Giant pink diamond could be most expensive ever found by Russian mining company

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(UPI) A Russian mining company has unearthed a massive pink diamond they believe could be the most expensive gem yet recovered by the group.

The 27.85 carat pink gem was recovered by Alrosa PJSC from the company's alluvial mines in the northwest part of Yakutia in Russia's Far East.

According to Alrosa, the pink gem is of jewelry quality with ...Read more

Kangaroo joins cyclists for a friendly race

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(UPI) A pair of cyclists in Australia captured video of the moment a curious kangaroo joined them for a friendly race.

Richard Crombie said he and a friend were riding their bicycles in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, when the kangaroo started hopping alongside them.

Crombie posted a video to Instagram showing the fearless kangaroo engaging ...Read more

Wrestling elephants block road through South African park

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(UPI) A tour vehicle on safari in South Africa had to stop on a dirt road when a pair of wrestling elephants blocked the path.

The video, filmed on a road through Tembe Elephant Park in KwaZulu Natal, shows the vehicle stop in the dirt road due to two elephants using their trunks to play fight in the middle of the road.

The vehicle catches the...Read more

Daredevil clings to doors outside of moving subway train

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(UPI) A subway rider captured video of an unusual subway surfing stunt when a man clung to the outside of a door on the underground train.

The video, posted to the @subwaycreatures account on Instagram, shows a man pressed up flat against the outside of the door to a subway car while the train is in motion.

Amused passengers laugh and ...Read more

Couch removal from fourth floor balcony fails to go as planned

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(UPI) Two men attempting to move a couch from a fourth-floor apartment attempted to drop it from a balcony -- with disastrous results.

A video posted by Sergio Dura Valero to the Koleka Problem group on Facebook -- billed as a place to "show fails made by Eastern European 'truck drivers'" -- shows two men carrying a couch from a fourth story ...Read more

534 border collies gather to break world record in Australia

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(UPI) More than 500 border collies and their owners gathered in an Australian park to break the world record for most members of the breed in the same place at the same time.

The Border Collie Owners of South Australia said the final tally at the Sunday event in Willaston Oval was 534, enough to take the record from TV veterinarian Katrina ...Read more

Patient lottery winner stows ticket for 15 days, doesn't talk about it

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(UPI) A patient South Carolina woman stowed her winning lottery ticket in a sandwich bag and didn't talk about or look at it for 15 days.

The Baresburg woman told South Carolina Education Lottery officials she scratched off her $5 Big Money Maker ticket while watching TV and discovered it was a $125,000 winner.

The woman didn't immediately ...Read more

Man credits Facebook users with swift return of stolen ice cream truck

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(UPI) A Florida man whose ice cream truck was stolen in the dead of night said the vehicle was found quickly thanks to the help of Facebook users.

Michael Stadther of Okaloosa Island posted Saturday morning on Facebook that his ice cream truck has been stolen at some point during the previous night.

A miniature golf course adjacent to the ...Read more

VIDEO: Irma carries 'ghost ship' hundreds of miles from Key West

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(UPI) A mysterious "ghost ship" that washed up on a Florida beach has been identified by police and was apparently blown hundreds of miles by Hurricane Irma.

The two-mast sailboat, dubbed Cuki, washed up on Melbourne Beach's Spessard Holland South Beach Park recently and captured the imaginations of locals in part due to its unusual contents --...Read more

Snake peeks out from toilet drain at auto parts store

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(UPI) A large snake has twice been spotted lurking in the drain of a toilet in a Singapore auto parts store, and it was caught on camera during its second visit.

Jimmy Lim, a manager at Scotts Motors, said he first spotted the python's head peeking out from the toilet drain about two weeks ago.

His daughter, Lim Sze Hui, posted a video to ...Read more

McDonald's drive-through pay-it-forward chain lasts for 125 cars

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(UPI) Workers at a Missouri McDonald's said a pay-it-forward chain started by a generous patron went on for an hour, totaling 125 customers.

Heidi Waters, general manager of the McDonald's in Ocean Springs, said a woman who is a regular at the fast food eatery picked up the tab about 7:15 a.m. Thursday for the vehicle in line behind her.

...Read more

Boat launching fail plunges RV into New York state canal

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(UPI) An attempt to launch a boat into a New York state canal ended in disaster when the RV pulling the trailer ended up in the water.

Kurt Wannenwetsch posted a series of photos to Facebook showing the RV submerged up to its windshield after ending up in the Erie Canal at the Monroe/Orleans County Line Road Boat Launch.

Witnesses said the ...Read more

Bears comply with Canadian's polite request to leave yard

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(UPI) A British Columbia man captured video of his uniquely Canadian encounter with a family of bears that responded to his politeness.

Jordan Cote posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when he went outside his Sooke home Sept. 18 and found a mother bear and her two cubs wandering around his yard.

"I need you guys to go," Cote says ...Read more

VIDEO: High-speed train surfer arrested after being caught on camera

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(UPI) Authorities in Australia said they arrested a man caught on camera clinging to the back of a speeding train ext to a major road.

A video captured by Chantelle Stone and posted to Facebook shows a man holding onto the back of a speeding commuter train Saturday as it traverses the tracks next to the Mitchell Freeway in Perth, Western ...Read more

Utility company Pepco buys hamster for girl after Petco letter goes astray

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(UPI) Utility company Pepco received an 8-year-old girl's letter intended for pet store Petco and decided to help the girl achieve her wish of owning a hamster.

The D.C.-based Potomac Electric Power Company, more commonly known as Pepco, said it received a letter from 8-year-old Serenity that was meant to be mailed to Petco.

The letter read:

...Read more

VIDEO: Squirrel interrupts Kent State-Louisville game with 'touchdown' sprint

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(UPI) A speedy squirrel sprinted drew cheers from the crowd as it sprinted into the end zone during a college football game Saturday.

Fox Sports South shared video of the field-intruding squirrel that brought a dose of excitement to a lopsided game between the University of Louisville and Kent State on Saturday by making a 40-yard "touchdown" ...Read more

Saudi textbook recalled due to photo of Yoda next to King Faisal

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(UPI) A social studies textbook in Saudi Arabia was recalled for including a photo depicting a Star Wars character next to a king.

The black and white photo, by Saudi artist Abdullah Al Shehri, features the small, green Jedi Yoda seated next to King Faisal as he signed the United Nations Charter in San Francisco in 1945.

Saudi education ...Read more

Commuters stranded on highway play soccer in the road

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(UPI) Commuters stranded on a British highway for more than six hours when police found a suspicious object found a way to pass the time -- playing soccer in the empty road.

A video recorded Tuesday on the M1 highway between Junctions 15 and 14 -- near Milton Keynes, England -- shows a long line of stopped cars filling the southbound lanes of ...Read more

Firefighters in China capture escaped alligator in front of house

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(UPI) Firefighters in a Chinese city responded to a residential area to capture an escaped alligator found wandering in front of someone's home.

A video filmed Tuesday in Bozhou, Anhui Province, shows firefighters approaching the reptile as it walks in front of a house in a residential neighborhood.

Authorities said they were called to the ...Read more

Troublemaking pigeon flies around British department store, evades workers

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(UPI) A mischievous pigeon caused trouble for employees at a British department store when it flew into a clothing section and evaded capture.

A video filmed Wednesday shows the "feathered customer" flying around he Marks & Spencer store near London's Marble Arch while a worker chases it with an umbrella.

The pigeon perches on a display ...Read more

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