Police officer rescues raccoon with can stuck over its head in New York

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(UPI) A police officer in New York had to chase down a panicking raccoon so he could rescue the animal from a can stuck over its head.

The town of Ramapo Police Department said in a Facebook post that an officer was dispatched to a home in Pomona where a resident reported spotting a raccoon running around their yard with a can stuck over its ...Read more

Dutch driver uses truck to dunk tea bag into hot water

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(UPI) A Dutch trucker took on a social media "tea bag challenge" and used his vehicle to drop a tea bag into a glass of hot water.

Johan Groteboer, of Rijssen, said he saw Finnish truck drivers posting "tea bag challenge" videos on social media, so he decided to attempt his stunt with his 82-foot-long LHV, or long heavy vehicle.

"It is one of ...Read more

Woman wins $1 million lottery jackpot thanks to canceled flight

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(UPI) A Missouri woman who claimed a $1 million lottery jackpot in Florida said she never would have bought the ticket if her flight home hadn't been canceled unexpectedly.

Angela Caravella, 51, of Kansas City, told Florida Lottery officials she spent more time than expected in Florida that flight was canceled.

''I had a feeling something ...Read more

WATCH: Pilots in Los Angeles warned after possible sighting of man wearing jetpack

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(UPI) Pilots flying in and out of Los Angeles International Airport were given a warning after a possible sighting of a man flying a jetpack in the area.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed a pilot contacted aid traffic control on Wednesday evening to report a possible sighting of a man wearing a jetpack flying in the area.

"A Boeing...Read more

Overdue book returned to Scottish library after 53 years

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(UPI) Workers at a Scottish library said they were surprised to open a package that arrived recently in the mail and discover an overdue book believed to have been checked out 53 years ago.

Linda Flynn, team supervisor at the Paisley Central Library in Renfrewshire, said she opened up the padded envelope that arrived at the facility and ...Read more

WATCH: California restaurant hires robot to offset worker shortage

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(UPI) A California restaurant struggling with a worker shortage is employing a food delivery robot to help pick up the slack.

The Sugar Mediterranean Bistro in Stockton unveiled the newest member of its staff, a food-carrying robot, in a Facebook video.

"Look at our new team member," the post said.

General Manager Ana Ortiz said the ...Read more

TikTok star's 2.56-inch mouth gape earns Guinness World Record

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(UPI) A Connecticut-based TikTok star with an unusually large mouth was certified by Guinness World Records as having the world's largest mouth gape.

Samantha Ramsdell, 31, went viral multiple times on TikTok when she showed off the size of her mouth, leading her to seek the Guinness record for the world's largest mouth gape (female).

A ...Read more

Police respond to loose bison in Ohio township

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(UPI) Police in Ohio responded to an unusual situation when an escaped bison was spotted wandering around a community.

The German Township Police Department said multiple calls came in reporting a bison on the loose in the community, and officers were concerned about the potential risk to drivers, pedestrians, children and nearby farmers.

"The...Read more

Oblivious lottery winner carried $39M ticket in purse for nearly six weeks

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(UPI) A German woman who won a lottery jackpot of about $39 million said she carried the ticket in her purse for nearly six weeks before discovering it was a winner.

The 45-year-old Lower Franconia woman told Lotto Bayern officials she bought a ticket for the June 9 Lotto 6aus49 drawing and stowed it in her purse, forgetting to check it until ...Read more

Sheriff's K-9 finds woman's missing wedding rings in beach sand

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(UPI) A Michigan sheriff's K-9 and his handler came to the rescue when a woman visiting a beach lost her wedding rings.

Elsa Green said in a Facebook post that she was visiting the beach at Eagle River with her family when she lost her wedding rings in the sand.

Green said a man with a metal detector was unable to locate her missing jewelry, ...Read more

Visitor to Indiana casino scores record jackpot on $1 slot machine bet

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(UPI) A visitor to an Indiana casino walked away with a $690,623 jackpot -- the largest in the facility's industry -- after placing a $1 bet at a slot machine.

The French Lick Casino in French Lick, which opened 16 years ago, said a man named Andrew placed a $1 bet at a Wild Party slot machine and scored a $690,623 progressive jackpot Sunday ...Read more

Dog missing for two years spotted on TV news segment

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(UPI) A Wisconsin man was reunited with his family's missing dog nearly two years later after he spotted the canine in a TV news segment about adoptable pets.

The Wisconsin Humane Society said in a Facebook post that a man named Dwight got in touch with WITI-TV after watching an Adopt-A-Pet segment that featured a dog he recognized as Payday, ...Read more

Texas tollway officials seek owner of roadside wedding dress

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(UPI) Tollway officials in Texas said they are trying to find the owner of an unusual piece of debris rescued from the side of a highway -- a wedding dress.

The North Texas Tollway Authority said workers doing a cleanup project on the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco spotted a white box at the side of the road that contained the dress.

The ...Read more

WATCH: Workers digging well in back yard find world's largest sapphire cluster

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(UPI) Authorities in Sri Lanka said workers in a man's back yard made a stunning discovery -- the world's largest star sapphire cluster.

Local authorities in the Ratnapura area said the stone, known as the Serendipity Sapphire, was found by workers digging a well in the back yard of a man identified only by the surname Gamage.

"The person who ...Read more

Bull moose removed from Colorado parking garage

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Colorado said a large bull moose was tranquilized and relocated after wandering into the ground floor of a parking garage.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said officers responded to the parking garage in the Lionshead Village area of Vail on Tuesday morning when the 2-to-3-year-old moose was spotted inside the garage.

...Read more

Tiger at Texas sanctuary declared world's oldest by Guinness World Records

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(UPI) A tiger living at a Texas sanctuary was declared by Guinness World Records as the oldest living tiger in captivity at the age of 25 years and 319 days old.

Guinness World Records said Bengali, a tiger that came to the Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary in Tyler in 2000, was confirmed to be the oldest living tiger in captivity.

"Tiger Creek ...Read more

Kitten rescued from car undercarriage after running onto highway

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(UPI) A kitten spotted running in the middle lane of a New Jersey highway was rescued from inside the undercarriage of a car that stopped to help the feline.

The Plainsboro Township Police Department said a woman was driving on Route 1 when a kitten darted out into the lane ahead of her.

The woman stopped to help the feline, but the scared ...Read more

Man wins $375,000 from lottery ticket bought because he was bored

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(UPI) A South Carolina man said he only bought the scratch-off lottery ticket that earned him a $375,000 jackpot because he was bored.

The Grand Strand man, whose identity was not released, told South Carolina Education Lottery officials he bought a $10 Mighty Jumbo Bucks ticket from the OMKS LLC store in Myrtle Beach because he was bored and ...Read more

Woman finds card containing $500, tracks down owners

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(UPI) A Connecticut woman who found a card containing $500 on the ground enlisted the help of a friend's mother to track down the owners.

Gabrielle Perry, 23, said she was going out to dinner with friends in South Norwalk when she spotted an enveloped card on the ground in the parking lot of the Maritime Aquarium.

Perry said the envelope, ...Read more

Two-headed sea turtle hatchling found at South Carolina park

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(UPI) Workers performing a routine sea turtle nest inventory at a South Carolina state park made an unusual discovery: a hatchling with two heads.

South Carolina State Parks said in a Facebook post that the Edisto Beach State Park's Sea Turtle Patrol was out doing a routine nest inventory after detecting a major emergence at the park.

"Three ...Read more