Rock icon Dale Bozzio talks Prince marriage proposal, hanging with Frank Zappa

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A: Is that so funny or what? I keep looking on Hollywood signing things to try and find him, because I want to call up and say, “Henry, it’s me! Don’t you know what happened? I disappeared because I fell out a window.”

I was dating Henry. We were so cool together. And all of a sudden I disappeared — and he never even cared to find out where I went or what happened to me. I fell out a window and totally forgot about everybody.

Q: Prince was important enough to you that he’s in the book’s title. What was it like dating Prince?

A: It was a big secret. He was secretive about everything he did. And who knows what else he did that we don’t even know about? He was the master of disguise. He was a genius. I am very used to geniuses and how they are awkward and strange.

I don’t want anyone to misjudge him. I know the world loves him. And it’s important to keep it that way.

Q: I had no idea Prince was a Missing Persons fan.

A: That’s how this happened. When he invited me to his house, he played an 8-track for me for eight hours of Missing Persons music. He was originally a drummer, so he loved Terry Bozzio. And he knew my timing was precise. He could tell immediately.


Our relationship was cryptic. He wasn’t very touchy-feely-huggy. Oh, no, no, no.

He asked me to marry him and I said no, I just couldn’t do it. I was taking care of Dale. I was a young girl, looking for fame and fortune. I wasn’t going to give it up to wash his dishes.

Q: If you had said yes, do you think that would’ve indeed been your life — washing Prince’s dishes?

A: Well, I’m an Italian. I do that. I love to cook and clean and take care of things. So I would have been making sure that things were right and clean — and yes, pasta!


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