Raccoons fall through ceiling into New York CVS store

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(UPI) A pair of raccoons made a scene at a CVS store in New York state when they fell through the ceiling and went for a stroll through the store.

An employee at the CVS in Warwick said he was in the candy aisle when he hard a loud noise that sounded like a piece of the ceiling had fallen.

The worker said he investigated the noise and found ...Read more

Dubai bar offering women free drinks based on their weight

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(UPI) A Dubai bar is drawing in female customers with an unusual promotion -- the more they weigh, the more free drinks they receive.

The Fusion Club at Cassells Al Barsha Hotel announced it will be running a special through the end of the year offering $0.12 in free drink credit for every pound a female customer weighs -- meaning a woman ...Read more

Man's $20 gift to wife turns into $50,000 lottery prize

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(UPI) A low-cost gift from a Maryland man to his wife turned out to be the perfect present when the scratch-off lottery ticket won a $50,000 jackpot.

The 75-year-old Montgomery County man told Maryland Lottery officials his wife is currently unable to leave the house, so he ventured forth to buy her some scratch-off tickets from Talbert's Ice ...Read more

Loose camel, cow and donkey wander into Kansas neighborhood

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(UPI) Residents of a Kansas neighborhood were left perplexed when an unusual trio of animals -- a cow, a camel and a donkey -- wandered into the area.

Trudy Wilcox said she was driving in the neighborhood Sunday near Goddard when she and her companions spotted the three animals.

"We were just coming back from picking up a friend and came into ...Read more

Man transfers 40 pounds from hand to hand 100 times in 21 seconds

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(UPI) An Idaho man tossed a dumbbell from hand to hand to break a Guinness World Record for transferring 40 pounds of weight 100 times.

David Rush, who has broken more than 100 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, said he accidentally overachieved while attempting the record by using a dumbbell that weighs 42 pounds instead of the ...Read more

Iowa wrestling icon honored with giant cheese sculpture

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(UPI) A renowned sculptor said it took four days to carve a 3,000-pound wheel of cheese into the likeness of an Iowa wrestling icon.

Sarah Kauffman, known professionally as the "Cheese Lady," said it took four days and a total of about 40 hours to craft the wheel of Wisconsin white cheddar into a sculpture of Dan Gable, an Olympic gold medalist...Read more

Baby born in passenger seat on side of Texas highway

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(UPI) Firefighters in Texas said a couple were on the way to the hospital when they had to pull over on the side of the highway and deliver their baby.

The Houston Fire Department said crews responded about 1:50 a.m. Monday to a report of an obstetrical emergency on the southbound side of Interstate 45, between the Gulf Bank and Shepherd exits....Read more

Leopard lunges at motorcycle on India road

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(UPI) An Indian Forest Service officer shared video of a leopard lunging at a motorcycle, missing the vehicle and its two riders by what appears to be a matter of inches.

The video, tweeted by IFS Officer Susanta Nanda, shows the leopard standing at the side of the road and dashing into the road when the motorcycle approaches.

The leopard ...Read more

175 don T-Rex costumes for annual Virginia run

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(UPI) A running club in Virginia gathered 175 people to run in Tyrannosaurus Rex costumes for an annual event and a Guinness World Record attempt.

The Richmond Road Runners Club said the second annual Richmond T. Rex Run was held Sunday, one day after the Anthem Richmond Marathon, and a total 175 people donned dinosaur costumes and took a run ...Read more

British zoo's escaped stork captured 100 miles away

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(UPI) A stork that escaped from a British zoo in early November was captured by a bird watcher more than 100 miles away from the facility.

Daisy the female stork escaped in early November from the Wild Zoological Park in Stourbridge, England, and was spotted late last week perched on the Tourist Information Center in Burnham-on-Sea, more than ...Read more

VIDEO: Man returns Colorado woman's wedding ring lost at Florida beach

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(UPI) A Colorado woman had her wedding returned to her after losing it on a crowded beach while on vacation in Florida.

Claire Land believed the ring was lost forever after she set it down as she applied sunscreen while visiting Cocoa Beach last weekend.

"I like dug in the sand, ripped the stroller apart, ripped our backpacks apart and it wasn...Read more

VIDEO: Small alligator hiding under car gives Florida police a scare

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(UPI) A tiny alligator hiding under a Florida resident's car gave police a scare when it came bolting out from under the vehicle.

The Cape Coral Police Department shared a video from a recent call-out to remove an alligator spotted taking shelter under a parked car in a resident's driveway.

The video shows officers attempting to coax the ...Read more

Parental pressure pays off for Missouri Lottery player

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(UPI) A woman visiting her family in Missouri said it was her mother who convinced her to buy the lottery ticket that earned her a prize of $25,000 a year for life.

Kiara Thomas told Missouri Lottery officials she was visiting her family in St. Louis in June when her mother talked her into buying a Lucky for Life drawing ticket at the QuikTrip ...Read more

Man walking dog encounters 6-foot-tall bird

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(UPI) A man taking his dog for a walk in Britain captured video of his unexpected encounter with a 6-foot tall rhea bird.

Jason Burford, 48, said he was walking his border collie, Molly, in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England, when he turned a corner and spotted the large South American bird.

"I just rounded the corner and there it ...Read more

Modified Radio Flyer wagon sets speed record in Illinois

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(UPI) An Illinois company set a Guinness World Record by tricking out a motorized Radio Flyer Wagon to reach a top speed of 30 mph.

Craftsman Industries took its modified wagon to the World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison, Ill., to attempt the record for world's fastest Radio Flyer Wagon on Thursday, which was Guinness World Records Day.

...Read more

Pop-up Hotella Nutella offers a hazelnut-themed experience

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(UPI) The makers of popular sandwich spread Nutella announced a contest to win a two-night stay at a pop-up hotel themed around the hazelnut treat.

The Hotella Nutella will operate for only a single weekend in January, and the Napa Valley, Calif., accommodation will be open only to three contest winners and one guest each.

The contest, which ...Read more

VIDEO: Customers, employees chase deer through Ohio Walmart

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(UPI) Workers and employees at a Walmart store in Ohio came to the rescue of a confused deer that made its way inside the store and couldn't find a way back out.

Video captured by witnesses inside the Wooster store Wednesday afternoon shows customers and employees pursuing the deer through the aisles.

Bert Moore, one of the customers who ...Read more

'Hallmark Dream Job' offers $1,000 to watch 24 Christmas movies

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(UPI) A website is offering a "dream job" for a holiday-loving person looking to make $1,000 watching 24 Hallmark Christmas movies.

Centurylinkquote.com said the winning "Hallmark Dream Job" applicant will receive $1,000, a streaming service subscription and a movie watching kit including cookies, cocoa, a mini Christmas tree and some ...Read more

Escaped kangaroo on the loose in Mississippi

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(UPI) The owner of a traveling petting zoo said a kangaroo is on the loose in Mississippi after escaping from her enclosure.

John Mark Johnson said the 4-year-old female kangaroo hopped a fence in Guntown about 3 p.m. Tuesday and was last seen about 5:30 p.m. that same day.

"She's possibly in Guntown, Saltillo -- you might even broaden it to ...Read more

Lottery player wins $150,000 in New Jersey, $100,000 in Pennsylvania

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(UPI) A New Jersey man is a two-state lottery winner after winning $150,000 in his home state and $100,000 in Pennsylvania.

The winner, identified as Thomas A. of Pitman, told New Jersey Lottery officials it was "just luck" that he decided to buy a High Card Poker scratch-off ticket with a spare $5 he had left over from buying some more ...Read more