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Rainy day on Maui? Here are 5 great things to do beyond the beach

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MAUI, Hawaii -- So you came all this way and, oh, it's raining. Hey, you're still on Maui. Are you really going to get all cranky?

Often you can drive a few miles -- or wait 10 minutes -- and you'll have sunshine again.

But there are days when spongy gray clouds cover the whole island and it's not the beach weather you'd bargained for.

"We've...Read more

Strasbourg: The bicultural crossroads of Europe

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Nestled on the Rhine across the border from Germany, Strasbourg offers your best chance to experience the urban side of France's Alsace region. Each time I walk its people-friendly streets, I'm struck by how progressive and livable the city feels, with generous space devoted to pedestrians and bikes, sleek trams and meandering waterways. With ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Terry Crews

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Terry Crews is many things: Actor ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine"), furniture designer, artist, Old Spice spokesman and former NFL player. But the achievement he's most proud of these days is raising his voice on behalf of the #MeToo Movement. TIME magazine recognized him as one of the Silence Breakers in its Person of the Year cover this past winter. For...Read more

Around the World: Colorado’s Natural Rocky Mountain High

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Colorado is America’s rooftop, the state that gives you a natural Rocky Mountain high based on
crisp fresh air and clean outdoor fun.

The state’s average altitude is 6,800 feet, and it’s home to 32 of the nation’s highest mountains. Mt Elbert, at 14,431 feet, is Colorado’s highest.

But, Pike’s ...Read more

Around the World: Amsterdam Big Three Must See Art Museums

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Amsterdam’s rich collection of museums has made this city an epicenter for the arts and culture for centuries. The tradition of honoring the arts and culture continues today throughout Amsterdam where the tourists comb the city to see treasured masterpieces on display in some of the world’s finest museums.
The city currently ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Traveling greener in honor of Earth Day

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Got your reusable water bottle?

In honor of Earth Day (Sunday, April 22), let's remember how easy it is to do your bit to help end plastic pollution when you are traveling -- and teach the kids a lesson in the process.

You can download a homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2069239">Read more

Finding the aloha spirit in three Hawaiian Islands

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The Hawaiian Islands hold a special, almost mystical, appeal for many mainland Americans and Asian visitors, myself included. Recently I traveled to Oahu, the Big Island and Kauai to see which island I liked best, and to discover new places to stay and activities not to be missed.

I began my odyssey in Oahu, the most well-known and populous ...Read more

As he hangs up his hat, Seattle Times travel editor names Top 10 trips

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Over my 20-year career writing travel stories for The Seattle Times, a question I've fielded (happily, I should say) when meeting someone for the first time was almost as predictable as the number of pretzels I got flying Coach: What's been my favorite trip?

I usually fudged. Prettiest place? Nicest people? Most fun? Educational? How does one ...Read more

Lake Geneva: Switzerland's Riviera

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In the southwest corner of Switzerland, Lake Geneva separates France and Switzerland with a serene beauty. A collage of castles, museums, resort towns and vineyards, this region merits a few days of exploration, though you can get a swift overview of its highlights even in a day.

Last summer I took time to relax and enjoy the tranquil and ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With San E

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For hip-hop artist San E (born San Jung), the decade he spent living in the United States made a huge impact on his music. "I didn't really know what hip-hop and rap was when I was in (South) Korea," he says. "And then I moved to Atlanta when I was in middle school and just naturally started paying attention to it, because it was everywhere. I ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Making the most of visiting the Smithsonian with kids this spring

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Are you ready to reach out and touch the moon? Well, a little piece of it anyway -- at the National Air and Space Museum, the most popular of the Smithsonian’s 19 museums and which, incidentally, is the world's largest museum, research and education complex. Maybe you want to see the new portraits of President...Read more

Europe's emigration museums: Remembering the long goodbye

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Every year millions of Americans visit Ellis Island, where their ancestors may have arrived from "the old country." But Europe has many excellent "Ellis Islands in reverse" -- museums at the places where millions said goodbye to the land of their birth.

Is there anything more poignant than a person willing to sacrifice everything in pursuit of ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Clark Moore

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In the hit film "Love, Simon," Clark Moore plays a high school student named Ethan, who -- unlike the titular character -- is out and self-aware of his sexuality. Clark, who grew up in Atlanta and currently resides in Los Angeles, says that every time he leaves Los Angeles, he "flirts with the idea of moving. I found myself looking at apartment ...Read more

Around the World: Kids’ Museums Aren’t Just for Kids

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Children’s museums across the nation offer an astonishing array of excellent and entertaining interactive and hands-on exhibitions about scientific phenomena, vastly varied cultures and historical events are designed to educate and stimulate kids’ imaginations. The really good news is that they’re fun for kids of all ages. You can ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Making the most out of a national park visit

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The kids are climbing up a 32-foot-tall ladder, squeezing through a tunnel and checking out centuries-old toeholds carved into the sandstone.

We're at Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado, a treasure trove of nearly 5,000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings where ...Read more

Avocados, okra, wine: some of this traveler's favorite souvenirs

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I was on the hunt for the perfect souvenir.

Standing over a collection of gorgeous specimens, I knew just what I was looking for: something smooth and flawless. I wasn't perusing a high-end boutique or rifling through antiques; I was staring into a bin of beautiful avocados. And for less than a dollar apiece? I couldn't think of anything I'd ...Read more

Around the World: Denmark’s Legoland is Still An Original!

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No matter where you live, LEGO is probably part of your home life. It’s hard to imagine that anyone hasn’t experienced the entertaining pursuit of playing architect or engineer with those colorful little plastic blocks. And miniature replicas of landmark tourist attractions are often the result.

It’s quite natural for ...Read more

Hosteling: Great for 'youths' of any age

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Many travelers wonder: "Youth hosteling ... can we still do that?" You can: Many hostels are filled with travelers well past their 20s -- and age cutoffs are generally a thing of the past. Even the International Youth Hostel Federation has removed the word "youth" from its name and is now known as Hostelling International (HI). If you're alive, ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Maks Chmerkovskiy

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Maks Chmerkovskiy is well-known to "Dancing with the Stars" fans for his innovative choreography and dance skills. But even as a charismatic teen, he had fans, who would line up to get his autograph after dance competitions. "One of the things I love about dance is that it has given me the opportunity to see the world," says Chmerkovskiy, who ...Read more

This way to Carnegie Hall

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NEW YORK -- Tine Thing Helseth, a 30-year-old Norwegian trumpeter, had just made her Carnegie Hall main stage debut with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Now she stood center stage, applause resounding around her, a surprise up her sleeve.

Instead of raising her trumpet for an encore, she started singing, no microphone, no accompaniment.

The ...Read more