Diver finds gold ring in California river, tracks down owner

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(UPI) A diver taking a swim in a California river found a gold wedding band and was able to track down the man who lost it.

Karl Bly, a diver who made headlines in 2020 when he found a prosthetic leg underwater and returned it to its owner, said he was swimming in the American River in the Sacramento area when he found a gold ring.

"I couldn't...Read more

$200,000 winning scratch-off lottery ticket went unscratched for two weeks

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(UPI) An Australian man said he used his winnings from a minor lottery prize to buy a scratch-off ticket -- but it was two weeks before he discovered he had won more than $200,000.

The Brisbane, Queensland, man told The Lott officials that he scored a minor prize from a Lotto drawing and decided to use the money to buy a pair of scratch-off ...Read more

Man in teddy bear costume walking from Los Angeles to San Francisco

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(UPI) A life-size teddy bear on a quest to walk the more than 400 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco said his journey has been fraught with obstacles -- including a brief run-in with the law.

Jesse Lasios, 33, who goes by the name Bearsun when he dons his teddy bear costume, said he had no goal in mind when he decided to take Bearsun for ...Read more

Animal rescuers find reported iguana in a tree was a croissant

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Poland said they were called out to help a suspected iguana spotted in a tree outside of a residential building and arrived to find the mystery animal was actually a discarded croissant.

The Krakow Society for the Protection of Animals, or KTOZ, said in a Facebook post that a woman recently called the organization to ...Read more

Black bear cubs wander into North Carolina nursing home

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(UPI) A pair of curious young black bears figured out how to work the front door of a North Carolina nursing home and wandered into the vestibule.

Witness Cindy Brown captured video showing the two bears wandering up to the front door at Accordius Health at Asheville.

One of the bears manages to open the door and the bears wander in and out of...Read more

Rangers try to capture wandering goat in Death Valley National Park

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(UPI) Officials at Death Valley National Park said they are trying to capture a goat seen wandering in the California part of the park.

Park rangers said in a post on Death Valley National Park's official Facebook page that a tourist spotted the goat wandering near Stovepipe Wells in California and shared a photo with officials.

Rangers said ...Read more

World's highest infinity pool is nearly 1,000 feet off the ground

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(UPI) A resort skyscraper in Dubai broke a Guinness World Record for the highest outdoor infinity pool at 964 feet, 2 inches above ground level.

Guinness said the Address Beach Resort, a recently completed skyscraper in Dubai, now is a world record holder after an infinity pool was installed on the 77th-floor rooftop.

The pool has a surface ...Read more

Escaped beefalo captured after 250 days on the loose in Connecticut

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(UPI) Police in Connecticut announced a beefalo that escaped from a slaughterhouse has been captured after 250 days on the loose.

The Plymouth Police Department said the beefalo, a hybrid of a buffalo and a domestic cow, was captured after several months of failed attempts.

The animal, nicknamed Buddy, escaped from a trailer outside the ...Read more

Busch beer offers $20,000 for a canine 'chief tasting officer' to sample Dog Brew

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(UPI) The makers of Busch beer announced they are seeking a very good boy or girl to make $20,000 by serving as "chief tasting officer" for Dog Brew, a beer made for dogs.

Anheuser-Busch said its inaugural batch of Dog Brew, an alcohol-free "beer" actually made from bone broth, sold out within 24 hours last year, and it is now looking ...Read more

Wait for prescription leads N.C. man to $200,000 lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A North Carolina man said an unexpected wait for his prescription to be filled led to his winning a $200,000 lottery jackpot.

Jack Walter of Nash County told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he went to pick up his prescription from the pharmacy, but learned it wasn't ready.

"I got a text that my prescription was ready," Walter ...Read more

WATCH: Venomous snake found in lettuce package from Australian store

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(UPI) A grocery store chain said it is investigating after an Australian customer found a venomous snake inside the plastic bag with her pre-packaged lettuce.

Lesley Kuhn of Mosman, a Sydney suburb, posted photos to the Facebook group Mosman Living showing the pale headed snake -- a venomous species -- her son found inside the package of ...Read more

WATCH: Texas emergency responders free dog trapped in truck's undercarriage

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(UPI) Police, firefighters and animal control officers responded to a Texas home where a man's German shepherd climbed into the undercarriage of his truck and got stuck.

The Lufkin Police Department said the 2-year-old dog, named Booger, had apparently become spooked by overnight storms and sought shelter in the undercarriage of owner Roger ...Read more

Restaurant offers year of free burgers to customers who get tattoos

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(UPI) A California-based restaurant chain is offering customers free burgers for a year if they get hamburger tattoos bearing the eatery's name.

Farmer Boys announced it partnered with The Honorable Society tattoo shop in West Hollywood, Calif., and Rockin Ink Tattoo in Las Vegas to offer three different 2-inch-by-2-inch tattoo designs.

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Florida women use mop to eject baby alligator from inside home

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(UPI) A pair of Florida women used a Swiffer mop to try to eject a baby alligator that invaded a home and documented the experience in a live-streamed video.

Sazan Powers said her neighbor, Erika Venza, had left the sliding glass door open at her home in Wesley Chapel, just outside of Tampa, and her dog alerted her just before noon that there ...Read more

WATCH: Busch beer offers $20,000 for a canine 'chief tasting officer' to sample Dog Brew

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(UPI) The makers of Busch beer announced they are seeking a very good boy or girl to make $20,000 by serving as "chief tasting officer" for Dog Brew, a beer made for dogs.

Anheuser-Busch said its inaugural batch of Dog Brew, an alcohol-free "beer" actually made from bone broth, sold out within 24 hours last year, and it is now looking ...Read more

Guinness record holder gets first haircut in 12 years, donates locks to museum

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(UPI) An Indian woman who set the Guinness World Record for the longest hair on a teenager received her first haircut since age 6 and donated the cut hair for display at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum.

Nilanshi Patel, 18, of Modasa, Gujarat, first set the Guinness record for longest hair on a teenager when she was 16 and her hair ...Read more

WATCH: Animal services officer rescues seven puppies from hole

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(UPI) An animal services officer in California rescued a family of puppies from a deep hole near a city's courthouse.

Kern County Animal Services said Officer John Mehciz responded to a location near the Lamont courthouse at which a deep hole had been found with seven puppies trapped at the bottom.

Officials said the puppies' mother is ...Read more

Maryland woman chose $100,000 lottery ticket with her eyes closed

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(UPI) A Maryland woman who won $100,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket said she closed her eyes and selected the ticket at random from a vending machine.

The 51-year-old Upper Marlboro, Prince George's County, woman told Maryland Lottery officials she was at the Marlboro Village Exxon gas station in Upper Marlboro when the store's new touch-...Read more

French town Ville de Bitche's Facebook page removed 'in error'

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(UPI) The French town of Ville de Bitche had its official Facebook page removed in what the social media site said was an "error" apparently based on the name's proximity to an English insult.

Ville de Bitche Mayor Benoit Kieffer said the town's official Facebook page was removed from the site March 19, when officials received a message saying ...Read more

WATCH: Illinois man finds 19th-century tunnel under home

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(UPI) An Illinois couple who moved into their home in December made a surprising discovery while repairing their sidewalk -- a 19th-century tunnel underneath the house.

Gary and Beth Machens said they moved into their Alton home in December and recently decided to repair a section of sidewalk that had started to slope.

Gary Machens said he had...Read more