10 traits you may not know can be tied to genetics

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Although the longstanding debate between nature versus nurture is often framed as one being dominant over the other, scientists today know it’s not that simple: Nature and nurture interact in complex ways. 

You probably already know that your parents and family history play a big role in determining your physical features, from the color ...Read more

History of online security, from CAPTCHA to multifactor authentication

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As more people have been moving their office work to remote computers, trying to hold secure meetings over technologies like Zoom from home or coffee shops is increasingly common. While some criminal activities like skimming your credit card at gas pumps may be falling out of fashion as fewer people commute every day, other activities, such as ...Read more

CPR can double or triple a person's chance of survival--here's how it was developed

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If you go into cardiac arrest outside of a hospital in the United States, your chances of surviving are not good: Some 70%–90% of people who experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrest die before reaching a hospital, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The American Heart Association reports that, on average, someone ...Read more

5 ways TikTok taps into online shopping--and more revenue--on its platform

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The creator economy is here, thanks to social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Now, businesses, brands, and influencers are taking to social media with its far-reaching and lucrative impact, while the e-commerce umbrella expands to include social media marketing and social commerce.

Just how lucrative is the creator ...Read more

6 methods scientists are exploring to slow aging

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Aging is one of the most significant risk factors for many diseases, including cancers and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s—and the older a person is, the more likely they are to have multiple chronic illnesses.

Diet and lifestyle choices are key ways to live longer; however, our family history can also play a role. “Our ...Read more

25 actors who produced their own movies

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Many of the most well-known actors and actresses wear more than one hat behind the scenes. In front of the camera, they might change the original script with ad-libbing or suggesting different lines for their character. Behind the screen, many have been known to take a bigger creative role. Sometimes an actor or actress simply believes in a ...Read more

14 of the most influential producers in film history

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Film producers are some of the most creative, business-minded contributors to the film industry, working their magic behind the scenes to make sure we’re entertained.

Many of us have heard of Hollywood’s heavyweight directors—the Steven Spielbergs and Martin Scorseses of the world—and of course, the actors in front of the camera take...Read more

How businesses are accelerating the growth of internet-connected smart devices

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The Internet of Things is a huge buzzword right now. The term refers to the use of devices that are connected to the internet, but without a traditional user input like on a computer or smartphone. Using news sources and reports by experts, IoT Secure collected information about how businesses are accelerating growth in the Internet of Things. ...Read more

What to know about the 5 kinds of fats

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When the American Heart Association issued its first recommendations in the late 1950s for a heart-healthy dietary lifestyle, they advised that reducing fat intake and overall caloric intake reduce the incidence of heart disease. But the guidelines didn’t recommend a low-fat diet for everyone.

As time went on, the critical and medical ...Read more

Richest producers in the world

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A film and television producer wears many hats. They find and launch projects; finance the whole endeavor; hire writers, directors, and other members of the creative team; and generally ensure all elements of the pre-production, production, and post-production run smoothly.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise then that many of the world’s most...Read more

15 actors who were extras before they were famous

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Before he was a leading man in Hollywood, Harrison Ford spent nearly 20 years as a struggling film and TV extra acquiring a slew of credited and uncredited roles. The self-ascribed “late bloomer” finally got his big break when he scored an audition with George Lucas for a part in 1973’s “American Graffiti.” A few years later he was ...Read more

10 vegan-themed episodes from popular food shows

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Before Emeril Lagasse, Gordon Ramsay, Martha Stewart, and Nigella Lawson made their names as television food stars, there was Betty Crocker.

The history of cooking and food shows began in 1924 began with the composite character created by consumer food producer General Mills. “The Betty Crocker Cooking School of the Air,” a radio show, ...Read more

What declining college enrollment means for the future of higher education

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, postsecondary school enrollment has declined by 938,000 students—that’s a 5% drop from fall 2019. From 2020 to 2021 alone, there were about 465,300 fewer undergraduate students who chose to attend college. Though it remains to be seen whether numbers will bounce back as campuses emerge from the...Read more

6 essential recruiting tips for small businesses

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Many companies throughout the United States are facing what’s become known as the “Great Resignation.” The pandemic gave employees a different perspective about what they wanted from their work lives. With so many people leaving their previous jobs, this means many companies are desperately looking to hire staff.

The Bureau of Labor ...Read more

Inside the chaotic, highly lucrative world of influencer marketing today

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Insider Intelligence forecasts that total influencer marketing spending in the U.S. will exceed $4 billion by the end of 2022. If true, this will represent a continuing upward trend—the total spend in 2021 hit $3.69 billion, itself an increase from 2020’s pandemic-affected $2.76 billion.

In recent years, influencer marketing has ...Read more

15 of the best production designers in film history

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When thinking of the visionaries behind some of the greatest films ever made, many people would likely envision their favorite directors, auteurs who have made an indelible mark on viewers through a uniquely cinematic combination of story, emotionality, and style. Others may imagine cinematographers, through whose lens and framing movies are ...Read more

25 of the most prolific film producers of the 20th century

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The average movie-going audience might be forgiven for not being able to name a given film’s producer, while still being able to rattle off the name of every actor and actress who performed in it. While actors are often the most visible creatives in cinema, it’s the producers who secure financing who often have the most creative control. ...Read more

Data: 1870 city populations

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Stacker transcribed city populations from the 1870 census. The data set can be downloaded on Github or data.world. 

Civil Divisions All ages Total All ages Male All ages Female 5 to 18 Male 5 to 18 Female 18 to 45 Male 21 and upward Male State County Eufaula 3185 1504 1618 470 511 585 701 ...Read more

5 ways to take the stress out of traveling for work

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Business travel is back on the rise, which means that whether you were a frequent flyer or just an occasional out-of-towner, you’re likely going to be hitting the road again. According to the U.S. Travel Association, companies are planning to spend more money on both domestic and international travel through 2025. This means roads, airplanes,...Read more

Most popular guard dog breeds

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Man’s best friend is a truly amazing animal.

Our dogs know so much about us. Not only do they learn to communicate with us without speaking, but dogs also have an uncanny ability to sense our moods. And that’s just as pets: Working dogs can be trained to perform even more incredible tasks, like guiding the blind, detecting bombs, ...Read more



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