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Disgraced celebrity chef Mario Batali has been found not guilty of sexual misconduct. The judge felt the plaintiff was not credible. It was kind of like blaming the victim. Batali rose to fame as one of the chefs on "The Chew." Michael Symon, who is squeaky-clean, was another co-host. Say what you will but there is one nasty truth that even Batali cannot deny: He stole tips from his underpaid servers. Servers survive on tips.

Steve Burton went on his podcast with Bradford Anderson to reveal he is playing scumbag Harris on the "Days of Our Lives" reboot "Beyond Salem" airing July 21-25. It was his first daytime role. He won several acting Emmys for his work on "General Hospital." (He was also Jason and Dylan on "The Young and the Restless.") Burton says revisiting his ne'er-do-well "Days" character has been fun. His axing from "GH" for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine has created havoc on the show. Jason was central to every character and storyline. Neither Burton's departure from the show nor his separation from wife Sheere was mentioned on the podcast. Burton was stunned when she went on social media to reveal she was pregnant with her fourth child, and Steve was not the father. Sadly, Burton's truth is better than anything "GH" is now airing. The biggest problem is not being invested in most of the characters they are pushing. Not the actors. They get what they get and do their best. Sasha, Brando, Dex -- not feeling it.

Everyone loves Xander on "Days." But not everyone. Paul Telfer, who plays him, has suggested on posts he finds the bad guy trying to be a good guy repugnant. He loves his real wife, Broadway star Carmen Cusack, to the moon and beyond. She has been nominated for her second Tony Award. Look at the YouTube clip of her roleplaying Clare Boothe Luce. Cusack makes all the right moves. Her notes are pitch-perfect, as her real-life marriage seems to be.

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke on "The Bold and the Beautiful") took a nasty fall of her horse. Lange is so amazing in so many ways. The love and care of her animals is paramount. While out riding, her steed threw her over. The result: three broken bones in her ankle and surgery. Lang was pretty much glued together with nuts and bolts. There are several amazing things at play. Without hair and makeup and wearing an oxygen mask, she still looks stunning. She cannot wait to get back in her "B&B" saddle. Lang is not the only soap star to get dumped by her steed. Leslie Charleson (Monica on "GH") had the same fate. After her bone-breaking tumble, she returned to the show. She had a limp but she worked around it.



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