If You Like Your Job, Check This Box. (Also, Your Brain.)

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You'll never believe it! According to a Washington Post-Ipsos poll of 1,148 workers ages 18 to 64, about 8 in 10 workers are satisfied with their jobs.

That leaves 2 out of 10 who see things clearly. If you don't know the other disgruntled malcontent in your office, better seek them out. You have a lot in common.

In other results, the number crunchers report that 6 out of 10 workers say their work is stressful. This is a hopeful sign for management. All that is required to put their workers into a state of panic is a further increase in irrational initiatives, unreachable deadlines and random firings. It may not be easy to drive the entire workforce to the edge, but it's definitely worth the effort.

What other useful intel can we glean from the poll? Let's drill down -- shall we? There must be a few pockets of workplace decay you can use to your advantage.

No. 1: Roughly 4 in 10 workers say their jobs can be done from home

Unfortunately, the number of managers who agree was not polled, but I think we know the answer -- 0 out of 10. Exactly.


The desire for managers to keep their direct reports close at hand is well documented, which explains the alarming number of demented souls haunting your workplace. "Cutting out commutes is the biggest driver for remote work," the poll reveals, which makes no sense. Who doesn't enjoy wasting precious hours of their life every morning riding on a crowded bus or sitting on a congested freeway, just for the privilege of doing it all over again at the end of the day?

The poll also reports that a "slim majority" of workers say they can focus better at home, which suggests these people need stronger glasses or bigger television sets. Anyone who can focus on quarterly sales results while Bravo is showing a "Vanderpump Rules" marathon is beyond me. (Speaking personally, I'll never forgive Tom. You?)

No. 2: When asked to rank the most important factors in a job, 45% put pay in the top spot.

From this result, I believe we can safely conclude that the remaining 55% are irredeemably bonkers.


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