Cat rescued from between factory walls

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(UPI) An animal rescuer responded to a factory in Australia where he drilled a hole to free a cat that somehow became trapped between two walls.

Nigel Williamson of Nigel's Animal Rescue and Pest Control said he was called to a factory in Victoria on Sunday when workers discovered the trapped cat and State Emergency Service volunteers were ...Read more

Snake slithers into police station, lunges at man

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(UPI) Security cameras were rolling inside a police station in Thailand when a snake slithered into a waiting room and lunged at a man.

The video, filmed Saturday, shows the black rat snake slither through the automatic doors at the police station in northern Thailand and approaching Apichat Cheautong, 45.

The snake lunges at the man as he ...Read more

Squirrel jumps onto delivery driver's shoulder

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(UPI) A Chicago woman's doorbell camera captured the surprising moment a squirrel jumped onto a UPS deliver driver's shoulder.

The video shared by Lincoln Square resident Amanda Atkins shows the driver waiting at her door when a wild squirrel suddenly jumps on his shoulder and climbs on his head.

The driver appears initially alarmed, but ...Read more

Missed school bus leads to $50,000 lottery jackpot

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A Maryland man said he owes his $50,000 lottery jackpot to something that otherwise would have seemed like bad luck: his kids missing the school bus.

Kevin Fenwick, 58, of Baltimore, told Maryland Lottery officials he usually buys scratch-off tickets from the same store on the way to work each day, but he had to take a different route ...Read more

Deer rescued from construction site basement in Wisconsin

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Wisconsin said a deer was rescued from a basement at a home under construction after spending the night trapped.

The Sheboygan Falls Police Department said the state Department of Natural Resources was contacted Sunday when a deer was spotted trapped in the basement at a construction site in the town.

The DNR sent a...Read more

Dog found waiting at home weeks after Camp Fire

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A dog that had been missing since its California owner was forced to evacuate from the path of the Camp Fire was found weeks later sitting guard at the home.

Andrea Gaylord said her two dogs, Miguel and Madison, spend most of their time outside, and she was unable to locate them before being forced to evacuate her Paradise home.

Miguel ...Read more

Burger King's Whopper deal leads to $1,000 charge

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A Los Angeles man said a problem with Burger King's penny Whopper deal led to his being charged more than $1,000.

Boyce Harvey said he attempted to take advantage of the deal, which allows customers using the Burger King app to order a Whopper for only 1 cent if the order is placed from within 600 feet of at McDonald's, but the manager at...Read more

Highway closed when sheep wander into traffic

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Police temporarily closed a highway in Britain when a flock of sheep wandered out for a mid-roadway stroll.

Travelers on the A38 highway between Exeter and Plymouth said traffic was at a standstill for more than 20 minutes Sunday when the 15 sheep wandered into the road, prompting police to block the lanes.

Witnesses posted photos of the...Read more

Utah state employees caught up in 'reply-all disaster'

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Thousands of Utah state employees were caught up in a reply-all "disaster" that began with an email about a holiday potluck at a state office.

State employees revealed the chain started with an email accidentally sent to about 25,000 state employees about 9:30 a.m. about a potluck at a state office.

Joe Dougherty, a state spokesman, said...Read more

Giant spool rolls through traffic on Houston highway

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Drivers on a Houston highway had to think fast to get out of the way of a giant spool that fell from a truck and went rolling through traffic.

Mirus Academy Principal Laura Hogan, who was riding a bus on Interstate 610 with about 25 students and some teachers, captured video of the large blue spool crossing lanes of traffic.

"When you're...Read more

Good Samaritan gives up first class plane seat to woman, ailing baby

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A mother and her young daughter, who was traveling with an oxygen machine, had the opportunity to fly first class after a man gave up his seat.

Kelsey Zwick shared a photo on Facebook as she and her 11-month-old daughter sat on the American Airlines flight from Orlando to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia after a flight attendant ...Read more

Deer rescued from inside school in India

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Wildlife officials were called to a school in India to rescue a deer than ran into the building and got trapped in a bathroom.

A wildlife team from the local forest department was dispatched to the Government School in Boileauganj after an adult sambar deer wandered into the school.

The 12-person team tranquilized the deer and ...Read more

Horses pull stuck semi up icy Minnesota hill

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A Minnesota couple harnessed their Belgian draft horses to help a semi truck driver whose vehicle was stuck on an icy driveway.

A video filmed this week in southern Minnesota shows the two burly horses hauling Craig Helgeson's semi truck up the steep and icy driveway belonging to Lizzie and Jacob Hershberger.

The horses were successfully...Read more

German town installs Elvis-themed crossing signals

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) The German town where Elvis Presley was stationed while serving in the Army has immortalized the King by putting his likeness on pedestrian traffic signals.

The three crossing signals, installed in Elvis Presley Square in Fiedberg, feature an image of Elvis standing at a microphone for the red "Don't Walk" signal and the silhouette of the...Read more

Students form image of coffee pot for two Guinness records

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Students at a school in the United Arab Emirates set two Guinness World Records by creating a human image of a coffee pot pouring into a cup.

The 5,445 students at the Indian International School Sharjah formed the shape of a traditional Dallah coffee pot and transformed into the image of coffee being poured into a cup.

The attempt set ...Read more

Firefighters rescue deer stuck in backyard pool

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Firefighters in Pennsylvania worked together with police and local residents to rescue a deer stuck in a swimming pool.

The Broughton Volunteer Fire Department said a crew responded along with South Park Police on Wednesday evening to rescue a deer reported trapped in a swimming pool in residential South Park Township back yard.

The ...Read more

House from 'A Christmas Story' lets fans stay the night

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) The owner of the home featured in the film A Christmas Story is allowing fans to spend the night in the iconic house -- for a price.

Brian Jones, 42, a Florida resident, said he used to sell replica leg lamps from the 1983 film and he ended up buying the Cleveland home used for exterior shots when it was posted on eBay in 2004.

"I just ...Read more

Oklahoma lawmaker wants to make rib eye the 'State Steak'

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) An Oklahoma state senator is introducing a bill to name the rib eye as the official "State Steak of Oklahoma."

State Sen. Casey Murdock, R-District 61, authored Senate Bill 21, which would enshrine the rib eye as Oklahoma's official state steak.

"I don't want to say it's a cheerleading bill, but it's promoting an Oklahoma product," ...Read more

Stuntman balances chair on tightrope for 8-1/2 hours

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A high wire stuntman spent 8 hours sitting in a chair balanced on a tightrope in Switzerland to set a new Guinness World Record.

Guinness confirmed Freddy Nock earned the record for longest duration chair balancing on a tightrope when he balanced in the seat for 8 hours, 30 minutes and 55 seconds at the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon.

...Read more

Florida Highway Patrol captures escaped lemur on highway

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) The Florida Highway Patrol said troopers had to catch a lemur at the side of a highway when it escaped during a traffic stop.

The FHP said Shane Taylor, 27, was pulled over on Interstate 4 in Seminole County when multiple 911 callers reported him driving erratically and at least three drivers said he struck their vehicles and kept going. ...Read more


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