Scooter Braun is retiring from music management after 23 years. What's next for him?

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Scooter Braun, who helped propel singers Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande to global stardom and famously feuded with Taylor Swift over the rights to her master recordings, is done being a music manager.

"After 23 years this chapter as a music manager has come to an end," Braun announced in a lengthy statement shared Monday on Instagram. He revealed that he is leaving managing behind to become chief executive of HYBE America, a subsidiary of BTS label owner HYBE. He also will serve as a board member for HYBE, which in 2021 merged with his Ithaca Holdings.

In his statement, Braun reminisced on beginning his career at 19 years old, the pinch-me moments that followed and the toll playing "an artist manager on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week" for "my entire adult life" had on his personal ambitions.

"But as my children got older, and my personal life took some hits," he said, "I came to the realization that my kids were 3 superstars I wasn't willing to lose. The sacrifices I was once willing to make I could no longer justify. It was time to step into a new role."

The decision to become CEO of HYBE America and leave managing behind had been in the works for the past two years, he said. Braun, 42, said he found inspiration to embark on a new chapter after "one of my biggest clients and friends" — whom he did not name — decided to "go in a new direction." For Braun, that was "a sign."

Amid this transition, Braun said he has grown closer with HYBE chairman Bang Si-Hyuk, who he said understands what Braun wants to be in this next chapter.

"And that is a father first, a CEO second, and a manager no more," he said in his post, shared a day after Father's Day.

Braun reflected on his roster of collaborators, including Grammy winners Tori Kelly, David Guetta, Kanye "Ye" West and Usher. Other collaborators include rapper Lil Dicky, Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen, Quavo, Dan + Shay and the Black Eyed Peas. According to his missive, Braun will always have a soft spot for early clients Bieber and Grande, who kicked off their careers in their teens.


"To see them both come up to be the legends they are today will forever be one of my greatest honors," he said, before adding that he will continue to root for the signers. He expressed similar support for the other artists who have come his way.

He added: "Every client I have had the privilege of working with has changed my life, and I know many of them are just beginning to see the success they deserve. I will cheer for every single one of them."

He clarified that his Scooter Braun Projects is here to stay, now under the leadership of presidents Allison Kaye and Jennifer McDaniels. Braun also teased to more growth at HYBE and collaborations with K-pop acts including BTS singer Jungkook and groups NewJeans, Le Sserafim, Seventeen "and many other new artists and ventures."

Braun concluded his statement sharing wisdom from recording exec Berry Gordy: "It never ends the way you wanted, but it doesn't mean it didn't happen."

Braun added, "That wisdom has proven to be correct. I never saw how this chapter would end, hell, I never even saw it happening. But it did. And I will cherish every moment of it. I made my plan… but it turns out I like God's plan better. Cheers!"


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