VIDEO: Man helped rescue four squirrels with tails tangled together in Maine

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(UPI) A Maine man discovered four squirrels with their tails tangled together on a sidewalk near his parents' house.

Video shared to YouTube by Andrew Day showed the four baby squirrels joined together by their tails walking in opposite directions as they struggled to untangle themselves outside the Bangor home.

"Four squirrels, one giant mess...Read more

California whale watchers spot dolphin with rare coloration

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(UPI) A naturalist riding along on a whale watching boat in California captured photos and video of a dolphin bearing highly unusual black and white speckled coloring.

Dana Wharf Whale Watch posted a video to Facebook that was filmed by Robin Lowe, a naturalist with the American Cetacean Society-Orange County, during a Monday whale watching ...Read more

Man proposes at Cleveland Marathon finish line

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(UPI) An Ohio man proposed to his girlfriend at the finish line of the marathon where their relationship began years earlier.

The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon shared video of the end of the race as Dan Horvath dropped to one knee in the rain to propose to Stephanie Lesco as she completed the women's marathon.

"Bling...and a ring!" The marathon ...Read more

Alabama woman finds opossums sleeping in her drawers

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(UPI) An Alabama woman who found an opossum napping in her dresser drawer said she found a second opossum in another drawer the next day -- followed by a third.

Brittany McLaney of Antioch said her mother, Judy, asked her to get her some clothes out of her dresser Saturday after undergoing rotator cuff surgery.

"When, I reached in her panty ...Read more

Golf game interrupted by battle between venomous snakes

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(UPI) A golfer playing a course in South Africa had to stop with her party when the 14th hole turned out to be occupied by two venomous snakes doing battle.

Cara Treherne, who captured footage posted to YouTube by Kruger Sightings, said she and her party stopped on the 14th hole at the Leopard Creek golf course, just outside of Kruger National ...Read more

New York police rope escaped cow running across local bridge

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(UPI) Police in New York managed to lasso an escaped cow that attempted to evade capture by running across a local bridge.

Kingston Police Department shared photos of the large black cow that managed to break free from the back of a trailer she was being transported in.

After escaping the trailer the cow began to run north on U.S. Route 9W and...Read more

College student reaches 17 in quest to mow lawns in 50 states

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(UPI) An Alabama college student who founded his own nonprofit said he is 17 states deep in his quest to mow 50 lawns in 50 states.

Rodney Smith Jr. said he mowed a lawn Monday at single mom Danielle Auckerman's Marysville home, bringing him to 17 states in his quest to mow at least one lawn in each of the 50 states.

Smith founded the Raising ...Read more

Florida woman's 793 flamingo items earn Guinness World Record

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(UPI) A Florida woman with 793 flamingo-related items said her collection has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

Cindy Dunlow, who keeps her flamingos at her custom frame shop in Ocala, said she received her certificate from Guinness after collecting 793 flamingo items, far more than the 613 collected by the previous record ...Read more

VIDEO: Dog interrupts Russian news broadcast, anchor a 'cat person'

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(UPI) A Russian news broadcast was interrupted by a black lab that surprised the female anchor and refused to abandon his quest for her love.

A video of the World 24 news broadcast, posted to the broadcaster's official YouTube account, shows the female anchor delivering a story about a Moscow demolition when something under the desk in the ...Read more

North Carolina animal organization hosts 'Senior Prom' for elderly dogs

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(UPI) An animal organization in North Carolina has given a group of elderly dogs the opportunity to partake in prom season in hopes of being adopted.

The Grey Muzzle Organization in Raleigh collected a group of shelter dogs aged six and older to compete for prom court positions such as Senior Dog Prom King, Prom Queen and Cutest Couple.

"...Read more

Family sleeps through alligator capture on their front porch

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(UPI) An 8-1/2-foot alligator was captured on the porch of a South Carolina home late at night while the family inside slept soundly, neighbors said.

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office dispatched deputies to the Pinecrest subdivision in Bluffton Saturday night and contacted the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, which contacted a...Read more

Bear lured down from tree in Florida neighborhood

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(UPI) Wildlife officials lured a non-aggressive bear out of a tree after it spent an afternoon perched above a Florida neighborhood.

Winter Haven Police Department shared photos of the bear that made its way up the tree in Polk County on Monday afternoon.

"Wondering what the ruckus is all about around Lake Elbert?" Police said. Winter Haven...Read more

Florida man cited for driving with SUV's hood blocking view

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(UPI) A traveler on a Florida highway captured video of a driver traveling at a high speed in an SUV with the windshield blocked by the vehicle's hood.

Rocky Walsh posted a video to YouTube showing the scene he witnessed when he was a passenger on Highway 50 in Clermont Thursday.

"I saw him looking like an old lady, hovered up there, just ...Read more

Florida police dashcam catches bear mid-garbage meal

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(UPI) A Florida police officer's dashboard camera allowed investigators to make a "paws-itive" identification for a Dumpster-tipping suspect -- a large black bear.

The city of North Port posted a video to YouTube showing dashcam footage from North Port police officer Justin Lindsey's patrol vehicle Saturday night.

The officer's headlights ...Read more

Minnesota thrift store finds marijuana in bag of kids clothes

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(UPI) Police in Minnesota said they are seeking to "reunite" whoever accidentally donated 4 ounces of marijuana to a second hand children's clothing store.

Maplewood Police posted a photo to Facebook showing marijuana separated into 111 bags, each containing 1 gram of cannabis, after the bags were found in a donation to local second hand store ...Read more

Amphibious car makes unexpected exit from River Thames

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(UPI) Visitors to the Thames River in England captured footage of an unusual vehicle, an amphibious car, making its exit from the water.

The video, recorded Sunday in Richmond, England, shows what initially appears to be a standard boat approaching the shore, where several boats are docked.

The craft ventures into the shallow water and tires ...Read more

Unusually friendly wild boar approaches hiking family

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(UPI) A couple taking their 1-year-old son for a walk in Belgium recorded their encounter with an unusually friendly wild boar.

Brice Thumilaire said he and his wife, France, were walking with their 1-year-old son, Emile, in the woods of St. Hubert when they were approached by the boar.

The couple said they initially feared the boar, an animal...Read more

Customs officers in Texas find 63 bird nest pieces in luggage

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(UPI) Customs officials at a Texas airport said they seized 63 birds nest pieces from the luggage of a traveler arriving from Vietnam.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the passenger arrived Thursday at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and declared agricultural items, but did not declare the nest pieces, despite being directly ...Read more

Mystery alligator captured at shore of Indiana creek

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(UPI) A pair of Indiana men fishing in a creek made a highly unusual catch for the area: a 2-1/2-foot-long alligator.

Trace Hawkins and Cameron Lane said they were fishing Thursday in Pleasant Run Creek on Hawkins' family's land in Bedford when they spotted a reptile in the weeds.

The men, who are both 20, said they initially thought the ...Read more

Trapped lizard rescued from discarded Red Bull can

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(UPI) An Australian couple rescued a lizard they found trapped inside a discarded Red Bull energy drink can outside a New South Wales home.

The video shows a man using a kitchen knife to carefully saw through a Red Bull can, which has a lizard's tail sticking out from the opening.

The couple said the lizard apparently crawled into the can and...Read more


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