Cities with the most delivery drivers per capita

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In today’s world, delivery drivers are in extremely high demand.In 2021, Texas-based company Sisu Energy offered drivers $14,000 per week due to the nationwide truck driver shortage. Many truck drivers had either left the industry or retired at the height of the pandemic as there wasn’t a lot of product to haul. Now, the need is back due to...Read more

10 tips to beat your to-do list

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Life is busy. With home and work constantly requiring attention, it is often hard to figure out what to tackle first and how to balance it all. Making a to-do list can be helpful. While to-do lists are a great tool, 41% of items on these lists are never completed, according to The Busy Person’s Guide to the Done List: The Science of Small ...Read more

Top Winter Olympics ski moments

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The ​​first Winter Olympics was held in 1924 and has since served as fodder for some of the most memorable and inspired moments in sporting history. With the opening ceremonies for the 2022 Beijing Olympics coming Feb. 4, Curated looked back at 13 of the greatest ski moments in Olympic history.

Skiing has, in one form or another, been ...Read more

10 metro areas with growing real estate markets

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Bidding wars. Over-asking offers. Cash buyers. Eager investors. Inventory shortages. If there’s one part of the economy that has been completely upended by the pandemic, it’s the housing market.

Cities like San Francisco and New York have always been well out of reach for the average homebuyer. As tech and business hubs, these cities are...Read more

How the changing workplace could reshape American health care

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As the coronavirus rages on, so do its impacts on the country’s businesses and workers. Remote work and hybrid arrangements are gaining a stronger foothold, and about 2.2 million Americans remain long-term unemployed while millions of others are quitting their jobs.

This massive health and economic disruption is inevitably impacting health...Read more

How the housing market changed in 2021

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The housing market was anything but normal in 2021. Prior to the buying frenzy that occurred over the last year, homes typically sat on the market for a little over two months at a time. And in terms of cost, it was common for the lucky sellers with homes in desirable markets like California’s Bay Area to get at or close to the asking price. ...Read more

5 risks of untreated concussions

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Concussions, a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI), pose potentially significant health issues no matter their severity. Despite this, as many as five in 10 concussions aren’t reported or detected.

Falls represent the most common cause of concussions. While most concussions do not cause serious and long-lasting issues, it is vital to ...Read more

History of the American mortgage

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Homeownership has long been a part of the American Dream. Whether your generation, your grandparents’ generation, or your great-great-grandparents’ generation, most people equate the thought of owning a home with achieving the right type of success. After all, owning property can help you build wealth, give you access to equity, and offer ...Read more

How homeownership rates changed over the past 25 years

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The housing market tends to take more twists and turns than a rural mountain road—and for good reason. A slight change to any economic or social factor can have a massive impact on the market. Take a look at how the ongoing global pandemic has affected the national housing markets—or how any recent recession or period of growth has impacted...Read more

Home renovation projects that can help sell your house

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Home renovations can increase or decrease a home’s value, and to gain an idea of what renovations will do for your home’s worth, it is vital to understand the local housing market. Going overboard on renovations by improving above what is appropriate for the surrounding homes and area can cost you.

Remodels and improvements can boost a ...Read more

Popular lunches from around the world

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Lunch looks different around the world. Cultural factors influence not only what foods make up a typical lunch, but how heavy the meal is. In many European countries, for example, lunch is the biggest meal of the day, while dinner and breakfast are often lighter. Local crops also hold significant sway when it comes to popular lunch options and ...Read more

5 costs to consider before leasing a car

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Leasing a car, an SUV, or a pick-up truck can be the perfect choice for many people. Monthly payments are often less than those for purchasing a vehicle, drivers can get a brand-new car every couple of years, and concluding the lease can be as simple as turning in the keys. But a number of costs and fees, not to mention the terminology, can ...Read more

An introduction to zero waste cooking

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Food waste in the United States has wide-reaching negative ramifications—on climate, health, and food security.

Countering this wasteful apex is a burgeoning global zero waste movement. The United States Environmental Protection Agency takes on zero waste by regulating product design—the quintessential tip of the iceberg. Products that ...Read more

Pandemic-era air travel in 5 charts

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In December 2020, when many would normally be traveling to make it home for the holidays, U.S. air travel was significantly down as we plunged into the first pandemic holiday season. Despite more than 1 million daily air travelers each day for three days over the weekend before Christmas—a record for the pandemic—overall,air travel in ...Read more

Year in review: 25 biggest songs of the year

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Louis Armstrong once famously said, “Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music? No matter what kind it is.” Whether rap, pop, country, or alternative, Armstrong was right—good music knows no genre. What matters is the way music makes us feel. The lyrics, the beat, the instrumentation, and the artists all come ...Read more

Year in review: 21 of the best new books in 2021

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In his 1994 novel “The New Life,” Turkish novelist and Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk writes, “I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.” A good book can not only change us, but it can make us laugh, cry, or fall in love with characters; it can whisk us to places and manifest worlds we can only imagine.

To bring you a list...Read more

Real estate trends to follow in 2022

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To say that the real estate market has shifted and evolved throughout the past year would be a slight understatement. Over the past 365 days, home prices have skyrocketed. Owners’ home values have climbed further and further upward. Competition for housing has been extremely stiff. Investors are snatching up properties in every market—large...Read more

Cities with the most retirees

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As most people get older, there's a tendency to seek relaxation, affordability, and an easier lifestyle. The best places to live, however, may not also be the best places to retire. An ideal retirement city doesn't just involve warm weather and living near the water. There are other factors to consider—quality health care, living amenities, ...Read more

What alcohol sales in 13 states reveal about drinking during COVID-19

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Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a heavy impact on all parts of life, from daily living and child care to social and alcohol behaviors. Many states across the U.S. changed their laws to allow “to-go” sales of alcoholic beverages from restaurants that weren’t previously allowed to do so. The National Institutes of Health (...Read more

5 major trends in multifamily real estate

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The pandemic has put a lot of strain on the housing market. Home purchase prices aremore expensive than ever, and most markets now have ashortage of inventorythat makes it tough to find a single or multifamily home at any price.

To identify what is helping to drive high demand for multifamily housing by investors and determine how this trend...Read more



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