WATCH: Mysterious lights spotted over San Diego believed to be military flares

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(UPI) Authorities in California said mysterious lights that sparked numerous discussions on social media when they were spotted in the sky over San Diego were flares being used for a military exercise.

The orange lights were spotted over San Diego and the surrounding area, including as far away as Tijuana, Mexico, on Monday night, and photos ...Read more

Maryland woman collects her third lottery jackpot in five years

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(UPI) A Maryland woman is celebrating her luck for a third time after collecting her third lottery prize of at least $100,000 in five years.

The 30-year-old Wicomico County woman told Maryland Lottery officials she and her husband have developed a system for playing scratch-off lottery games.

"My husband and I do the work on your website," the...Read more

Utah highway swarmed when truck hauling beehives overturns

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(UPI) Beekeepers converged on a Utah highway to attempt to capture thousands of bees that swarmed in the roadway after a truck hauling more than 200 hives overturned.

Authorities said the semitrailer overturned Monday in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80, near mile marker 149 in Summit County.

Authorities said several people, including the ...Read more

WATCH:Escaped emu returns home, breaks into horse corral

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(UPI) An emu that escaped in New Jersey was recaptured nearly a week later when he returned to his owner's property and broke into a horse paddock.

Sandy Roberto Cordasco said she does not know how Vance the emu escaped from his pen on her West Milford property on June 20, nor does she know how the flightless bird managed to break into a horse ...Read more

Animal control officers rescue skunk with head stuck in beer can

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(UPI) Animal control officers in Nebraska came to the rescue of a skunk found wandering a neighborhood with its head stuck in a beer can.

Lincoln Animal Control posted a video to Facebook showing an officer covering the skunk with a towel so a second officer can pull the Miller Lite can from the animal's head.

"OK, run," an officer says once ...Read more

More than 900 perform Mexican folk dance to break Guinness World Record

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(UPI) A Mexican state broke a Guinness World Record by gathering more than 900 dancers to perform a folk dance in traditional garb.

The dancers gathered in the center of Morelia, Michoacan, and performed a traditional folk dance to a live version of son calentano song "Juan Colorado."

The number of dancers was tallied at 954, enough to take ...Read more

Man walks 3.4 miles while balancing a guitar on his chin

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(UPI) An Idaho man broke a Guinness World Record by walking 3.4 miles while balancing a guitar on his chin.

David Rush, who has broken nearly 250 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, said it took him 1 hour and 7 minutes to break the record for greatest distance traveled while balancing a guitar on the chin.

Rush walked 13 laps ...Read more

International Body Piercing Day celebrates birthday of piercing pioneer

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(UPI) International Body Piercing Day, celebrated annually on June 28, was founded to celebrate the birthday of Jim Ward, who opened the first professional piercing studio in 1978.

The holiday marks the birthday of Ward, who was born June 28, 1941, and founded Gauntlet, which was said to be the world's first professional piercing studio when it...Read more

Escaped horse leads Texas deputies on early-morning chase

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(UPI) Authorities in Texas said an escaped horse led deputies and police on a chase in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said District 1 deputies responded about 3:20 a.m. to reports of a horse running loose in a road near Acres homes.

The horse fled the scene when deputies arrived and led them on a chase ...Read more

WATCH: Cat chases bear away from owner's driveway in British Columbia

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(UPI) A British Columbia man captured video of his fearless cat facing off against a black bear that wandered into his driveway.

Brothers Gavin and Cameron Sturrock said their cat, Tigger, is known to be mischievous and fearless, and can often be found chasing neighborhood dogs away from their home.

The brothers said they were loading up the ...Read more

Michigan man's 'bad day' leads to $1 million lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A Michigan man said he was "having a bad day" so he left work early and ended up turning his day around with a $1 million lottery jackpot.

The 40-year-old Clinton County man told Michigan Lottery officials he might not have bought his 20X Cashword scratch-off ticket from the J&H Family Stores in Owosso if his day hadn't gotten off to ...Read more

WATCH: Firefighters rescue puppies stuck in 100-pound tortoise's den

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(UPI) Firefighters in California came to the rescue of two puppies that wandered into an underground den and became stuck behind a 100-pound tortoise.

San Bernardino County Fire said the owner of all three animals called for help after the 5-month-old puppies, named Finn and Poe, wandered into Oscar the tortoise's den and remained inside for ...Read more

Fireworks shoot from truck that caught fire on New Jersey highway

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(UPI) Drivers on a New Jersey highway got an unexpected light show -- and hours of delays -- when a truck carrying a load of fireworks caught fire.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation said the truck's trailer caught fire about 10:45 p.m. Sunday on southbound Interstate 287, near Exit 14 and Route 22 in Bridgewater.

Video recorded at ...Read more

WATCH: Arizona canine named World's Ugliest Dog in annual contest

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(UPI) A Chinese crested-chihuahua mix named Mr. Happy Face was crowned the World's Ugliest Dog at an annual pageant in California.

Organizers of the World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma announced the 17-year-old Mr. Happy Face, adopted in August 2021 by Arizona woman Janeda Banelly, was named the 2022 World's Ugliest Dog.

The contest, an ...Read more

Wall of 54,321 dominoes topples at Michigan school for world record

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(UPI) A team of domino artists convened at a Michigan school to assemble a wall from 54,321 dominoes and break a Guinness World Record.

Steve Price, one of the judges on the Fox series Domino Masters and brother of Trillium Academy third-grade teacher Kristina Price, brought a team of artists to the Taylor school to attempt the Guinness World ...Read more

Escaped pet alligator recaptured in St. Louis, Mo.

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(UPI) A pet alligator that escaped from its owner's Missouri home during a storm was safely recaptured, police said.

Amanda Mariee said her pet alligator, Zurich, escaped from his outdoor enclosure at her St. Louis home during Saturday evening's storms.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said the gator was successfully captured ...Read more

Village fair aims for Guinness World Record with hobby horse parade

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(UPI) Organizers of a village fair in England said they unofficially broke a Guinness World Record with a parade of 263 people riding hobby horses.

The Hurst Show & Country Fayre in Berkshire said judges counted 263 people riding their hobby horses -- toys also known as stick horses -- in the single-file parade for .62 miles.

Organizers ...Read more

National Ice Cream Cake Day started as a Florida family's tribute to mom

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(UPI) National Ice Cream Cake Day, celebrated annually on June 27, was started by a Florida family to pay tribute to their mother.

The holiday was first suggested by Jenna Jurado, whose mother, Johanna Jurado, died in a car accident just two months before her June 27 birthday.

Jurado said her mother enjoyed celebrating unofficial holidays from...Read more

NYPD beekeepers called to remove 2,000 bees from Manhattan restaurant

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(UPI) The New York Police Department said its beekeepers division was dispatched to a midtown Manhattan eatery over the weekend to remove 2,000 bees.

"The [bees] will now be relocated to an area where their pollenating skills will be put to good use," the official NYPD Twitter feed said Sunday.

Photos show the bees clustered at the corner of ...Read more

Up to 150 gallons of tahini sesame oil spills onto New Jersey road

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(UPI) Emergency responders and public employees responded to a road in New Jersey when a truck spilled up to 150 gallons of tahini sesame oil into a roadway.

The Newton Fire Department said in a Facebook post that crews responded alongside the Newton Police Department, Sussex County HazMat and Newton Department of Public Works when a truck ...Read more