New Jersey man accused of dodging $56,000 worth of tolls

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FORT LEE, N.J. (UPI) -- A New Jersey man caught trying to skip a toll on the George Washington Bridge is accused of 888 toll violations totaling more than $56,000.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police spokesman Joseph Pentangelo said officers spotted a 2014 Toyota Camry without front or rear license plates going through an EZPass ...Read more

Wis. police urge meth users to have fake drugs 'tested' at station

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SPARTA, Wis. (UPI) -- A police department in Wisconsin posted a tongue-in-cheek message on Facebook this week, sympathizing with meth users who may have been sold fake drugs, urging them to bring in batches they suspected were wrong to have them "tested."

The post by the Sparta, Wis., police department is not the first sarcastic jibe on its ...Read more

VIDEO: Why George W. Bush and his rain poncho are trending on social media

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Former President George W. Bush is trending on social media after photos went viral of him struggling to put on a plastic rain poncho Friday during Donald Trump's presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C.

The Internet exploded with jokes about how Bush was seen grappling with the protective gear and alternately put it on top of his head and...Read more

Underwater cyclist on stationary bike travels record 2,800 feet in one breath

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ROME (UPI) -- An underwater cyclist set a new world record by traveling more than 2,800 feet on a stationary bike in one breath.

Italian Homar Leuci set the record for "Farthest simulated distance static cycling underwater (apnoea)" by traveling 2,805 feet 1 inch (855 meters) after having only taken one single breath.

He climbed into a tank ...Read more

Kitten nicknamed 'Elsa' rescued, found frozen to blanket

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WEST JORDAN, Utah (UPI) -- A kitten was dropped off at a Humane Society in Utah after being found frozen to a blanket.

The Humane Society of Utah shared photos of the kitten they named Elsa and used the opportunity to remind residents in the state to keep their pets inside during the cold weather.

"With a Winter Storm Warning in effect ...Read more

Phone-focused shopper walks directly into mall fountain

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BEIJING (UPI) -- A security camera at a Chinese mall was recording when a female shopper focused on her phone walked straight into a fountain.

The video, filmed Jan. 11 by a security camera at a Beijing mall, shows the woman walking at a brisk pace while focusing her attention on her cellphone.

The woman's failure to look up causes her to miss...Read more

Firefighters rescue man trapped inside telephone pole

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QINGYANG, China (UPI) -- A crew of Chinese firefighters were filmed sawing through a utility pole to free a man who somehow became trapped inside the pole.

The video shows firefighters in Qingyang, Gansu Province, carefully placing the pole horizontally on the ground Saturday and sawing through it.

The firefighters are able to remove enough ...Read more

Aggressive sea gull dive-bombs construction worker in the Netherlands

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WENCKEBACHSTRAAT, Netherlands (UPI) -- A construction worker in the Netherlands captured video of a territorial sea gull repeatedly dive-bombing him at a building site.

The video shows the worker at the site in Wenckebachstraat watching as the sea gull circles him in the air and repeatedly dives toward his head as if it is planning to attack.

...Read more

Action mom sneaks out of sleeping son's room special forces style

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DURBAN, South Africa (UPI) -- A South Africa mother's sneaking skills are going viral after a baby monitor camera recorded her special forces-like escape from her sleeping son's room.

Tyrone Morris posted a video to Facebook showing his wife, Caryn Morris, carefully escaping from their 15-month-old son's room after putting him to bed.

The ...Read more

Owners rescue giant teddy bear from trash heap after photos go viral

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CHICAGO (UPI) -- A giant-sized teddy bear has been rescued by its owners after sad photos of it lying discarded next to a Chicago dumpster went viral online.

The big teddy bear became a viral celebrity earlier this week when it was photographed atop a pile of refuse next to a dumpster in a Wicker Park alley, and the photos eventually reached ...Read more

$1M '100 percent Swiss Made' watch made of real Swiss cheese

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BERN, Switzerland (UPI) -- Swiss watchmakers H. Moser & Cie poked fun at changes to the "Swiss Made" label by crafting a 100 percent Swiss Made watch featuring real Swiss cheese.

The company shared a video to YouTube advertising the "Swiss Mad Watch" made entirely in Switzerland using the most precious Swiss material, Swiss cheese...Read more

Wrench flies off semi truck, smashes driver's windshield in Pennsylvania

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SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania man's dashboard camera was recording when a large crescent wrench flew off the side of a semi truck and smashed into his windshield.

Scott Rumbarger, of Slippery Rock, said he was on Interstate 79 Tuesday on his way to Cranberry Township when his dashcam captured the moment the 2-foot-long crescent ...Read more

VIDEO: Elephants trying to cross flooded river get carried away by current in South Africa

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KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, South Africa (UPI) -- A visitor to a South African national park was recording when a herd of elephants tried to cross a flooded river and ended up being carried away by the current.

Wildlife photographer Marijke Arends Meiring posted a video to YouTube showing a herd of elephants attempting to cross the Sabie River in ...Read more

VIDEO: Canadian father builds hidden playroom for son

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TORONTO (UPI) -- A handy father in Canada surprised his son 7-year-old by building him a secret playroom underneath the family computer.

Isaac Bartley detailed the construction of the hidden playroom connecting the computer room to his son's closet on his Imgur page while his son was away.

"We have our computer set up beneath the stairs in our...Read more

Baby hedgehog transfixed by big pink balloon

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A pet owner shared video of a curious baby hedgehog getting worked up while playing with a big pink balloon.

The video shows Chloe the baby hedgehog enthusiastically running up to the balloon and nudging it with her nose at her owner's home.

The hedgehog repeatedly swats her inanimate playmate around the room and chases ...Read more

Photo of teen 'eating' ramen from toilet creates stir online

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LYNWOOD, Wash. (UPI) -- A pair of teens from Washington created a stir online by pretending to eat ramen from a toilet bowl.

Taylor O'Dore, 18, snapped a photo of her friend Hannah Hepler, 19, hunched over a toilet full of ramen noodles with a plastic fork placed near her mouth, which O'Dore later posted on Twitter.

"When it's your turn to do ...Read more

Curious sea lion pup approaches tour group for 'toe kiss' in Australia

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KANGAROO ISLAND ODYSSEYS, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian tour guide captured video of a pair of sea lion pups approaching the group of humans and giving a "kiss" to one tourist's shoe.

Nikki Redman of Kangaroo Island Odysseys posted a video to Facebook showing a sea lion pup at Seal Bay Conservation Park on Kangaroo Island approaching her ...Read more

California man's two vehicles crushed by different trees in different cities on same day

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WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) -- A California man whose two vehicles were both crushed by trees in different cities on the same day says he feels like "the luckiest guy."

Georgiy Karpekin said he was at Sacramento City College when strong winds swept over the area Wednesday, leading to an unfortunate discovery in the parking lot.

"I walked up ...Read more

Michigan couple wake to coyotes crashing through window

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (UPI) -- A Michigan couple were awakened late at night by the noisy entrance of a pair of unusual home invaders -- coyotes.

John and Joyce Osborne said they woke late Sunday night to a loud noise that John identified as glass breaking somewhere in their Washington Township home.

John Osborne, 71, said he checked the ...Read more

Pro-pot activists to hand out free joints at Trump inauguration

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Pro-marijuana activists in Washington announced they will be handing out free marijuana cigarettes at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

DCMJ, described as a "community group fighting for equal rights for DC cannabis users, growers and their families," announced members will be distributing 4,200 joints at ...Read more