Flock of sheep rescued from river in England

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(UPI) Emergency responders and animal rescuers spent three and a half hours working to rescue 16 sheep stranded in an English river.

The RSPCA said a team of its rescuers were dispatched alongside Highways England workers and Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue crews when a truck driver repored spotting the flock of sheep stranded in a river ...Read more

Severe weather preparation leads to $100,000 lottery prize

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(UPI) A North Carolina woman said some last-minute weather preparation led to her winning a $100,000 lottery jackpot.

Barbara Branch of Mooresboro told North Carolina Education Lottery officials she stopped at Earl's Short Stop to buy some kerosene in advance of some expected nasty weather.

"I wanted to make sure I was ready in case the power ...Read more

Armored truck spills cash on New Jersey highway, causes chaos

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(UPI) Police said at least two crashes resulted when an armored truck sent $100 bills flying on a stretch of busy highway.

Video from the scene Thursday on Route 3 West, near Route 17 in East Rutherford, N.J., shows people getting out of their vehicles on the highway to pick up the cash that flew out of the back of a Brink's armored truck about...Read more

Truck crash covers highway in shirts, shoes

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(UPI) Traffic was slowed on a Florida highway early Friday when a semi truck overturned, spilled its load of shirts and shoes into the roadway and caught fire.

The Florida Highway Patrol said eastbound lanes of State Road 528 were closed near the State Road 520 interchange after a tractor-trailer crash about 2:45 a.m.

Investigators said the ...Read more

Los Angeles restaurant offering $500 gold brownie

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(UPI) A Los Angeles restaurant is taking dessert to new heights of decadence with a $500 brownie covered in 24-karat edible gold.

Chef Jason Harley, owner of Baby J's Burgers, said the opulent brownie is served in a humidor with a Monte Cristo cigar on the side.

The brownie is coated in 24-karat gold and features glaze made with Johnnie Walker...Read more

Chihuahua chases off attempted burglar in Texas

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(UPI) A Houston man's doorbell camera captured the moment a would-be burglar was chased away by the neighborhood's protector: a stray chihuahua.

Chester Wells, a property investor, said the doorbell camera at the house in the Sunnyside neighborhood recorded the incident last week when a man riding a bicycle and carrying a large stick approached...Read more

Australian bodybuilder pulls tow truck for Guinness record

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) An Australian woman pulled a tow truck carrying a car -- a total weight of 25,033.5 pounds -- to break a Guinness World Record.

Nardia Styles, a former runner turned competitive bodybuilder, was awarded the Guinness World Record for heaviest vehicle pulled over 100 feet (female), besting the previous record, set by Canadian Lia Grimanis ...Read more

Houston drivers dodge runaway spool for fourth time

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A giant spool got loose on a busy Houston road for the fourth time since October, forcing drivers to think fast to get out of its path.

A photo posted to Twitter shows the giant spool blocking lanes of traffic near the interchange of West Little York and the North Beltway on Thursday evening.

The driver who snapped the photo said the ...Read more

Deputies find suspected burglar was deer trapped in bathroom

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(UPI) Deputies called to a Florida home to investigate a suspected burglary discovered the culprit, a deer, was still trapped inside the bathroom.

Thomas Lessing said he arrived at his Land 'O Lakes home and discovered the glass of his front door had been shattered.

"As I was going through the house, I'm noticing valuables haven't been taken,"...Read more

Hunter films albino porcupine in Maine woods

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(UPI) A Maine hunter shot video rather than bullets when he came across an unusual creature in the woods -- an albino porcupine.

Greg Strand said he was in the Windham woods when he heard something approaching from the direction of some nearby trees.

Strand said he ducked out of site and recorded video when he realized the sound was an all-...Read more

Woman finds lottery ticket from losing pile was $300,000 winner

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A Michigan woman said she wouldn't have realized her scratch-off lottery ticket was worth $300,000 if she hadn't tried to enter it in a second chance game.

The 64-year-old Otsego County woman told Michigan Lottery officials she bought the Double Bonus Cashword game from the Marathon gas station in Gaylord and it ended up in her pile of ...Read more

Burglary suspect trapped in grease vent for two days

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Authorities in California said they rescued an attempted burglar who ended up trapped for two days in a shuttered restaurant's grease vent.

Igor Campos, owner of Campos Tax Services in San Lorenzo, said he kept hearing sounds coming from the Chinese restaurant next door, which had been closed for several months.

Campos said he went to ...Read more

Family nears goal of visiting every U.S. National Park

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A Michigan family said they are approaching the end of their near-decade-long quest to visit every U.S. National Park.

Jim and Cheri Maitland said they, along with daughter Jamison, 16, and son Gerald, 14, have visited 417 national park sites since they started their project in 2010, and they only have a handful of parks left to visit.

...Read more

KFC creates fried chicken scented fire log

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Kentucky Fried Chicken is getting into the holiday spirit with an unusual product -- a fire log designed to smell like fried chicken.

The KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, created in partnership with Enviro-Log, is designed to emulate the smell of the fast food chain's Colonel's Secret Recipe chicken.

"For more than a million years, mankind...Read more

Team's Alka-Seltzer rocket breaks Guinness World Record

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A team from Brigham Young University broke a Guinness World Record when their Alka-Seltzer powered rocket soared to an altitude of 883 feet.

The BYU High Altitude Team, participating in the Bayer Alka-Rocket Challenge at Florida's Kennedy Space Center, more than doubled the altitude record set by the University of Minnesota team last year...Read more

Computer glitch drops gas price to 1 cent

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A Circle K gas station in South Carolina said a glitch caused gas prices to drop to just 1-cent per gallon -- and more stores may have been affected.

Employees at the Circle K in West Columbia said a gallon of gas cost only a single penny for about 45 minutes to an hour Tuesday night.

West Columbia Police were summoned to the station to ...Read more

VitaminWater offers $100,000 to go smartphone free

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(UPI) VitaminWater is offering a $100,000 prize to anyone willing to go "scroll free" and put down their smartphone for an entire year.

The beverage company said its Scroll Free for Year contest will award $100,000 to a person who can give up their smartphone for a year and $10,000 if they only make it six months.

VitaminWater said a lie ...Read more

German factory spills chocolate into street

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(UPI) A storage tank overflowed at a chocolate factory in Germany, causing liquid chocolate to flow out into the street.

The Werl Fire Brigade said a storage tank at the DreiMeister chocolate factory in Westonnen spilled about one ton of chocolate Monday and the liquid confection streamed through the gates outside the factory and into a road.

...Read more

Wildlife center's missing wolf recaptured in Colorado

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(UPI) A Mexican gray wolf that escaped from a Colorado wildlife center about a month ago has been recaptured with a paw injury, officials said.

John Oakleaf, field coordinator for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program, said the wolf is being treated for an injured right front paw after being safely captured ...Read more

Snake catcher shares video of close call

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(UPI) An Australian snake catcher share video of a dangerous catch that nearly ended with his taking a highly venomous bite.

Stuart McKenzie posted a video to Facebook showing a capture at a Queensland home where an eastern brown snake, one of the most venomous species in the world, managed to escape from his bag.

"As I lowered him into the ...Read more


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