Belgium's king, Burger King in spat over web ad

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(UPI) Belgium's royal family took issue with one of the world's most recognizable monarchs, Burger King, over a marketing campaign a spokesman said is disrespectful.

The U.S.-based fast food company Burger King, which is set to open its first location in Belgium next month, launched a website in Belgium to promote the launch. It prompts users ...Read more

Horses stampede in wrong direction on Hungarian highway

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(UPI) A shocked driver on a stretch of Hungarian highway pulled over to film a stampede of horses sprinting in the wrong direction in the middle of the road.

Balazs Berkecz posted a video to YouTube showing the unusual sight that confronted him when he was driving from Pecs to Budapest.

The video shows a group of horses running in the wrong ...Read more

Elephant blocks traffic to practice soccer skills in India

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(UPI) An Indian man investigating the cause of a traffic jam got to the front of the line of vehicles and found an elephant playing kick-the-can with a plastic container.

Akshoi Gogoi said he was returning from a road trip with some friends when they came across a traffic jam in Assam.

"We were coming back from a road trip and saw a lot of ...Read more

Florida police seek $25,000 swan sculpture stolen by naked man

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(UPI) Authorities in Florida are asking for the public's help finding a large $25,000 swan sculpture stolen by a naked man.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office said surveillance cameras at Lakeland Cold Storage were recording just before 5 a.m. May 19 when a naked man carrying a 5-gallon bucket squeezed through a gap in the fence.

"Do you call ...Read more

VIDEO: Dad pranks teen son by dressing in Speedo for school pickup

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(UPI) An Oklahoma father earned himself a gold medal in the embarrassing dad-move Olympics by picking up his teen son from school in a Speedo.

Justin Beadles, whose son, Jack, 15, attends Stillwater Junior High School, showed up to pick the boy up on his last day of classes while dressed as Olympic champion Michael Phelps.

A video recorded by ...Read more

Venomous 4-foot lizard captured on plane at Florida airport

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(UPI) Wildlife authorities were summoned to a Florida airport where a stowaway 4-foot black throat monitor lizard was found on a cargo plane.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said the agency's Venom Unit responded with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers Tuesday night to Miami International Airport, where a crew member had ...Read more

Hairspray can explodes in hot car, embeds itself in windshield

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(UPI) A Washington state woman returned to her car after work to discover a can of hairspray had exploded and embedded itself in her windshield.

Karmen Ayres said she walked out of work Tuesday in Vancouver and immediately noticed her windshield was severely cracked and there was an object embedded in it.

"At first I looked up, because I ...Read more

Man secretly proposes to boyfriend on Disneyland ride

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(UPI) A Disneyland visitor used a hand-made sign to secretly propose behind his boyfriend's back whole they were riding Splash Mountain.

A Reddit post by eugenius310 shows the photo taken by Splash Mountain's camera at the California theme park while the redditor and his boyfriend were on the ride.

The redditor said his nieces and nephews ...Read more

Park rangers: Stop defacing parks for 'promposals'

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(UPI) Park Rangers in California's Santa Monica Mountains have a message for amorous high schoolers: Stop defacing National Parks for promposals.

The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area posted a photo to Facebook of a rock bearing a gigantic one-word message in white spray paint: "Prom?"

The post, authored by "Ranger Zach," said ...Read more

VIDEO: Mother elk kicks bear in the face to rescue her calf

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(UPI) A couple out observing nature in the Arizona mountains captured video of a mother elk kicking a bear in the face to rescue her calf.

Shannon Seville of Flagstaff said she and her boyfriend, Joel Floyd, were cruising the Forest Service roads near the city in their new Toyota Land Cruiser earlier this week when they stopped to observe a ...Read more

Romantic Houston man mistakes kale bundle for flower

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(UPI) A Houston man seeking to give his girlfriend a romantic "flower" is drawing attention on Twitter after accidentally giving her a bundle of kale instead.

Houston woman Jailyn, @JayJailyn on Twitter, tweeted a photo of the "flower" she was given by her boyfriend, Jamarcus.

"My boyfriend brought me this thinking it was a flower but it's ...Read more

Baby alligator caught jaywalking on Florida road

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(UPI) A tiny alligator was caught on camera walking down the side of a Florida road before using a crosswalk.

The South Florida Water Management District shared a video on Facebook of the tiny gator walking along the road just outside of the agency's West Palm Beach headquarters Thursday morning.

"Just another morning at the office," the ...Read more

World's longest French strawberry cake served at festival

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(UPI) France celebrated the 25th anniversary of its annual strawberry festival by baking the world's longest French strawberry cake.

Five professional pastry chefs baked each section of the Guinness World Record-breaking,105-foot long fraisier patissier, a cake made with fresh strawberries, layers of creme and sponge cake.

The finished product...Read more

Georgia kicker boots drone out of the sky with football

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(UPI) A football kicker in Georgia was being filmed by a drone when his first kick of the exhibition video knocked the device out of the sky.

A video posted to YouTube by user BlueRidgeHighway shows the camera drone's view as the kicker prepares to launch the ball at a football field in Atlanta.

The kick sends the ball high into the air, where...Read more

Man holds umbrella while driving convertible in the rain

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(UPI) A Chinese driver who apparently didn't want to put his convertible top up in the rain was filmed driving down the highway with an umbrella.

The video, filmed earlier this month, shows a man driving a red Mercedes-Benz convertible during a rain storm in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province.

The man had the vehicle's top down despite the rain, but ...Read more

Man gets stuck trying to squeeze through mid-road guardrail

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(UPI) A security camera in China was recording when a man attempted to squeeze through a guardrail in the middle of a busy road and ended up stuck.

The video shows the man walking across the busy road in Bozhou, Anhui Province, and arriving at the metal guardrail in the middle of the street.

The man decides to squeeze through the bars rather ...Read more

Irish vet clinic's job posting seeks paid 'cat cuddler'

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(UPI) An Irish veterinary clinic is seeking someone with "cattitude" to fill a crucial paid possession: A professional cat cuddler.

The Just Cats veterinary clinic in Dublin shared a job posting on its website with the headline, "Cat Cuddler Needed!"

The clinic said candidates should have plenty of "cattitude" and ideally be a crazy ...Read more

Mobility scooter 'speed racer' holds up traffic in Australia

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(UPI) A shocked office worker captured video of the scene outside his lunchroom window when a "speed racer" in a mobility scooter held up traffic on a busy road.

Chris Jones, who works at an office in Brisbane, said he looked out the lunchroom window about 10:30 a.m. Thursday and spotted a man in a mobility scooter driving in the fast lane on ...Read more

Trespassing squirrel causes minor delay on Massachussetts train

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(UPI) A frantic squirrel caused a minor travel delay after wandering onto a train in Massachusetts during the Thursday morning commute.

A passenger reported the squirrel hopping between seats on the train at about 8:30 a.m. prompting Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to assess the situation.

"The train was held for 3 minutes at ...Read more

VIDEO: Squirrel dodges golf ball during PGA tournament in Texas

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(UPI) A big squirrel on a Texas golf course narrowly evaded being struck by a PGA player's drive during a televised tournament.

A video posted to YouTube by PGA Tour's official account shows golfer Sergio Garcia hitting a ball off the tee during the AT&T Byron Nelson tournament at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas in Irving...Read more


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