The hottest NYC musical focuses on an unlikely hero from South Jersey

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Both the institute and the musical try to avoid sugarcoating Paul’s actions. “She did incredible work as a flawed human being, and that means we can, too,” said Alyssa Hunt, API’s program director.

A key part of the institute’s mission is to help young people — girls as well youngsters who identify as nonbinary and transgender — discover and appreciate their own leadership qualities,” according to assistant executive director Rupisan.

Like Paul, they see a lot of needed change in their world.

“They’re looking for tools to navigate this very polarized society right now, and they have very strong opinions on how we should move forward,” Rupisan said. “We’re trying to provide the tools for them to be able to say, ‘These are what my values are, and this is how I stand strong in them.’ ”

Shaina Taub said one of her goals in creating "Suffs" was opening young minds and hearts.

“By telling suffrage stories, I hope to inspire the next generation to both dig up the hidden histories of our country and to take action themselves for progress and equality,” she said.


“I want a new generation of girls and kids to grow up playing Inez Milholland and Ida B. Wells and Alice Paul in their school play and getting excited about history, art, and activism in the process.”

Holly Gould, Taub’s standby in the "Suffs" role of Alice Paul, said she’s really enjoyed the kids who come to the Public Theater’s stage door after performances. They seem jazzed by what they’ve learned.

“They are like, ‘I didn’t know this happened and I feel really fired about this thing.’ They look very excited,” Gould said. “They look very much like they’re going to go out and change the world.”

Girls changing the world? Alice Paul would have liked that.


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