Rare book returned to Irish library almost 82 years overdue

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(UPI) An Irish library was surprised after a rare book was returned 80 years past its due date.

The Donegal County Library confirmed Sunday a copy of the Annie M.P. Smithson book The White Owl was returned to its Gaoth Dobhair location Friday, nearly 82 years after it was checked out in 1937.

The Donegal County Library shared photos of the ...Read more

Family of ducks find home at Orlando car dealership

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A family of 16 ducks have made a Nissan car dealership in Orlando their home, able to walk freely into the showroom floor to receive food.

The mother duck made a ...Read more

K9 Cinemas in Texas allows dogs into movie theater

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(UPI) K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas, gives moviegoers the opportunity to watch older films with up to two of their dogs.

The dog-friendly movie theater caters to canines with comfortable seating and offers $15 tickets which includes bottomless wine and admission for dogs.

Younger visitors under 21 are given free soft drinks at the $15 price point...Read more

Spanish couple discovers 80,000 bees in their bedroom wall

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(UPI) A couple in Spain discovered a buzzing sound that was keeping them up at night was caused by 80,000 bees in their bedroom wall.

The couple from the city of Granada, Andalusia, had been mystified by the low humming sound emitting from their wall for two years, until the sound became louder as temperatures in the area rose and they called a...Read more

VIDEO: Michigan shoppers hold candlelight vigil for closed Kroger store

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(UPI) About 100 Michigan shoppers gathered to hold a "vigil" after the closing of a popular local supermarket chain location.

The group of devoted shoppers, including Democratic U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, came together outside the Kroger grocery story in Dearborn, Mich., after it was closed on Saturday afternoon.

Fans of the store dressed in ...Read more

Oklahoma man discovers nearly 7-foot snake in his dryer vent

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(UPI) Wayne Melvin of Yukon, Okla. was surprised to notice a nearly 7-foot snake make its way through his dryer vent which leads into his house.

Melvin took apart the dryer looking for the reptile, noticing that it had not made it far.

He declined to call a pest control company and instead waited to see if the snake would leave on its own. ...Read more

11-foot alligator found walking down Florida street

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(UPI) A large, 11 foot, 6 inches long alligator was spotted traveling down a street in Ocala, Fla.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office responded to the call and monitored the alligator until the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission could arrive onto the scene and capture it.

The FWC then relocated the alligator to a secluded area. ...Read more

VIDEO: Disabled veteran sets lifts 1,113 pounds, 5 ounces

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(UPI) Martin Tye, a disabled veteran who was a Lance Corporal in the British Army, has set the Guinness World Record for heaviest seated deadlift.

Tye, who is wheelchair bound and has no sensation from the knees down, was able to lift 1,113 pounds, 5 ounces at a Strongest Man event at North Somerset, England.

Tye was paralyzed after a suicide ...Read more

Original Spice Girls bus converted into Airbnb rental

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(UPI) Spice Girls super fans have a chance the spice up their lives later this month when the girl band's original Union Jack-emblazoned double decker bus comes up for rent on Airbnb.

The interior of the bus has been completely renovated and converted into a rolling hotel room fit for three guests at a time, according to the Airbnb posting.

...Read more

World beard and mustache competition begins in Antwerp, Belgium

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(UPI) The biennial 2019 World Beard and Mustache Championship got underway Friday in Antwerp, Belgium.

Sponsored this year by Snorrenclub Antwerpen -- "Moustache Club of Antwerp" in Dutch -- the event draws beard and mustache enthusiasts from around the world for a three-day convention and contest. Friday's events include a Ladies' competition,...Read more

Black bear captured after wandering through Boston suburb

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(UPI) A black bear was safely rescued from a tree after wandering the Boston suburb of Arlington, Mass., police announced on Friday.

The Arlington Police Department announced the bear's sighting, walking down a street near an elementary school, at 7:40 a.m. on Friday. Animal control specialists corralled the bear by surrounding it near a terete...Read more

Five-foot-long non-native lizard captured in Florida after a year on the run

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(UPI) A five-foot-long lizard, not native to the United States, was captured and removed from the wild after a year on the loose, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said on Friday.

The water monitor, native to Asia and presumed to be an escaped or abandoned pet, was found in the Key Largo area. A statement by the FWS noted ...Read more

London firefighters tear down a wall to rescue five kittens

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(UPI) London firefighters tore down the wall of a home to rescue five newborn kittens trapped within it, Britain's Royal SPCA said on Friday.

The kittens were found in a cavity of a wall in a home under renovation in the Wembley Park section of Brent, a London borough, presumably abandoned by their mother when she could not reach them. The ...Read more

Polish shopping mall has world's largest terrarium

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A shopping mall in Warsaw, Poland, has the world's largest terrarium, Guinness World Records confirmed on Friday.

The ...Read more

Manchester restaurant accidentally serves $5,000 bottle of wine

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(UPI) A restaurant in Manchester, England accidentally served a group of three businessmen a $5,000 bottle of wine after they had ordered a bottle worth $290.

The men had ordered the cheaper bottle of Bordeaux to go along with their meal at the Hawksmoor steakhouse when a manager visiting from another store for training, picked out the wrong ...Read more

VIDEO: Family finds pool-crashing neighbors were baboons

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(UPI) A South African family who suspected rude neighbors were trespassing in their backyard pool set up a security camera that identifies the culprits -- local baboons.

The Marloth Park, Ehlanzeni, homeowner said he and his wife started noticing that when they would come home from work, it appeared someone had been using their pool.

"We ...Read more

Brewery's 'keg party' promise finds stolen van in 42 minutes

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(UPI) A North Carolina brewery's post promising a free keg party in exchange for the return of their stolen van went viral so fast the vehicle was located in 42 minutes.

The Unknown Brewing Company in Charlotte said in a Facebook post that it would put on "a keg party" for anyone who found the van, which was stolen early Monday morning.

"...Read more

Michigan man's lucky numbers win lottery prize after 10 years

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(UPI) A Michigan man who has been playing the same set of lottery numbers for 10 years said he finally won a $100,000 jackpot -- while he was out of the country.

The 42-year-old Oakland County man told Michigan Lottery officials he has been playing the same numbers in the Fantasy 5 drawing for a decade.

"I have been playing the same set of ...Read more

VIDEO: 2,869 students play 'Baby Shark' on ukulele for Guinness record

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(UPI) An elementary school in Malaysia broke a Guinness World Record when 2,869 students spent 30 minutes learning to play "Baby Shark" on the ukulele.

The school, SJKC Kuo Kuang 2 in Johor Bahru, said the students broke the record for the world's largest music lesson, surpassing the 2,480 students who learned to play the ocarina in a Japanese ...Read more

Indiana deputy wrangles loose bull, names it 'Mud Pie'

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(UPI) An Indiana sheriff's office said a deputy responded to a neighborhood to help capture an unusual escaped pet -- a bull.

The Noble County Sheriff's Department said Deputy Lock responded Wednesday to a neighborhood in Cromwell on a report of a bull on the loose.

"A kind neighbor was able to keep the bull calm and even lent Deputy Lock a ...Read more

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