandering through traffic while the filmers followed from a safe distance.

The bull casually approaches a man and a woman riding a ...Read more

California deputy spots huge brown bear on city street

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(UPI) A California sheriff's deputy captured video of his unusual encounter with a large black bear found wandering city streets at night.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office posted a video to Facebook showing Deputy Donald Nevins' Tuesday nighttime encounter with the big brown bear at a block of stores in Kings Beach.

The video shows Nevins ...Read more

Snake catcher removes serpent from family's linen closet

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(UPI) An Australian snake catcher shared video of an unusual capture at a home where a snake was found resting in a family's linen closet.

Stuart McKenzie of The Snake Catcher 24/7 - Gold Coast posted a video to Facebook showing the capture he performed at a home in Mount Mellum, Queensland.

The video shows McKenzie removing the tree snake ...Read more

California city using fake coyotes to scare sea lions away from harbor

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(UPI) A California city plagued with sea lion problems spent $200 on a pack of plastic coyotes to deter the animals from intruding in the harbor.

Newport Beach officials said they have been moving the eight decoy coyotes to various locations around the city's harbor each day to keep intrusive sea lions from climbing up on docks and boats.

"We ...Read more


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