VIDEO: Wild fox plays with dog at public park in Scotland

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(UPI) A man taking his dog for a walk in a Scottish park captured video of the canine playing with a wild fox after both animals apparently mistook each other for the same species.

Kris McDonald said he was walking his dog, Cricket, in Glasgow's Dowanhill Park when they came across a fox.

McDonald said the fox's intentions appeared friendly, ...Read more

Baby elephants rescued from deep well in Sri Lanka

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(UPI) A group of four baby elephants were rescued from a deep well in Sri Lanka after they slipped down the muddy sides of the hole.

A video filmed Wednesday in Karandagaswewa, Horowpathana, shows food being dumped into the hole for the four elephant calves after a farmer discovered them while working in the early morning.

The elephants are ...Read more

Marlin jumps over boat, nearly impales crew member

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(UPI) An Australian boat crew attempting to tag some blue marlin captured the moment one of the massive fish jumped over the boat and nearly took out a crew member.

The video, recorded Sept. 10 off Australia's Gold Coast, shows the crew members struggling to reel in a hooked blue marlin as part of a tagging initiative.

The fish repeatedly ...Read more

Deadly snake found slithering in couple's bed sheets

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(UPI) An Australian snake catcher said a couple's bedtime nearly turned into dead time when they found a venomous snake slithering in their sheets.

Stewart Lalor of Snake Catcher Brisbane, Logan & Redlands -- Elite Snake Catching Services posted a pair of photos to Facebook showing the eastern brown snake making itself at home in the blankets ...Read more

Belgian student builds world's largest working Game Boy

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(UPI) A multimedia and communication science student in Belgium paid tribute to his childhood obsession by building the world's largest Game Boy.

Ilhan Unal earned himself a spot in the Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer's Edition for the Game Boy XL, his 3-foot tall, fully functioning replica of Nintendo's classic handheld system.

"The Game ...Read more

Driver ignores non-functional tire, drives down road at odd angle

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(UPI) A driver on a Russian road captured video of another car driving at an odd angle down the street and kicking up smoke from a tire that wasn't moving.

The video shows a couple driving down a road in Krasnodar when an unusually-moving car catches their attention.

The car, which appears to be moving at a normal speed, is driving at an askew...Read more

VIDEO: Firefighters use tiny oxygen mask to save puppy's life

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(UPI) A British firefighter's body camera was rolling when rescuers pulled a puppy from a burning building and used a pet-sized oxygen mask to save his life.

The West Midlands Fire Service posted a video to Facebook showing a firefighter's body camera's perspective of the rescue Monday in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham.

The firefighters ...Read more

Tree-jumping squirrel wins crowd's approval at Norway cycling race

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(UPI) A squirrel stole the show at a cycling race in Norway when its tree-jumping antics caught the attention of spectators on the ground.

A video posted to YouTube by user Thiione shows a squirrel jumping from tree branch to tree branch over the Bergen road where the UCI Road World Championship's individual time trials for men were taking ...Read more

Attempt to lure squirrels for dog to chase leads to lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A California woman trying to lure squirrels for her dog to chase stopped by a store to buy some nuts -- and a lottery ticket that earned her more than $550,000.

Teri Darrell said her dog loves to chase squirrels, but has a harder time since hitting old age, so she has started buying nuts to throw on the ground at a local park to attract ...Read more

Bear rides in motorcycle sidecar, blows into horn

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(UPI) A bear that surprised drivers on a Russian road by taking a ride in a motorcycle sidecar further shocked onlookers by playing a horn while stopped at a light.

A video posted Wednesday to YouTube by Niks Leonenko shows what he described as a "bear in Russian traffic," specifically a large bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar.

The video, ...Read more

Arkansas alligator hunters bag 525-pound reptile

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(UPI) A trio of alligator hunters in Arkansas bagged a nearly 12-foot gator that tipped the scales at a whopping 525 pounds.

Martin Walt, one of 101 Arkansas residents to receive an alligator hunting permit during the summer, brought friends Warren Parker and John Manues along for a hunting expedition on a family swamp outside Dumas.

The men ...Read more

Florida woman's sign seeking 'sexy lineman' helps power get restored

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(UPI) A Florida woman left without power after Hurricane Irma said a flirtatious sign she put up seeking a "sexy lineman" to restore her electricity seems to have worked.

Kynse Agles, of Fort Myers, said she remained without power long after the hurricane swept through the area, and she was badly in need of air conditioning to prevent ...Read more

Runaway goat wanders into Massachusetts hotel

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(UPI) Police tracking the movements of a runaway goat though a Massachusetts town said the animal was finally captured after wandering into a hotel.

The Auburn Police Department said dispatchers first received calls about 6 a.m. Friday about a goat wandering around town after it escaped from the Blash Pig Farm in Millbury.

Police responded to ...Read more

British cyclist bikes around the world in record 78 days

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(UPI) A British cyclist set a new world record by biking around the world in less than 80 days.

Ultra-endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont rode his bicycle 18,000 miles, across 16 different countries in 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes to set the Guinness World Record for fastest circumnavigation by bicycle (male).

"This has been, without doubt, ...Read more

'Dadbag' fanny pack offers artificial 'dad bod'

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(UPI) A London-based artist is seeking help launching a line of fanny packs featuring images of pudgy, hairy bellies.

The "Dadbag" promises the wearer convenient travel storage as well as an instant dad bod in six different styles.

The silly fashion accessory is not yet available for sale, as creator Albert Pukies is still looking for ...Read more

Man bought $100,000 lotto ticket seeking change for $100 bill

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(UPI) A Missouri man got more than he bargained for when he bought a winning lottery ticket while attempting to break a $100 bill.

Brandon Eaton from Grant City bought the $20 scratch-off ticket to win $100,000 while seeking change for the large bill at a Country Corner convenience store on Sept. 10.

"I had a $100 bill that I needed to break ...Read more

Amazon error alerts customers of nonexistent baby registry gift

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(UPI) Many Amazon customers were met with an unexpected email about a baby registry they never set up after a system error.

Amazon inadvertently sent out emails informing customers "a gift is on the way" from a baby registry including a link to view their thank you list.

Many recipients noted the email, which featured a generic stock photo of ...Read more

Police turn tables on commenter who pointed out officer's poor parking

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(UPI) A police department in Scotland went viral for their response to a commenter who pointed out an officer's poor parking job.

Facebook user Callum Smith shared a photo of a police vehicle parked on a curb to Dumfries Galloway Police Division's profile.

"Some parking at Tescos Dumfries tonight," he wrote.

The police department responded by...Read more

World's first 'Sand Hostel' open in Australia

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(UPI) A handful of lucky winners were given the opportunity to stay in a hostel made entirely out of sand in Australia.

Mad Max and The Blue Lagoon World production designer Jon Dowding designed the "Sand Hostel" open from Sept. 20 to Sept. 22 on The Gold Coast, Kurrawa Terrace.

"Hostelworld North America and Destination Gold Coast have ...Read more

'Snow White'-inspired home for sale in Washington

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(UPI) A home inspired by the cottage from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is on sale in Washington.

The four-bedroom and five-bathroom home in Olalla, Wash., featuring a design ripped directly from the 1937 animated film is listed on Top Ten Real Estate Deals for $775,000.

"Located on five wooded acres on a dead-end street behind a ...Read more