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Taking the Kids: Going away for Thanksgiving

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Every year the four Houston grandkids look forward to their "confidential dinners" Thanksgiving week just with their grandfather.

"That's because anything they tell him he will never tell us," explains Jennifer Houston, whose father-in-law, John Houston, hosts the dinners with the four teens and the entire family ...Read more

Finding peace along Oregon's wild coast

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The twilight was deepening to periwinkle and a mist thickening off the Pacific as I pulled onto the one-block waterfront in Bandon, Ore. Lonely Planet had recommended a budget guesthouse across the street from the beach in the town.

It was late January, the offseason, and I hadn't bothered to call ahead, sure there would be an available room. ...Read more

The Danube's Big Three: Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest

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Strung along the Danube River, three capital cities -- Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest -- make up a triangle of enjoyable urbanity at the heart of central Europe. Each of these capital cities shares a common Habsburg history, and thanks to their proximity -- only one or two hours apart by train -- combining all three into one trip is a breeze. ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Diana Panton

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Jazz vocalist Diana Panton says that when people ask her for travel tips, she recommends visiting Portugal. "I was impressed with the affordability (there)," says the Canadian musician. "It's a great place to go on a budget. There's lots of interesting architecture, history, tasty food and natural landscapes at a fraction of the price of most ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Sun, sand and adventure in beautiful Belize

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There they go! At least seven nurse sharks, some 10-foot long, trailed by a baby. There's a giant Southern Ray moseying along, a school of horse-eyed jacks with their distinctive big eyes and the beautiful blue and black Tang fish.

Wow! We are in the Hol Chan Marine Preserve located just inside a huge...Read more

Much more than a tropical paradise: This new travel guide will 'decolonize' the way you look at Hawaii

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HONOLULU -- Two thousand miles from the continental United States sits a chain of islands known for their tropical climes, natural beauty and geographical diversity. From mountains and active volcanoes to gorgeous postcard-perfect beaches, visiting Hawaii continues to be one of the most popular trips for U.S. travelers every year.

But for most ...Read more

Miami is the sexiest city in the world, and this travel website tells us why

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It's nothing new for Miami to land on one of these lists, but admit it, when a travel website names The Magic City the sexiest city in the world, you want them to show their work.

Well, in ranking Miami No. 1 in a study that posted last week, the site Big 7 Travel says it took into account these factors:

-- Statistics for the cities having the...Read more

Tranquil Tomar is a break from Portugal's tourist tumult

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With a rich culture, friendly people, affordable prices, and a salty setting on the edge of Europe, Portugal understandably makes a rewarding destination for travelers. Bustling Lisbon and the sunny Algarve coast are well known to tourists (for good reason), but quieter places also offer tantalizing tastes of Portuguese flavor.

About 90 miles ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Siobhan Fahey of Shakespears Sister

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Siobhan Fahey played her first overseas concert in 1983, when she was part of the trio Bananarama. "It was a weird, impromptu appearance by Bananarama in New York supporting Steel Pulse," says the Irish-born musician. "(It was) the wrong audience for us -- irreverent punky club kids that we were. It utterly confused the crowd -- and us. (It was)...Read more

Around the World: Frequent Traveler Rituals That Can Help You!

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You may be surprised, but there’s no need for you to be alarmed if the woman seated next to you on the plane pulls a small plastic container from her handbag, squeezes some gel on to a paper towel and begins to wipe down her seat, the armrests and the fold down table that’s fitted into the seat in front of hers.

The gel is...Read more

Around the World: Head to the Northeast’s Haunted Places for Halloween

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With Halloween fast approaching, celebrants who crave more than trick and treat are contemplating titillating adventures to haunted places for thrilling ghost encounters.
Although the presence of paranormal phenomena is not restricted to the period around Halloween, the bewitching holiday is the most popular time of year for...Read more

Taking the Kids: Ten ways to savor fall before it's gone

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Can you taste those juicy apples you've just picked with the kids? See all the fall colors from a bicycle seat? Try to beat your kids out of the giant corn maze? You gotta love fall!

Sure you're busy with work and the kids' never-ending activities, but there are so many fun things to do! Make some time. Remember, the kids are only four or six ...Read more

Aroiund the World: Managing the Extra Costs of Holiday Travel

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Whether you holiday agenda includes visiting family and friends or escaping from them, make your reservations as far in advance as possible to optimum schedules and routing -- and to score better prices.

But, if you’re traveling on a budget, beware of hidden charges for services and amenities that are not covered in your ...Read more

An Appalachian Eden for apples thrives in North Carolina's Henderson County

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When Eve risked plucking that first apple, it didn't turn out so well. But when farmers in Henderson County, N.C., risked their livelihood on apples, they created a veritable Eden.

It was a calculated risk, based on intimate knowledge of the land developed over generations of working family farms. With its mountainous terrain, warm days and ...Read more

8 underrated fall destinations around the world

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Planning a fall getaway? While New England states such as Maine and Vermont may come to mind first, thanks to their stunning foliage, apple orchards and pumpkin patches, there are plenty of places that make for a stellar visit in the fall months. Whether you're looking for fall foliage, Oktoberfest celebrations or simply an affordable trip, we'...Read more

Europe's dead still speak to the living

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With Halloween and All Souls' Day approaching, I'd like to spook you with some of my favorite European cemeteries and crypts. Over the years, I've popped into a lot of burial grounds -- some peaceful and scenic, some eerie and evocative -- with all revealing compelling stories of the past. Some high-profile places -...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With mxmtoon

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Like other young female musicians such as H.E.R. and Billie Eilish, mxmtoon is making her mark as a singer-songwriter. Her debut album, "the masquerade," is out and the 19-year-old artist hosts a podcast called "21 Days," which gives fans insight into her life and her work process. Based out of Oakland, California, mxmtoon says traveling so much...Read more

Taking the Kids: Continuing the discussion about climate change

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The kids have got it right. "We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth," Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, 16, angrily told the United Nations General Assembly in New York during the ...Read more

Around the World: Escape to the Wilds of Las Vegas

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The Vegas Strip is so bedazzled with bright lights that you can actually see it from outer space.

Otherwise known as Las Vegas Boulevard, the Strip is a galactically alluring destination, a place of pure fantasy, glamour, and high concept real estate that suggests you can with a few steps transport yourself from an ancient ...Read more

Inside Southern California's glorious Huntington Library and gardens

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So it seems that railroad magnate Henry E. Huntington and his wife, Arabella, were basically hoarders. And I mean that in the best sense of the word.

Way back in the day -- during the so-called Gilded Age -- the couple habitually collected rare books, glorious pieces of fine art and distinctive botanical specimens. They could not be stopped. ...Read more