World's longest French strawberry cake served at festival

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(UPI) France celebrated the 25th anniversary of its annual strawberry festival by baking the world's longest French strawberry cake.

Five professional pastry chefs baked each section of the Guinness World Record-breaking,105-foot long fraisier patissier, a cake made with fresh strawberries, layers of creme and sponge cake.

The finished product...Read more

Georgia kicker boots drone out of the sky with football

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(UPI) A football kicker in Georgia was being filmed by a drone when his first kick of the exhibition video knocked the device out of the sky.

A video posted to YouTube by user BlueRidgeHighway shows the camera drone's view as the kicker prepares to launch the ball at a football field in Atlanta.

The kick sends the ball high into the air, where...Read more

Man holds umbrella while driving convertible in the rain

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(UPI) A Chinese driver who apparently didn't want to put his convertible top up in the rain was filmed driving down the highway with an umbrella.

The video, filmed earlier this month, shows a man driving a red Mercedes-Benz convertible during a rain storm in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province.

The man had the vehicle's top down despite the rain, but ...Read more

Man gets stuck trying to squeeze through mid-road guardrail

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(UPI) A security camera in China was recording when a man attempted to squeeze through a guardrail in the middle of a busy road and ended up stuck.

The video shows the man walking across the busy road in Bozhou, Anhui Province, and arriving at the metal guardrail in the middle of the street.

The man decides to squeeze through the bars rather ...Read more

Irish vet clinic's job posting seeks paid 'cat cuddler'

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(UPI) An Irish veterinary clinic is seeking someone with "cattitude" to fill a crucial paid possession: A professional cat cuddler.

The Just Cats veterinary clinic in Dublin shared a job posting on its website with the headline, "Cat Cuddler Needed!"

The clinic said candidates should have plenty of "cattitude" and ideally be a crazy ...Read more

Mobility scooter 'speed racer' holds up traffic in Australia

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(UPI) A shocked office worker captured video of the scene outside his lunchroom window when a "speed racer" in a mobility scooter held up traffic on a busy road.

Chris Jones, who works at an office in Brisbane, said he looked out the lunchroom window about 10:30 a.m. Thursday and spotted a man in a mobility scooter driving in the fast lane on ...Read more

Trespassing squirrel causes minor delay on Massachussetts train

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(UPI) A frantic squirrel caused a minor travel delay after wandering onto a train in Massachusetts during the Thursday morning commute.

A passenger reported the squirrel hopping between seats on the train at about 8:30 a.m. prompting Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to assess the situation.

"The train was held for 3 minutes at ...Read more

VIDEO: Squirrel dodges golf ball during PGA tournament in Texas

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(UPI) A big squirrel on a Texas golf course narrowly evaded being struck by a PGA player's drive during a televised tournament.

A video posted to YouTube by PGA Tour's official account shows golfer Sergio Garcia hitting a ball off the tee during the AT&T Byron Nelson tournament at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas in Irving...Read more

Moose with rare white coloration caught on camera in Canada

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(UPI) A Newfoundland man captured video of a "once in a lifetime" encounter with a moose that's almost entirely white in coloration.

Gerard Gale posted a video to Facebook showing the unusual moose he spotted Monday in Black Duck Siding, near Stephenville.

The nearly all-white animal is known as a piebald moose. Experts said piebald moose have...Read more

Illinois graduate's celebratory backflip backfires

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(UPI) An Illinois graduate attempted to perform a backflip after receiving his diploma, but instead ended up with a face full of floor.

A video posted to Twitter by Tatianna Ramirez shows a memorable moment from the graduation ceremony at Warren Township High School in Gurnee.

A graduate walking through the rows of his seated peers after ...Read more

Canadian bow hunter fights off attacking black bear

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(UPI) A hunter in Ontario said he was lucky to escape with "a bruised elbow and ego" when he was attacked by a bear in an incident he caught on camera.

Richard Wesley posted a video to YouTube showing what happened when he spotted a black bear near Fire River while he was out bow hunting.

The bear seems to initially ignore the presence of ...Read more

Pair of orphaned moose calves rescued in Canada

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(UPI) A spontaneously formed rescue team in Canada helped save a pair of orphaned moose calves after their mother was hit by a vehicle.

Ospika Animal Hospital in Prince George, British Columbia shared photos of the two baby moose who were rescued by members of the UNBC Moose Capture team days after their mother was killed.

"They then brought ...Read more

Kuwait busts pigeon smuggling drugs in tiny backpack

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(UPI) Kuwait customs officials announced the capture of a pigeon found carrying 178 pills of a popular party drug in a tiny backpack.

The officials said customs agents were tracking the pigeon after it arrived in Kuwait from Iraq and the bird was captured atop a building near the customs building.

The pigeon's tiny backpack was found to ...Read more

F for felony: Student charged with hacking to change grade

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(UPI) A University of Central Florida student is facing a felony charge for allegedly hacking into the school system to change an F grade to a B.

University police said an engineering professor became suspicious May 4 when he received an email from the school's electronic grade book thanking him for approving his grade roster several hours ...Read more

Virginia high schooler's service dog gets own yearbook entry

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(UPI) A Virginia high school student's service dog is gaining fame among classmates as well as online after a photo of the canine's yearbook photo went viral.

Andrew "AJ" Schalk, 16, a student at Stafford High School, said his service dog, Alpha, started going to school with him in December 2015. The student, who has Type 1 Diabetes, said Alpha...Read more

New Jersey police officer hoists baby deer from storm drain

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(UPI) A New Jersey police officer known as the "deer whisperer" helped lift a baby deer out of a storm drain.

Woodbridge Police Department shared video of officer Tim Majek climbing into the open storm drain to grab the small deer and lift it to safety.

"Way to go. This one is a cutie," the police department said.

The frightened fawn ...Read more

Thieves steal one-of-a-kind inflatable obstacle course in Arizona

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(UPI) A massive, $35,000 inflatable obstacle course was stolen from a commercial yard in Arizona.

The City of Phoenix Police Department said the eight-piece, 180-foot long, 25-foot wide "Super Mega" inflatable obstacle course was the only one in the state of Arizona.

"Want this super mega inflatable obstacle course at your kid's birthday party...Read more

Bear rips bumper off Colorado doughnut shop's delivery car

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(UPI) The owners of a Colorado doughnut shop said a bear ripped off the rear bumper of their delivery vehicle trying to get to the doughnut smell in the trunk.

Todd and Kim Robertson of Steamboat Springs said they awoke early Monday to discover a bear had been trying to get into the trunk of the Ford Focus they use to make deliveries for their ...Read more

Girl, 11, accuses teacher of 'war crime' under 'Geneva Conventions'

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(UPI) The father of an 11-year-old Scottish girl shared the school feedback form she wrote accusing her teacher of a "war crime" under the Geneva Conventions.

Author Mason Cross, who lives near Glasgow, tweeted a photo Thursday showing how his 11-year-old daughter, Ava, answered one of the questions on her school's feedback form.

The ...Read more

Florida woman doing laundry finds python trying to eat rat's blanket

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(UPI) A Florida woman doing laundry at her home said she was shocked to discover a ball python while rinsing out her pet rat's blankets.

Cocoa resident Juanita Tedesco said she was washing blankets belonging to her pet rat, Princess, when one of the blankets fell to the floor.

"I was rinsing out the rat blankets and a blanket fell down, and he...Read more


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