Watch: Deer charges wildlife officer after being freed from hammock

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(UPI) A Utah sheriff's office shared video of a wildlife officer being tackled by a deer after freeing the animal from a hammock with help from a deputy.

The Iron County Sheriff's Office said Deputy Dustin Roy and Department of Wildlife Resources Officer Kody Jones responded to a resident's back yard to rescue a deer that had become entangled ...Read more

Nebraska man wins two scratch-off lottery top prizes in one year

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(UPI) A Nebraska man visited state lottery headquarters for a second time this year to collect the top prize from a scratch-off ticket.

The Nebraska Lottery said Michael Christiansen of Norfolk visited the lottery office in Lincoln this month to collect a $100,000 top prize from a 20X The Money Scratch game.

Christiansen previously visited the...Read more

Man seeks Guinness certification for Chiefs memorabilia collection

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(UPI) A Kansas man is seeking Guinness World Records recognition for his collection of more than 550 pieces of Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia.

Curt Herrman of Manhattan said he began collecting Chiefs memorabilia items in 1970, when he attended Super Bowl IV, the team's first Super Bowl win, and took home a football emblazoned with the team's ...Read more

Norwegian official apologizes for making 2020 an hour longer

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(UPI) The Norwegian official responsible for Daylight Saving Time in the country apologized for adding an additional hour to what "has already been a very demanding year."

Iselin Nybo, whose duties as minister of Trade and Industry include implementing Daylight Saving Time, said the clocks will be set back an hour Sunday morning in accordance ...Read more

Runaway parrot rescued from atop New Jersey city hall

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(UPI) Firefighters were summoned to a New Jersey city hall to rescue a macaw perched on the building's roof.

Paterson Fire Chief Brian McDermott said the parrot was spotted atop Paterson City Hall on Tuesday by a film crew working in the area.

The department shared photos of fire crews using a ladder truck to reach the frightened bird high on ...Read more

Watch: Woman runs mile in under 6 minutes while 9 months pregnant

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(UPI) A California athlete's speed is going viral for an unusual reason after she ran a mile in under 6 minutes -- while 9 months pregnant.

Makenna Myler, 28, said her doctors cleared her to continue running with the Valor Track Club in Orange County five to six times a week while pregnant.

Myler's husband, Mike, bet her $100 that she could ...Read more

Massachusetts man grows record-breaking 470.5-pound gourd

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(UPI) A Massachusetts man said a prize item from his garden could be headed for the Guinness Book of World Records after he grew a 470.5-pound bushel gourd.

Steve Connolly, who has been growing giant pumpkins for about 30 years and started working on growing massive bushel gourds for about four years, said his 470.5-pound behemoth is being ...Read more

Two raccoons ejected from inside California bank

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in California made an early morning visit to a bank to chase away an unusual pair of "masked bandits" -- young raccoons.

The Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA said personnel responded to the Chase Bank branch in Redwood City after receiving a call from a bank customer who spotted the animals through a window while using an...Read more

Identical lottery tickets cause player to split $3.8M jackpot with himself

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(UPI) An Alberta man's accidental purchase of two identical lottery tickets for the same drawing led to his splitting a $3.8 million jackpot with himself.

Andrew Burke of Calmar told Western Canada Lottery Corp. officials he accidentally bought two identical tickets for the Sept. 16 Lotto 6.49 drawing at the Fas Gas Calmar Service gas station. ...Read more

'Friendsgiving Island' available for weeklong rental over Thanksgiving

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(UPI) An accommodation-finding website is offering Thanksgiving revelers the chance to get away for the week of the holiday on "Friendsgiving Island," a private island off the Florida coast.

Hotels.com said "Friendsgiving Island" would normally cost $1,400 per night, but it is being offered for $50 per night per person for a group of six from ...Read more

Ring lost while hunting in Maine found 8 years later

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(UPI) A man who lost his wedding ring while hunting in Maine had the item returned to him when another hunter came across it eight years later.

Shawn Howard said he had been hunting with a friend in Brighton when the ring apparently fell off his finger.

Howard said he gave up hope of ever seeing the ring again until he saw a recent post to the...Read more

ISS air leak repaired with help from floating tea leaves

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(UPI) The crew of the International Space Station plugged a longstanding air leak after locating the source with the help of a tea bag.

Russian space agency Roscosmos said the station had been experiencing a mysterious air leak since September 2019, but the leak was minor enough that fixing it wasn't considered a priority until the leak rate ...Read more

Tuatara hypercar breaks speed records on Nevada highway

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(UPI) A U.S. company captured the title of world's fastest production car when its latest model reached an average speed of 316.11 mph.

SSC North America has announced that the Tuatara hypercar was tested outside Las Vegas in a pair of high speed runs on Nevada State Highway 160 in opposite directions, allowing for the company to account for ...Read more

Watch: Cat reunited with Pittsburgh family 5 months after house fire

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(UPI) A Pennsylvania woman was reunited with her beloved cat five months after the feline was feared dead in a house fire.

Wanda Humphries said her cat, Hope, was believed to have died in the April fire that destroyed her Rankin home and also claimed the lives of her dog and another cat.

Humphries was shocked when she received a call from ...Read more

Expensive exotic lizards found one year after California theft

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(UPI) California police said they have recovered a pair of pricey exotic lizards about a year after they were stolen from a reptile store.

The Long Beach Police Department said the two Australian lace monitors, which are together worth more than $75,000, were recovered by detectives and determined to be the lizards stolen in November 2019 from ...Read more

Swiss town bakes world's largest Zuger Kirschtorte cake

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(UPI) A 531-pound cake baked in a Swiss town has been declared to be the largest Zuger Kirschtorte in the world.

The Zuger Kirschtorte, or Swiss cherry cake, was baked in the town of Zug by a team of 10 bakers from the Confiserie Speck bakery who spent 55 hours working on the dessert.

The finished cake measured about 13 feet in diameter.

The ...Read more

Man credits mac 'n' cheese craving for $200,000 lottery win

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(UPI) A North Carolina man said a craving for a macaroni and cheese led to his winning a $200,000 lottery jackpot from a scratch-off ticket.

Marquetton Carraway, of Goldsboro, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he went to the Madison Market Grill in town to buy supplies for his mac 'n' cheese feast.

"I was actually going to the ...Read more

Bear cubs peek into California home through back door

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(UPI) A California woman captured video when a pair of bear cubs wandered into her backyard pool area and walked up to her back door to peer into the house.

Tiffany Dukes said she has seen bears outside the fence that surrounds her Sierra Madre home before, but she had never seen the animals come into her pool area before.

Dukes shared video ...Read more

AMC Theaters offer private screenings starting at $99

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(UPI) Cinema chain AMC Theaters is offering film lovers the chance to get back into the movies without fear of COVID-19 by renting out an entire screen for rates starting at $99.

AMC announced the rentals, available in every state except New York, Alaska and Hawaii, allow up to 20 people to attend a private screening in their own theater.

The ...Read more

Iowa woman has deceased pet cat cloned

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(UPI) An Iowa woman said her kitten bears a strong resemblance to her old cat for a very good reason -- he's a clone.

The Cedar Rapids woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she decided before the death of her cat, Mr. Tufts, that she wanted to have the feline cloned.

"I had never had such a wonderful creature. It was harder losing him ...Read more