'Ghostbusters' superfan collects 2,012 pieces of memorabilia


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(UPI) A British man with a record-breaking collection of 2,012 items related to his favorite film franchise said being in his home "is like living in a Ghostbusters museum."

Darren McQuade's collection of 2,012 pieces of Ghostbusters memorabilia took the Guinness World Record from Ohio man Robert O'Connor, whose collection was tallied at 1,221 items in 2020.

"It's essentially like living in a Ghostbusters museum," McQuade told Guinness World Records.

McQuade, whose rarest items include a Ghostbusters 2 Christmas cracker box and a Ghostbusters stunt kite, recently appeared as an extra in the latest Ghostbusters film.

The collector works as a professional magician, and said he often works a Ghostbusters theme into his tricks.


"I love mixing Ghostbusters with magic. Whenever I learn or invent a new trick, I always see if I can add a Ghostbusters theme to it. That doesn't always work, but I love it when it does," he said.

McQuade said he hopes to keep growing his collection.

"Hopefully, I will be celebrating the 50th anniversary with an even bigger collection," he said. I seem to run out of space about once a year but always find room for more!

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