World's first 'Sand Hostel' open in Australia

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(UPI) A handful of lucky winners were given the opportunity to stay in a hostel made entirely out of sand in Australia.

Mad Max and The Blue Lagoon World production designer Jon Dowding designed the "Sand Hostel" open from Sept. 20 to Sept. 22 on The Gold Coast, Kurrawa Terrace.

"Hostelworld North America and Destination Gold Coast have ...Read more

'Snow White'-inspired home for sale in Washington

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(UPI) A home inspired by the cottage from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is on sale in Washington.

The four-bedroom and five-bathroom home in Olalla, Wash., featuring a design ripped directly from the 1937 animated film is listed on Top Ten Real Estate Deals for $775,000.

"Located on five wooded acres on a dead-end street behind a ...Read more

6-foot snake in London home was actually a 2-inch caterpillar

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(UPI) The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received an unexpected surprise after being called to a home to retrieve a large snake.

RSPCA animal collection officer Monica Faloona rushed to the home in the Dartford area after receiving a frantic call about a large snake, but discovered the intruder was merely a caterpillar. ...Read more

Group constructs high-tech Dungeons and Dragons setup

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(UPI) A Dungeons and Dragons group brought their playing space into the digital age with a homemade high-tech gaming table.

Tumblr user Caethial shared a photo Saturday of the setup, featuring a touch screen computer to run a digital Dungeons and Dragons program and a 40-inch television as the game board.

"The Setup for my Home D&D game, table...Read more

Florida firefighter offers water to thirsty Key deer

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(UPI) A firefighter in Florida helped rescue an endangered Key deer by offering it a much needed drink of water.

Monroe County BOCC shared video of Broward Sheriff's Office Fire Rescue Lieutenant Nicholas Johnson providing a bottle of water to the thirsty Key deer in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Johnson was surveying damage to residential ...Read more

Man uses drone to rescue another drone stranded on a roof

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(UPI) A man whose neighbor crash-landed their drone on a roof used his own quadcopter and a makeshift hook to rescue the crashed device.

Saulius Zaura said his neighbor came to his home for help when their drone crashed on a rooftop and was stranded.

Zaura's drone captured video of its trip into the air and to the nearby rooftop.

The drone ...Read more

Marathon runner takes a fall, rolls across the finish line

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(UPI) A runner in a Washington state marathon is being praised for her determination after barrel rolling across the finish line moments after taking a bad fall.

Philip King, a spectator at the Tunnel Vision marathon in North Bend, posted a video to Facebook showing runner Devon Bieling barrel rolling across the finish line.

King said the ...Read more

Massive great white shark gives camera close-up view of jaws

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(UPI) A man filming a great white shark in South Africa captured the moment the undersea predator's attention turned from a bait ball to the camera itself.

The man said he was filming the great white shark, known locally as Scarlet, on Friday when he managed to attract the shark's attention with a bait ball.

The video shows the bait ball being...Read more

World's largest serving of guacamole prepared in Mexico

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(UPI) Hundreds of people combined thousands of ingredients to create the world's largest serving of guacamole.

Mexican wholesaler Empacadora de Aguacates Sierra del Tigre set a Guinness World Record with the roughly 6,500-pound serving of guacamole in Jalisco, Mexico earlier this month.

A total of 815 people worked together to convert the 25,...Read more

Firefighters climb into sewer to rescue trapped pig

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(UPI) A group of firefighters in China descended into a sewer to rescue a 330-pound pig that fell into the opening.

A video recorded Sept. 12 in Bijie, Guizhou Province, shows firefighters descending deep into the sewer to tie a rope around the trapped pig.

The firefighters then use the rope to hoist the 330-pound porker out of the pit.

The ...Read more

Canadian couple seeks corporate sponsors for dream wedding

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(UPI) A Canadian couple has recruited several corporate sponsors to help cover the cost of their dream wedding.

Jason Mielke and his bride-to-be Rebecca Hansen, of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan sought out financial help from various companies to fund their November wedding after Mielke lost his job in January.

"I still want to give you the dream ...Read more

Snake rescuer finds cobra with smaller snake stuck in ts nostril

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(UPI) A snake rescuer called to remove a cobra from a businessman's property in India made an unusual discovery -- a smaller snake stuck in the serpent's nostril.

Anand Chitti, a snake rescuer in the city of Belagavi, said a local businessman summoned him Sept. 11 to some industrial land, where a cobra had been sighted.

Chitti filmed the ...Read more

Crab climbs out of pot, switches off hot plate

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(UPI) A crab with a strong will to live was filmed climbing out of a pot of heating water and switching off the hot plate to save its comrades.

The video, filmed Sept. 5 at a home in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, shows the acrobatic crab climbing out of the pot of water as it heats on a hot plate.

The crab swings around to the hot plate's ...Read more

Aggressive rhino's charge at car caught on camera

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(UPI) A visitor to South Africa's Kruger National Park captured video of a territorial white rhino charging at a car and nearly smashing into the vehicle as it flees.

The video, recorded Sept. 11, shows cars stopped on a road running through the park while a rhinoceros watches the vehicles from nearby.

The filmer's vehicle slowly creeps toward...Read more

Deadly snake tries to get in through salon window

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(UPI) An Australian snake catcher shared video of a deadly eastern brown snake attempting to get into a hair salon's window.

Stew Lalor of Snake Catcher Brisbane, Logan & Redlands -- Elite Snake Catching Services posted a video to Facebook showing the snake attempting to get in through a window at the salon before a small dog runs and barks at ...Read more

Beyonce vinyl accidentally features Canadian punk band

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Several vinyl copies of Beyonce's album Lemonade were accidentally pressed with the first half of a Canadian punk album.

Ontario-based band ZEX shared video of a misprinted copy of the yellow Lemonade vinyl record playing songs from their album Uphill Battle.

"Those of you who got the new BEYONCE record Lemonade, may be surprised to hear...Read more

Switzerland investigating euro bills found clogging toilets

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(UPI) Prosecutors in Switzerland are investigating mysterious instances involving thousands of euro bills turning up in toilets.

The first bundle of 500 euro bills turned up several months ago in a bathroom near a UBS Group AG bank vault at a branch in Geneva.

Days later even more banknotes appeared inside toilets at nearby restaurants causing...Read more

Couple drive to Virginia when lottery ticket turns out to be worth $200,000

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(UPI) A Mississippi couple who mailed a $400 winning lottery ticket to the Virginia Lottery decided to make the drive when a phone call revealed it was actually worth $200,000.

Kenny and Cathy Robin Beevers said Kenny, a truck driver, purchased a Powerball ticket at Frank's Trucking Center in Chesapeake, Va., while driving his route, and the ...Read more

Clown candidate running for Boston City Council

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(UPI) A candidate running for the Boston City Council is using an unusual gimmick for his campaign -- a clown costume and silent persona.

Pat Payaso, whose last name is Spanish for "clown," is one of three newcomers facing the four incumbents for at-large Boston City Council seats Nov. 7.

Payaso recently appeared in an interview series with ...Read more

Canadian 'Rage Room' lets guests smash out stress

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(UPI) An amusement facility in Canada has created a "Rage Room" to give guests the opportunity to relieve stress by smashing things.

The Rage Room at Thundrdome Amusements in Calgary, which opened on Sept. 15, provides golf clubs, sledgehammers, pipes and baseball bats to guests so they can release their frustrations by breaking office ...Read more

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