Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis crashes University of Cambridge website

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(UPI) The University of Cambridge's website crashed on Monday after posting famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis online.

The university in England made Hawking's thesis paper available to download online in a series of PDF files which drew droves of people to the website and caused it to crash.

Hawking wrote the doctoral ...Read more

Biker dog turns heads with San Diego motorcycle ride

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(UPI) A Boston terrier became the envy of all the canines on the San Diego waterfront when he went for a ride on his mini motorcycle.

The video, recorded Sunday, shows Chopper the 8-year-old biker dog cruising down a road by the San Diego waterfront.

Chopper's ride captures the attention of several other nearby dogs, which look on the scene ...Read more

Fare-dodging teen clings to back of moving tram

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(UPI) An Australian teenager was caught on camera tram-surfing to avoid the cost of a ride on the moving vehicle.

A video recorded Sunday on Mount Alexander Road in the Flemington area of Melbourne shows the teen holding onto the back of a moving tram.

The teen keeps his head ducked down to avoid being spotted from inside the vehicle.

A man ...Read more

Motorcyclist rescues tiny kitten from busy Bangkok highway

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(UPI) A brave motorcyclist on a busy Bangkok highway stopped traffic in the rain to rescue a kitten huddled in the middle of a lane.

A video recorded this month on the busy overpass shows the biker pulled over on the side of the road and holding up a hand to stop a car headed straight for the kitten.

The feline disappears under the vehicle as ...Read more

Deputies help capture loose gator in Florida neighborhood

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(UPI) Deputies in Florida worked with a wildlife trapper to capture a 12-foot alligator spotted by a resident wandering loose in a neighborhood.

The Indian River County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to a beach in the neighborhood near St. Christopher Lane to remove the loose gator.

The sheriff's office posted a photo to Facebook ...Read more

Australian cyclist invents magpie-proof bike helmet

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(UPI) An Australian cyclist seeking to ward off dive-bombing magpies bird-proofed his helmet by adding party blower noise-makers to the back.

Dr. Richard Osborne, a medical oncologist, captured video of his bike ride in Hervey Bay, Queensland, where he found himself pursued by magpies.

The birds, famous for swooping and dive-bombing cyclist's ...Read more

Swimmers run for shore when killer whale surfaces feet away

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(UPI) A group of friends at a New Zealand beach were filmed running for safety when a pod of killer whales approached the shore.

A video filmed by Kelly Lindsay at Hahei Beach shows a group of her friends in the shallow water Oct. 21 watching the pod of orcas as the ocean mammals swim toward the shore.

The group runs to shore at Lindsay's ...Read more

Four pigs, pug accompany adopted mom on shopping trip

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(UPI) A Florida woman who made a shopping trip gathered attention due to her unusual entourage -- four pigs and a pug.

The animal owner, Melissa, shared a video of her four pigs riding in the shopping cart with Pigtail the pug at the Tractor Supply store in Macclenny.

The pigs are named Prissy, Pop, Posey and Pink, Melissa said.

Melissa said ...Read more

Pumpkin Regatta racers paddle hollowed-out gourds

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(UPI) An Oregon city hosted an unusual race when paddlers climbed into hollowed-out giant pumpkins for the 14th annual Pumpkin Regatta.

The event Saturday in Tualatin featured thousands of spectators braving the rain to watch racers, many in elaborate costumes, padding their hollow pumpkin boats across the water.

The first race pitted growers ...Read more

Florida police seek robbers in 'Freddie' and 'Scream' masks

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(UPI) Authorities in Florida are trying to identify two suspects who committed armed robberies while wearing "Freddie Krueger" and Scream masks.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post that it is working together with the Ocala Police Department to attempt to identify two people who wore "distinguishing masks" during a series...Read more

Car crash Halloween scene too realistic for some neighbors

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(UPI) A New Jersey couple said police came knocking on their door due to a complaint about their Halloween decorations -- a realistic and bloody car crash scene.

Kevin and Krysten Negrotto of Waretown said they decided to use the car in their side yard, which Kevin uses for drift racing, as the centerpiece of their Halloween decor.

"Instead of...Read more

Mama bear and cubs take a dip in California couple's pool

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(UPI) A California resident captured video of a mother bear and her two playful cubs taking a swim in their backyard pool.

The video, filmed by a Monrovia couple on Saturday, shows the mother bear climbing out of the pool and approaching the window the couple are watching her from.

The mother bear's two cubs swim to the edge of the pool to ...Read more

Canadian man fined $149 for singing 'Everybody Dance Now' in car

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(UPI) A Canadian man was stopped by police for singing in his car and slapped with a $149 ticket.

The incident happened on Sep. 27 in Saint-Laurent, Quebec when Taoufik Moalla in his car singing 90's hit Everybody Dance Now by C+C Music Factory and the music was interrupted by police sirens.

"I was thinking they wanted to pass, but they called...Read more

VIDEO: Rodin sculpture found in New Jersey town hall

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(UPI) An archivist in New Jersey discovered a multi-million dollar sculpture by French sculptor Auguste Rodin at a town hall.

The bust of Napoleon Bonaparte was put on display at the Hartley Dodge Memorial building, which serves as the town of Madison's town hall, after curator of collections Mallory Mortillaro identified the work of art in ...Read more

VIDEO: Fearless 'Chuck Norris' seal chases great white shark

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(UPI) A boat crew captured unusual video of a fearless seal chasing great white sharks in South Africa's Mossel Bay.

The video, recorded Tuesday, shows the shocked crew of a shark diving boat watching as the brave seal disregards its safety by chasing after the great white sharks.

The crew jokingly dubs the seal "Chuck Norris" after the tough-...Read more

Border Patrol finds 2 pounds of meth in stuffed toy dog

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(UPI) Border Patrol agents in California said a stuffed toy dog was found to be filled with nearly 2 pounds of meth after its odor attracted the attention of a real canine.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said agents at the Blythe Station immigration checkpoint referred two U.S. citizens and their Dodge Charger for a secondary inspection ...Read more

Boater rescues iguana swimming 4 miles out into the ocean

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(UPI) A man boating about four miles off the coast of the Florida Keys recorded his unusual encounter with an apparently disoriented iguana.

The video, filmed Thursday about four miles off the coast of Key West, shows the man encountering an iguana swimming in the ocean.

"Dude, what are you doing out here?" the man asks. Are you lost, or ...Read more

Teen pulled over while wearing 'Shrek' makeup

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(UPI) A teen was pulled over by police while on her way home from school while wearing a face full of Shrek makeup.

Twitter user haybay shared a photo of herself made up to look like the titular green ogre from the series of DreamWorks Animation films.

"Ok so I got pulled over on my way home from makeup class," she wrote.

Haybay didn't ...Read more

Australian man fells tree with barrage of bare-knuckle punches

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(UPI) A man at an Australian ranch was filmed showing off an unusual method of felling a tree -- with bare-knuckle punches.

A video filmed last week at the Alpha-Daisy ranch in Queensland shows the man practicing his boxing moves on a banana tree.

The man's rapid punches slowly start to tear away pieces of the tree, until it finally falls over...Read more

Time-lapse video catches skateboarder clinging to bus

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(UPI) A man taking time lapse video of a busy road in Australia accidentally captured footage of a skateboarder clinging to the back of a moving bus.

A video posted to Instagram by user @corinrules shows a time-lapse of Adelaide St. in Brisbane, Queensland.

The video captured a skateboarder appearing to hitch a ride by clinging to the back of ...Read more