Scottish neighborhood uses hairdryers to deter speeding drivers

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HOPEMAN, Scotland (UPI) -- Residents of a neighborhood in Scotland have armed themselves with hairdryers and reflective vests to combat speeding drivers.

People in the village of Hopeman posed as police officers using speed guns to prevent speedy drivers, who have placed residents in danger by exceeding speeds of 60 miles per hour along a ...Read more

Man stopped at red light uses slingshot to take out traffic camera

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SHANGHAI (UPI) -- A driver stopped at a traffic light in China was recorded leaning out the window of his van and using a slingshot to take out a traffic camera.

The CCTV traffic camera footage shows the man, identified by the surname Li, stopped at a Shanghai red light in his blue minivan.

Li can be seen reaching a slingshot out the van's ...Read more

Swedish politician proposes paid sex breaks for workers

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden (UPI) -- A politician in Sweden has proposed that the country's workers be provided an hour-long break to go home and have sex.

Per-Erik Muskos, 42, of the Swedish Social Democrat Party proposed the idea in a council meeting in the northern city of Overtornea, stating couples in Sweden don't get to spend enough time together ...Read more

Territorial hippo charges car on South African road

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VAALWATER, South Africa (UPI) -- A group of people traveling on a South Africa road captured the moment a territorial hippopotamus charged their vehicle at a high speed.

The video shows the people stopped in the road last month in Vaalwater and watching the hippo from a distance.

The hippo initially does not appear threatening, but ...Read more

Humpback drenches whale watchers in boat off Virginia

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CAPE HENRY, Va. (UPI) -- A group of boaters watching humpbacks off the Virginia coast ended up soaked when a whale took a giant leap out of the water and splashed them.

Teresa Gibson and her husband, Jeff Brown, were filming their whale-watching trip Sunday near Cape Henry when a humpback jumped out of the water right next to their boat.

The ...Read more

Illinois softball pitcher's mad dodgeball skills go viral

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (UPI) -- A 15-year-old Illinois softball player taught her teammates a painful lesson -- don't play dodgeball against a pitcher.

Adyson Slayback's father, softball coach JJ Slayback, filmed the Bloomington-Normal Girls Softball Association's Angels travel team blowing off some steam recently with a game of dodgeball and posted...Read more

Canadian driver followed GPS into streetcar tunnel

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TORONTO (UPI) -- A Canadian driver was fined after he said his GPS caused him to drive more than 2,000 feet into a streetcar tunnel.

Brad Ross of the Toronto Transit Commission shared photos of the vehicle, which had to be extracted from 2,624 feet inside Union Station on Thursday morning after the driver left the scene.

"This will take some ...Read more

Snowboarder crashes into sheep at Russian resort

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ARKHYZ, Russia (UPI) -- A Russian snowboarders helmet camera was rolling when his downhill run was brought to an end by an unexpected collision with a wandering sheep.

A video posted to YouTube by Shevchenko Kirill shows his helmet-cam footage from a downhill run at a ski resort in Arkhyz, a village in southeast Russia.

Kirill's trip down the ...Read more

Saga of young scooter-rider's wet cement faceplant detailed on Instagram

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The saga of a young boy, his scooter, and a patch of wet concrete was detailed in a brief but telling Instagram video.

Paul Ahern posted a video to Instagram showing a worker smoothing out some wet concrete.

The concrete bears the impression of what appears to be a child's hands and face, as well as the handlebars of a ...Read more

Shopkeeper finds door-shattering vandal was dog pursuing cat

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BEIJING (UPI) -- A Chinese shopkeeper trying to determine how his glass door was shattered reviewed CCTV footage and discovered the vandal was just a clumsy dog chasing a cat.

A video posted to YouTube by the People's Daily newspaper shows CCTV footage from early Monday

afternoon outside of the store.

