Norway woman has world's largest collection of 'Zelda' memorabilia

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(UPI) A woman in Norway earned a Guinness World Record with her massive collection of memorabilia from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

Anne Martha Harnes record-breaking collection contains more than 1,816 individual items from the classic video game series, which began on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986.

Harnes' collection ...Read more

South Carolina woman's message in a bottle found 29 years later in Georgia

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(UPI) A South Carolina woman's message in a bottle finally found its way to shore nearly three decades after she first wrote it.

Miranda Chavez shared a photo of the letter which she placed in a glass bottle and cast off the shore of Edisto Beach in 1988 after a couple in Georgia discovered the 29-year-old message.

"The most amazing thing just...Read more

Amorous bull's mating attempt with motor scooter goes awry

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(UPI) An apparent escaped bull on a New Delhi road gave a couple of motor scooter riders a scare when it attempted to mate with the vehicle.

A video recorded Sunday on a busy New Delhi street shows the loose bull wandering through traffic while the filmers followed from a safe distance.

The bull casually approaches a man and a woman riding a ...Read more

California deputy spots huge brown bear on city street

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(UPI) A California sheriff's deputy captured video of his unusual encounter with a large black bear found wandering city streets at night.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office posted a video to Facebook showing Deputy Donald Nevins' Tuesday nighttime encounter with the big brown bear at a block of stores in Kings Beach.

The video shows Nevins ...Read more

Snake catcher removes serpent from family's linen closet

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(UPI) An Australian snake catcher shared video of an unusual capture at a home where a snake was found resting in a family's linen closet.

Stuart McKenzie of The Snake Catcher 24/7 - Gold Coast posted a video to Facebook showing the capture he performed at a home in Mount Mellum, Queensland.

The video shows McKenzie removing the tree snake ...Read more

California city using fake coyotes to scare sea lions away from harbor

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(UPI) A California city plagued with sea lion problems spent $200 on a pack of plastic coyotes to deter the animals from intruding in the harbor.

Newport Beach officials said they have been moving the eight decoy coyotes to various locations around the city's harbor each day to keep intrusive sea lions from climbing up on docks and boats.

"We ...Read more

Deer spotted swimming at New Jersey beach

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(UPI) Residents of a beachside New Jersey neighborhood spotted a deer wandering along the water.

Toms River Police shared a photo of the deer strolling along the shoreline and swimming in the water Wednesday morning.

"Residents of the Ortley Beach section of Toms River awoke to a very rare sight this morning," police said. This fella ...Read more

Badger wanders into home, eats cat food, naps on cat bed

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Scotland were called to a home where a badger had climbed in through a cat door, eaten the feline's food and settled in for a nap in its bed.

The Scottish SPCA said rescuers responded to the home in the Beecraigs Country Park area of Linlithgow on Wednesday on a report of a badger in the house.

"I got a surprise when I...Read more

'Camel of Honor' takes part in 'hump day' wedding

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(UPI) A Nebraska man surprised his new bride with a wedding party including a camel and other animals on Wednesday.

Zebediah T. Camel served as the "Camel of Honor" in the hump day wedding between Marcus Brown and Ruth Hillbran at Omaha's Bridge North Chapel.

"I had no idea, no idea," Hillbran said. Then I was like, 'Oh, it's hump ...Read more

Virginia man wins $250,000 lottery jackpot 5 months after $200,000 win

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(UPI) A Virginia restaurant owner claimed a $250,000 lottery prize only five months after he won a $200,000 jackpot.

Hussein Haj-Assaad of Annandale said he scored a top prize on the $250,000 Money Mania game just five months after winning a $200,000 jackpot on a different Virginia Lottery game.

Haj-Assaad said at the time of his first win ...Read more

Kittens rescued from apartment mailbox enclosure

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(UPI) A trio of kittens trapped inside a Texas apartment building wall under the mailbox enclosure were rescued after residents heard them meowing in distress.

Rescuer Tom Callahan recorded a video showing the hole the group cut under the mailbox enclosure at Mission Hill Apartments in New Braunfels.

Callahan said residents heard the felines ...Read more

Ohio woman shocked by nearly $185,000 DirecTV bill

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(UPI) An Ohio woman said she was shocked to open her DirecTV bill and discover she owed the satellite TV service nearly $185,000.

Angela Mixon-Smith said she nearly had a heart attack when she opened the bill and saw the $184,530.67 balance.

"I mean, my chest got heavy," she told WJW-TV. I had to get some water. I don't drink. I was ready ...Read more

Florida woman takes pet chicken paddle boarding

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(UPI) A Florida woman turned heads by taking her pet chicken out on the water to go paddle boarding.

The Florida Keys and Key West, a page run by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council, shared photos of Karly Venezia and her pet chicken Loretta enjoying a ride together in Islamorada.

"Some canine-craving paddlers take their dogs along ...Read more

Man makes good on Facebook bet with police, turns self in with doughnuts

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(UPI) A Michigan man wanted on multiple misdemeanor warrants made good on a bet with police on Facebook and turned himself in with doughnuts.

The Redford Township Police Department said in a Facebook post that Matthew Zaydel, 21, who uses the alias Champagne Torino on Facebook, responded to a post earlier this month and promised to turn himself...Read more

Dog taken to be euthanized found living with vet tech 5 months later

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(UPI) A New Jersey family who took their dog to be euthanized were shocked to discover five months later that the canine was alive and living with a veterinary worker.

Keri and Lonnie Levy said they took their 15-year-old miniature pinscher, Caesar, to be euthanized May 17 at the Briarwood Veterinary Hospital because he was suffering from a ...Read more

Tennessee police find kitten, raccoon cuddling in dumpster

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(UPI) Police in Tennessee were met with an unexpected sight when they found a kitten and a raccoon huddling for warmth in a dumpster.

The Knoxville Police Department shared photos of the unlikely pair, which Animal Control Officer Nick Powell spotted while responding to a call of an animal stuck in a dumpster.

"When Officer Powell looked ...Read more

Police helicopter captures infrared video of fighting kangaroos

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(UPI) A police helicopter using an infrared camera happened upon an unusual scene: a pair of punching and kicking kangaroos brawling in the bushland.

Victoria Police said a helicopter crew captured infrared camera video in a rural area showing the two kangaroos punching and kicking one another.

A third kangaroo can be seen grazing nearby ...Read more

Bear cubs play on Connecticut family's swing set

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(UPI) A Connecticut family captured video of a family of bear cubs that wandered into their back yard and played with their swing set.

Tim Conklin of East Granby, Conn., shared video of the cubs climbing on the swing set and batting the swings around with their paws while their mother watches from nearby.

Conkli's voice is heard in the video ...Read more

'Aggressive' llama on the loose in Colorado

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(UPI) An "aggressive" spotted llama was found wandering loose in Colorado on Tuesday.

The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas shared a photo of the wayward llama, while warning residents to stay away from the loose animal.

"This llama lost its mama at Bobcat Ridge," the city said in a Facebook post Tuesday. Please don't approach -- she is ...Read more

Fare-evading raccoon sneaks into Philadelphia train station

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(UPI) A mischievous raccoon snuck into a train station in Pennsylvania without paying its fare, railway officials said.

The Port Authority Transit Corporation Speedline shared a photo of the sneaky raccoon that was spotted making its way down the stairs of the Philadelphia station.

"We're aware of this furry fare evader at 8th Street," PATCO ...Read more