Wandering monitor lizard ejected from hospital in Philippines

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(UPI) Medical staff members at a hospital in the Philippines found themselves dealing with an unusual non-medical emergency Friday morning -- a large lizard loose in the building.

A video filmed Friday morning at Daanbantayan District Hospital, on Cebu island, shows the staff and other workers chasing after and fleeing from a large monitor ...Read more

Las Vegas family reunited with lost cat after 10 years

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(UPI) A cat brought into a Las Vegas shelter as a stray was reunited with his family 10 years after going missing from a friend's house.

Heather Whitener said Logan the cat fled from a friend's house a decade ago, and the family was shocked to receive a call this week from The Animal Foundation saying the feline had been found.

The Animal ...Read more

Deputy wrangles runaway emu in Wyoming

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(UPI) A Wyoming sheriff's deputy responded to an unusual loose animal call and ended up wrangling a runaway emu.

The Laramie County Sheriff's Office said Deputy Herlihey was dispatched to a neighborhood for an "emu on the loose call."

The sheriff's office said Herlihey was able to get a rope around the flightless Australian bird and lead it ...Read more

Al Roker and 69 sandwich makers break Guinness record

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(UPI) TV host Al Roker enlisted the help of 69 chefs and sandwich enthusiasts to break the Guinness World Record for most people in an online sandwich-making relay.

The NBC Today weather anchor hosted a virtual Rokerthon event Thursday, working with a network of 69 participants including Jose Andres, Bobby Flay, Priya Krishna, Sandra Lee, ...Read more

Michigan man wins $1 million thanks to low car tire

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(UPI) A Michigan man said he has a leaky car tire to thank for his winning a $1 million jackpot from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

The Ionia County man told Michigan Lottery officials he stopped at the Mobil gas station in Webberville because he was having trouble keeping one of his tires inflated.

"I was having trouble with a tire going low ...Read more

Rattlesnake rescued from under tote at New York state vacation home

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(UPI) A New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officer responded to a vacation home where a timber rattlesnake was found trapped under a tote.

The department said Environmental Conservation Officer George LaPoint responded to a residence in the town of Hague where vacationers staying at the home reported finding a rattlesnake. ...Read more

13-year-old swimmer becomes youngest to cross Lake Tahoe

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(UPI) A 13-year-old swimmer has become the youngest person to make the "Godfather" swim across California's Lake Tahoe.

James Savage made the 12-mile swim from Cave Rock to the Godfather Mansion in Homewood in under seven hours and became the youngest swimmer to complete the feat.

Savage, who started swimming competitively at the age of 5, ...Read more

N.C. student's message in a bottle travels 4,000 miles to Morocco

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(UPI) A North Carolina girl's message in a bottle traveled more than 4,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and was plucked out of the water by a fisherman in Morocco.

Vivian Byerly, then a third grader in Susan Ferguson's Greensboro Day School class, wrote the message in April 2019 as part of a class assignment.

Byerly and her classmates each ...Read more

Utah man's 53-pound lake trout breaks state record

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(UPI) A Utah angler broke a 32-year-old state record when he reeled in a lake trout that weighed in at a staggering 53 pounds.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said Chance Scott was fishing at Flaming Gorge when he reeled in the massive lake trout, which measured 44.1 inches long and 34.7 inches around.

The DWR said the 53-pound, 15 ...Read more

Radio host breaks Guinness record for longest Hot Wheels track

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(UPI) An Australian radio host set up a Hot Wheels track on a rural road and broke a Guinness World Record by making a toy car travel down about 2,624 feet of track.

Michael "Wippa" Wipfli, one half of Nova FM radio duo Fitzy & Wippa, pledged in April that he would break the Guinness record for the world's longest Hot Wheels track.

Initial...Read more

Police, wildlife officers wrangle loose alligator in Idaho

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(UPI) Police and wildlife officers in Idaho responded to a resident's property to remove a trespasser that was highly unusual for the area -- an alligator.

The Nampa Police Department said officers responded to a late night call from a man who reported an alligator had crawled under the camping trailer on his property.

The responding officers ...Read more

Man buys 25 identical lottery tickets for same drawing, wins 25 times

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(UPI) A Virginia man's unusual gamble paid off when he bought 25 identical lottery tickets for the same drawing and won 25 times for a total prize of $125,000.

Raymond Harrington told Virginia Lottery officials he visited the Wegman's store in Virginia Beach and decided to buy 25 $1 tickets for the July 17 Pick 4 drawing.

"Something just told ...Read more

Conservation officers rescue coyote with head stuck in jar

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(UPI) Conservation officers in British Columbia came to the rescue of a coyote found with a glass jar stuck over its head.

The British Columbia Conservation Officer Service said in a Facebook post that officers responded Tuesday to a report of a coyote with its head stuck in a glass jar in the Maple Ridge area.

The officers tranquilized the ...Read more

Lost class ring returned to Oklahoma woman after 36 years

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(UPI) An Oklahoma woman who lost her class ring during a trip to a lake was reunited with the ring 36 years later when it was returned to the school.

Tammy Risher, who was a mascot for Kingfisher High School during her senior year in 1984, said she saved up for three years to buy her class ring, but lost it only a week later during a trip to ...Read more

VIDEO: 216-year-old sculpture damaged by tourist posing for photo

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(UPI) An Italian art museum said an Austrian tourist has apologized after damaging a 19th century sculpture while posing for a photo.

The Museo Antonio Canova in Possagno, Italy, shared security camera footage showing the man sitting on Antonio Canova's 216-year-old plaster sculpture of Pauline Borghese Bonaparte, Napoleon's sister, as Venus, ...Read more

VIDEO: Loose dog rescued from I-94 in Chicago

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(UPI) A dog spotted running loose in traffic on a Chicago highway was rescued by police with the help of concerned witnesses.

Video of the rescue Tuesday afternoon on Interstate 94 shows police and witnesses attempting to use their cars to block the dog's path as it runs through the roadway.

The footage shows one person get out of their car to...Read more

Long-lost twin brothers reunite after 43 years in Vietnam

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(UPI) A pair of long lost twin brothers were reunited in Vietnam after being adopted by different families 43 years earlier.

Tran Van Canh and Tran Van Truong, both 52, said they were given to separate families at age 5 when their parents lost their home and found themselves impoverished due to mounting medical bills for the men's father, Tran ...Read more

Pakistani 9-year-old breaks Guinness record with periodic table

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(UPI) A 9-year-old science enthusiast in Pakistan broke a Guinness World Record when she arranged the elements of the periodic table in 2 minutes, 42 seconds.

Natalia Najam of Lahore took on the Guinness record for the fastest time to arrange all elements of the periodic table and beat the previous record by 7 seconds.

The previous record was ...Read more

VIDEO: Wild boar leads police on hours-long chase through city

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(UPI) Police in a Japanese city said a wild boar wandered into the area and led officers on an hours-long chase Wednesday morning.

The Fukuoka Prefectural Police said an officer on duty at the U.S. Consulate in the Chuo Ward of Fukuoka spotted the boar running loose around the nearby Ohori Park.

Officers began to pursue the boar about 6:05 a.m...Read more

Colorado woman finds snake inside toilet bowl

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(UPI) A Colorado woman said she was "terrified" when she looked into her toilet and saw something shocking -- a snake coming up from the drain.

Miranda Stewart. of Fort Collins, said she was using the restroom at her Varsity Apartments home when she made the startling discovery.

"I used the restroom, like went to flush and everything and it ...Read more