The video, which the shopkeeper reviewed ...Read more

Wandering squirrel leaves 12,000 Canadians without power

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SARNIA, Ontario (UPI) -- A squirrel left thousands of Canadians without power after wandering into a local power plant.

Bluewater Power announced that the squirrel found its way into part of its Hydro One station and left 12,000 people in Sarnia, Ontario, without electricity.

"I would say they were all back on by noon," Janice McMichael-Dennis...Read more

Second orange alligator found in the Carolinas, dubbed 'Donny'

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CALABASH, N.C. (UPI) -- South Carolina's orange "Trump-a-gator" is getting a little competition from a similarly-colored alligator dubbed Donny by North Carolina residents.

Kelly Jochim posted a photo to Instagram showing the orange alligator she spotted next to a pond in the town of Calabash, N.C.

The alligator's unique orange color ...Read more

Group of Siberian tigers take down drone in China

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HEILONGJIANG, China (UPI) -- A group of Siberian tigers swatted down and destroyed a drone at a wildlife habitat in China.

Footage shared by CCTV shows the hefty tigers chasing down the the floating piece of tech used to encourage the animals to exercise.

The drone led the tigers through the snow until one managed to land a massive paw on the ...Read more

North Carolina woman sues after Facebook photo used in beer ad campaign

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RALEIGH, N.C. (UPI) -- A North Carolina woman's lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch and a distributor alleges a photo she posted to Facebook is being used to hawk Natural Light without her permission.

Kayla Kraft filed a lawsuit against the brewer and Raleigh-based distributor R.A. Jeffreys after a photo posted to Kraft's Facebook four years ago ...Read more

Oklahoma city council repeals decades old dancing ban

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HENRYETTA, Okla. (UPI) -- An Oklahoma city abolished a nearly 40-year-old law that made it illegal to dance within 500 feet of churches or schools.

The ordinance was repealed by a unanimous vote in less than five minutes in Henryetta city council on Tuesday night.

Joni Insabella, who co-owns Rosie Lavon's Marketplace, spoke out against the ...Read more

Florida deputy 'in a hurry' drives off with gas pump still attached

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DELAND, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida sheriff's office shared a photo of a deputy whose "hurry to get back to the job" led him to drive off with a gas pump nozzle hanging from his car.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office tweeted a photo of the patrol car driving with the nozzle hanging from the side of the vehicle.

"When you're just in a hurry to ...Read more

Rescue horse plays piano at Australian farm

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CANBERRA, Australia (UPI) -- A horse in Australia was recorded showing off his unusual talent -- "playing piano" on an electronic keyboard.

The video shows Sophie Bainbridge's horse, Murphy, using his mouth to make music with an electronic keyboard set up for him outside.

"Murphy was rescued from the doggers pens about a year ago totally ...Read more

Playful dolphins join in with surfers at Australian beach

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BYRON BAY, Australia (UPI) -- A man filming surfers at an Australian beach captured video of dolphins joining in the fun and riding waves alongside the humans.

Luke Taylor posted a video to YouTube showing the scene he witnessed Feb. 17 at Tallow Beach, Byron Bay.

The video shows dolphins swimming alongside surfers and often getting so close ...Read more

VIDEO: Lion blocks road to get attention from keeper at South African sanctuary

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HARRISMITH, South Africa (UPI) -- A South African wildlife sanctuary shared video of a lion refusing to budge from the middle of a road until he received the proper attention from his favorite human.

GG Conservation Glen Garriff posted a video to Facebook showing a lion named Smokey blocking an access road at the sanctuary.

A keeper identified...Read more

Irish politician wants to call in army to combat 'aggressive' rhododendrons

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DUBLIN, Ireland (UPI) -- An Irish politician asked parliament to enlist the army's help in battling the spread of an "aggressive" variety of plant.

County Kerry politician Michael Healy-Rae said the spread of rhododendron shrubs has become so rampant that the help of the Irish Army would be necessary to provide enough resources to combat it.

"...Read more