Best counties for retirees in America

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There are more than 3,000 counties in the United States. So choosing the “perfect” one for retirement can be both exciting and stressful. The average American retires at age 62, but they’ve likely been exploring retirement options long before then.

Anyone planning retirement may decide that they want to live in the place they vacation...Read more

100 best rock albums of all time, according to critics

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Driven by the success of the Byrds and the Beatles, the mid-1960s saw rock-and-roll evolve from mere dance music for youth to abona fide form of art, according to Simon C. W. Reynolds, author of “Blissed Out: The Raptures of Rock.” The development of the genre not only helped it to be taken more seriously by music fans—it created the ...Read more

US surpasses 200,000 deaths: A timeline of COVID-19's spread

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COVID-19 has spread quickly around the world, causing nearly 1 million deaths and infecting more than 31 million people as of Sept. 18, 2020, according to Johns Hopkins' Coronavirus Resource Center. It’s already hard to remember life before COVID-19—but it was only nine months ago that a doctor in China sounded the alarm about a new ...Read more

Counties most vulnerable to COVID-19 in every state

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What creates vulnerability during a global pandemic? Why are certain populations more vulnerable than others? Since COVID-19 is a novel virus, meaning it is a virus that has not been recorded, there’s a learning curve for both doctors and scientists, and often this means that they learn as they go. This is what is happening with COVID-19. Its...Read more

A guide to the Bill of Rights and other constitutional amendments

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For more than a decade after the Revolutionary War, America was governed by the Articles of Confederation, which provided for only a weak and minimal federal government while allowing states to operate like individual countries. That was until 1787 in Philadelphia, when delegates of the Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution of the ...Read more

Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

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Passing the U.S. citizenship test is a vital step toward becoming an American citizen. To pass the civics portion of the naturalization test, an applicant must correctly answer six of up to 10 oral U.S. history and government-related questions administered by a U.S. citizen immigration services officer and gleaned from from a master list of 100...Read more

50 Black actors who made entertainment history

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Whether it’s a Hollywood film, prime-time television, Broadway, or another form of talent, Black people in the entertainment industry have worked to break barriers. While Black people make up 12.5% of Hollywood roles—a percentage close to a proportionate representation in the U.S.—many Black characters reinforce stereotypes and reflect ...Read more

Best artists in country

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Where do the best country music artists get their start? Many began singing or learning how to play an instrument as children, devoting their attention early on to the popular music of the rural South. Others segued into country music from different passions and found their way to the genre, singing or playing ballads and dance tunes on ...Read more

Top country song from the year you graduated high school

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The 55th Academy of Country Music Awards was set to air in April 2020, but in light of COVID-19, the ACM postponed the show until today, Sept. 16. In the face of crisis and uncertainty—and in this case, social isolation—nostalgia can bring comfort. Researchers have found that nostalgia boosts positive emotions, according to social ...Read more

US budget deficit the year you were born

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Politicians discuss the national deficit and debt on a regular basis. It’s important to know where these numbers fall, since they can help—or hinder—a president’s hopes for reelection. The national debt can also illustrate where the country stands financially, often reflecting the spending that may have shifted to ongoing wars, the ...Read more

50 best alien movies

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Humanity’s ideas of alien existence often says more about us than the little green men we envision. Our conception of life beyond Earth reflects our collective hopes and fears about the unknown and about technology, as well as our knowledge of the larger universe—which changes dramatically as time goes on.

No medium has more vividly ...Read more

How to understand COVID-19 case counts, positivity rates, and other numbers

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Many people have COVID-19 dashboards, which can serve as crucial resources for those following the pandemic. These dashboards pull statistics into one place and help to create visualizations of the disease's impact over time with charts and graphs. As fall starts, nine months into the COVID-19 pandemic, every state in the country and many major...Read more

Best hospitals in every state

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In February, NBC News revealed that nearly one in three Americans, or 33%, were worried about being able to afford their health care over the upcoming year. As the survey was completed right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, changing the employment status of millions as well as their access to health insurance, it’s logical ...Read more

Which state is this Jeopardy clue about?

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There are few game shows as revered as “Jeopardy!”—helmed by one of America's most-adored television personalities, Alex Trebek. Trebek took on hosting responsibilities forthe popular game show since 1984, two decades after the show's premiere. "Jeopardy!" is taped 46 days out of every year, with Trebek changing suits five times each of ...Read more

How long it takes 50 common items to decompose

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The phrase "ashes to ashes, dust to dust," comes from a common English Christian burial rite that includes the following King James Bible quote: "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

That's a fancy way of saying ...Read more

Can you answer these real Jeopardy questions about movies?

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Shouting out the answers to "Jeopardy!" questions from the comfort of a couch might be one of life's purest pleasures. Get one right, and you're grinning with pride and imagining yourself taking home a massive check as a "Jeopardy!" winner. If you don't know the answer, that's OK too—you still get to cheer on the brainiacs competing on the ...Read more

How long it takes to binge 'The Office,' 'Game of Thrones,' and 50 other famous TV shows

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Netflix pioneered binge-watching after spotting an “inefficiency” in the TV market, according to Business Insider. The media giant entered the streaming market in 2007, initially intending to continue focusing on movies, as it had nearly a decade prior when establishing itself as the world’s first online DVD rental store. However, Netflix...Read more

Iconic jerseys of the NFL then and now

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NFL jerseys are badges of honor among fans, who proudly rock their teams' colors every Sunday (or Monday and Thursday). Topping the NFL’s jersey sales list is akin to climbing atop the Billboard charts with a hit single, a signifier of popularity for the game’s top players. These charts also indicate when fan bases are hungry for a rebirth,...Read more

Can you name who said these 50 famous quotes?

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Americans habitually lean on quotes for self-expression. Quotes are used everywhere from memes and T-shirts to inspirational posters and billboard advertisements. It's understandable—why not seek inspiration in the grammatical prowess of Maya Angelou, the childlike whimsy of Dr. Seuss, or the inspired wonder of Albert Einstein to convey an ...Read more

100 best movie and TV soundtracks of all time

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The connection between visual media and music goes back to the dawn of cinema itself. Evenduring the silent era, there was a musician perched in the theater, playing deftly alongside the moving images. In the time since, movies or TV shows and music have formed a mutually beneficial relationship. One of the most famous examples: “My Heart ...Read more



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