Deer rescued with head stuck in bird feeder

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(UPI) A mule deer in Pine, Colo., was rescued by park rangers after getting its head jammed into a 10-pound plastic bird feeder.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer Joe Nicholson pried the plastic tub off of the deer's neck after temporarily subduing it onto the ground on Saturday.

Wildlife, especially deer, elk, and moose, are often foraging ...Read more

WATCH: Dog missing in stolen car returned after two weeks

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(UPI) A dog stolen in Denver on New Year's Day inside an unlocked car was returned to its owner after being missing for two weeks.

Donna Lopez told police she left her black SUV in the parking lot of a convenience store with her Australian cattle dog, Spitfire, inside.

"I left her in the car, and apparently I left my keys in the car." Lopez ...Read more

WATCH: Cat reunited with owner after going missing during mudslides

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(UPI) Patches, a calico cat that went during the Southern California mudslides in January 2018, has been reunited with her owner.

The cat was believed to be dead until she was brought to the Animal Shelter Assistance Program or ASAP, located in Santa Barbara, Calif. Patches had a microchip, reuniting her with owner Norm Borgatello.

Patches ...Read more

Tower of London raven presumed dead after multi-week absence

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(UPI) The Tower of London said one of its ravens is feared dead. bringing it closer to a legend that would indicate the fall of the kingdom.

In a Twitter post, the Tower of London said that a raven named Merlina, known as the "Queen of the Tower Ravens," has not been seen at there for several weeks.

"Her continued absence indicates to us that ...Read more

Florida wildlife officials rescue six trapped manatees

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(UPI) Six trapped manatees were rescued at Pine island Conversation Area in Florida by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission.

The FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute posted photos of the rescue on Facebook Thursday and noted that the manatees likely got into the refuge system by swimming over a concrete weir during a high-...Read more

Venomous eastern brown snake found in family pool

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(UPI) A deadly eastern brown snake was discovered swimming inside the overflow channel of a family's pool located in the suburb of Marino in Adelaide, Australia.

Snake Catchers Adelaide, a group of professionally trained and licensed snake removers, took care of the venomous intruder and posted a video of the snake on Facebook.

"This beautiful...Read more

WATCH: Man who forgot Bitcoin password accepts fate

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(UPI) Stefan Thomas, of San Francisco, says he has made peace with forgetting his Bitcoin password that would turn him into a multimillionaire.

Thomas, who recently was featured in The New York Times, has about $220 million worth of Bitcoin locked away on a hard drive that will erase its data after 10 password attempts.

Thomas has tried to put...Read more

Escaped cow allowed to live on animal farm

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(UPI) A young cow that was able to escape from a slaughterhouse is being allowed to live on an animal farm located near Salzburg, Austria.

The cow, named Lieni, was spotted by a woman as it was escaping the slaughterhouse.

Animal charity Gut Aiderbichl located Lieni and rescued her after receiving a phone call from the witness.

Gut Aiderbichl...Read more

Man wins his second $50,000 lottery prize in just over a year

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(UPI) A Maryland man visited state lottery headquarters to collect a $50,000 top prize from the Bonus Match 5 game for the second time in just over a year.

The 54-year-old Clinton resident told Maryland Lottery officials he bought his ticket for the Dec. 15 drawing at Westlake Wine & Beer and he brought it back to the store after the ...Read more

Police wrangle loose ostrich on Missouri road

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(UPI) Police in Missouri said officers responded to an unusual situation when an ostrich escaped from its owner's home and went for a walk.

The St. Charles County Police Department said officers from D Platoon responded when an ostrich was spotted wandering loose and walking through traffic.

The officers wrangled the flightless bird, named ...Read more

Taiwan man blows 783 bubbles inside of larger bubble for world record

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(UPI) A soap bubble master in Taiwan broke a Guinness World Record by blowing 783 bubbles inside of a much larger bubble.

Guinness said Chang Yu-Te filled a large bubble with 783 smaller bubbles during an attempt in Taoyuan.

The feat earned Chang the record for most soap bubbles blown inside one larger bubble. The record-keeping organization ...Read more

Florida animal rescuers free bobcat stuck in birdhouse

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(UPI) Wildlife rescuers were summoned to a Florida home where a bobcat attempted to chase a squirrel into a birdhouse and became stuck.

The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife said personnel responded to a Fort Myers home Tuesday after a homeowner called to report a bobcat was stuck in a birdhouse on their property.

Veterinarians sedated...Read more

Cat reunited with Ontario family after 10 years

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(UPI) An Ontario family was reunited with their long-lost cat 10 years after the feline wandered away from their home and never returned.

Julie Jackson Sinclair said her family never expected to see Cuddly the cat again after he vanished from their Elmira-area home about 10 years ago.

"When you're on a farm, you never know when they're indoor/...Read more

Large Burmese python removed from family's driveway

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(UPI) A Florida family called state wildlife authorities for help when they found a giant Burmese python sunning itself in their driveway.

Alicia Perez Carillo said her family initially tried calling the city for help when they spotted the large snake at their Coral Gables home.

Carillo said the city was unable to assist, and her family then ...Read more

Athlete does 64 hand-release pushups in one minute for new record

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(UPI) A Greek athlete broke a Guinness World Record by completing 64 hand-release pushups in one minute, beating the previous record by six.

Giorgos Kotsimpo's attempt at the Iron Body Community gym in Heraklion, on the island of Crete, involved hand-release pushups, a variation of the exercise that requires people to lift their hands when ...Read more

WATCH: Missing cat lived in storm drain for nearly two months

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(UPI) A cat that escaped from a California clinic was found to have been living in a storm drain for nearly two months before being recaptured and returned home.

Riverside County Animal Services said 8-month-old Jojo escaped from Animal Samaritans SPCA in Thousand Palms when he was brought in by owner Laodibet "Lala" Chavarria and her family.

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WATCH: Game warden uses marksmanship to rescue deer with locked antlers

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(UPI) A sharp-shooting Kansas game warden rescued two bucks with their antlers locked together by shooting an antler off without injuring either animal.

The Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism Game Wardens said in a Facebook post that a bow hunter had reported the two deer with their antlers locked together in Jackson County, and that the ...Read more

Christmas scavenger hunt leads man to $1 million lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A Virginia man said winning his mother's unusual Christmas scavenger hunt led to an even greater prize: a $1 million lottery jackpot.

Tyler Fitzgerald, of Madison Heights, told Virginia Lottery officials his mother designed an unusual Christmas scavenger hunt game: Whoever found the special ornament hidden on the Christmas tree would ...Read more

Ring found buried in public park 18 years after being lost

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(UPI) A California man treasure hunting at a public park ended up discovering a wedding ring that had been lost during a game of catch 18 years earlier.

Roxana Napoli, of Stevenson Ranch, said her husband, Dave, had been playing catch with their son at Dr. Richard H. Rioux Memorial Park about 10 years after their 1993 wedding when his ring flew...Read more

WATCH: Beer cave from 1800s found under St. Louis

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(UPI) A cave used for storing beer in the early 1800s has been rediscovered underneath a community garden in St. Louis.

The McHose and English Cave Recovery team said the beer cave was located in the Benton Park neighborhood in spring 2020, and the team used a pair of holes to get cameras into the underground cavern.

"We lowered a lidar unit ...Read more