Police respond to report of big cat on the loose in London

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(UPI) Police responded to an affluent London neighborhood on a report of a "big cat" with cheetah-like markings and determined the animal was a domesticated Savannah cat.

Residents of the area unofficially known as Billionaire's Row, located in the Hampstead Heath-East Finchley area of London, called police Monday night to report a big cat was ...Read more

Man who forgot about lottery ticket learns of win from email

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(UPI) An Australian man said he had forgotten about his lottery ticket until he scrolled through his email and discovered he had won more than $65,000.

The Gold Coast, Queensland, man told The Lott officials it hadn't even occurred to him to check the results of the May 25 Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot drawing.

"I was just flicking through my ...Read more

Ohio state troopers stop highway traffic for goose family crossing

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(UPI) Ohio state troopers responded to a stretch of highway to stop traffic and rescue a family of stranded geese spotted by a state representative.

Ohio State Representative Haraz Ghanbari posted a video to Facebook on Monday showing the two Canada geese and six goslings he spotted waddling in the emergency lane on southbound Interstate 75, ...Read more

VIDEO: Idaho woman dresses husband in 32 T-shirts to break Guinness record

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(UPI) An Idaho couple broke a Guinness World Record by teaming up to dress the husband in 32 T-shirts in one minute.

David Rush, who has broken more than 100 Guinness records to promote STEM education, teamed up with wife Jennifer to break the record for most T-shirts put on in one minute (team of two).

A video of the attempt shows Jennifer ...Read more

Florida baseball team lists stadium on Airbnb

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(UPI) A minor league baseball team in Florida is putting its stadium to good use amid a delayed season by renting out the property on Airbnb.

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos said the listing marked the first time a professional baseball stadium has been listed on Airbnb.

The team said the $1,500 per-night stays can accommodate up to 10 guests for "...Read more

The Almanac

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Cartoon band Gorillaz will release an "almanac" comic book in October. The group, created by singer and musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett in 1998, shared plans Tuesday for The Gorillaz Almanac, published by Z2 Comics.

The almanac is a 120-page hardcover book exploring the Gorillaz' visual history. The book ...Read more

Alligator found in Kentucky Lake likely a former pet

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(UPI) Wildlife officials said an alligator found in a Kentucky lake most likely was a pet released by its owner when it became too large to keep.

A couple boating in the Kentucky Dam Marina area of Kentucky Lake in Marshall County spotted the reptile Saturday and alerted state officials.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials said the alligator ...Read more

Man metal detecting on Texas beach finds couple's lost ring

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(UPI) A Texas man walking a beach with his metal detector came to the rescue of a distraught couple whose engagement ring was lost in the water.

Karen Bolmanskie said her husband was metal detecting Monday on Crystal Beach when he was approached by a couple who asked for his help.

The couple said the woman's engagement ring had fallen off her ...Read more

Boy, 13, graduates college with four associate's degrees

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(UPI) A 13-year-old boy has become the youngest person to ever graduate from a California college after earning four associate's degrees in two years.

Jack Rico, 13, who enrolled at Fullerton College at age 11, is set to graduate Wednesday in a special drive-by celebration in La Mirada after the traditional graduation ceremony was canceled due ...Read more

Man wins two $50,000 Keno jackpots in just two days

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(UPI) An Australian man has back-to-back reasons to celebrate after winning two $50,000 lottery jackpots in just two days.

The Lott said the Moonta, South Australia, man played the Keno Spot 8 game Wednesday, winning a $50,000 prize in draw 262488, and played the same game the following day, winning another $50,000 prize in draw 2625058.

The ...Read more

VIDEO: Robot dog herds sheep in New Zealand

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(UPI) A U.S. engineering firm and a New Zealand software company are testing out a robotic dog's abilities to emulate its biological counterparts with a traditional canine task: herding sheep.

Robotics company Rocos is using Spot, a robotic dog developed by Massachusetts-based Boston Dynamics, to herd sheep on New Zealand farms.

Rocos said its...Read more

VIDEO: Grizzly bear with white fur caught on camera in Canada

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(UPI) A traveler on a highway through the Rocky Mountains in Canada captured video of an unusual local resident -- a white grizzly bear.

Cara Clarkson said she and her family were traveling the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park when they spotted the white bear and its darker-colored sibling.

Clarkson captured video that was posted to...Read more

VIDEO: Dump truck with raised bed collides with highway overpass

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(UPI) A traveler on a Wisconsin highway captured video of the moment a dump truck with its bed up collided with an overpass bridge.

Jim Witkowski said he was driving Thursday near Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport when he noticed a dump truck traveling nearby with its bed raised.

Witkowski said he tried to pull ahead of the driver to ...Read more

VIDEO: Kitten with two faces born in New York state barn

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(UPI) A New York state family welcomed an unusual arrival when their barn cat give birth to a kitten with two faces on a single head.

Kyla King, whose family lives on a farm east of Albany, said the 1-year-old barn cat gave birth to a litter of six kittens Wednesday, and she soon realized the runt of the litter had two mouths, two noses and ...Read more

Pop-up drive-in theater brings movies back to New Jersey town

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(UPI) A New Jersey event center is reviving a once-dwindling concept by opening a pop-up drive-in movie theater in its parking lot.

The Kathedral Events Center in Hammonton announced it has started showing movies in the social distancing-friendly style of a drive-in theater with its "Karpool Cinema" series.

The pop-up theater held its first ...Read more

Car wash worker rescues man's $1,200 IRS stimulus check from trash

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(UPI) An employee at a North Carolina car wash found a $1,200 IRS stimulus check in the trash at work and was able to track down its rightful recipient with the help of his daughter.

Antonio Hernandez found the COVID-19 stimulus check bearing the name Charles Thompson in the trash while working at Evans Street Car Wash in Greenville.

Hernandez...Read more

Grocery store chain re-purposes salad bars to serve booze, cereal, candy

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(UPI) A Missouri-based grocery store chain is finding creative ways to use its closed-down salad bars, with stores using them as beer and liquor bars, cereal bars and even an "energy bar."

Dierbergs Markets, based in Chesterfield, Mo., said its stores closed all salad bars due to COVID-19 concerns in March, and the bars sat bare until Rick ...Read more

Wandering cows stampede through streets of Welsh town

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(UPI) A wandering herd of cows -- one with a plastic chair stuck over its head -- paraded into a Welsh town and ended up stampeding through the streets.

Noah Williamson, 12, captured video of the herd stampeding through Southgate, Gower, after he and his brother fled to get out of the way of the oncoming animals.

The video shows the cows ...Read more

Australian man credits trip to the dentist with lottery win

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(UPI) An Australian man said a trip to the dentist to get a tooth pulled went from painful to lucky when he scored a lottery jackpot worth more than $650,000.

The Keparra, Queensland, man told The Lott that he had a tooth pulled Monday, and the experience left him feeling the need to cheer up.

"I was so upset about it so I decided to keep the ...Read more

Weather radar catches bats blown away by thunderstorm

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(UPI) A Texas meteorologist shared weather radar footage showing a large swarm of bats being dispersed by gusts from a thunderstorm.

Chris Suchan, meteorologist for WOAI-TV, said a swarm of bats large enough to be picked up by weather radar emerged from Frio Bat Cave in Uvalde County on Wednesday night, and the radar footage shows the millions ...Read more