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Man captures video of tree-top battle for lynx mating

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(UPI) A Canadian photographer stopped on a logging road to capture video of an "epic" scene: A female lynx fighting off an unwanted mating attempt at the top of a tree.

Amos Wiebe said he was driving Wednesday evening on a logging road near Grand Prairie, Alberta, when he spotted the two felines scrapping about 100 feet up a tree.

Wiebe said ...Read more

My Pet World: Cats can be distracted and redirected toward better behavior too

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Dear Cathy,

I have a four-year-old American short-hair female cat. I got her at 8 weeks old from a friend. The problem is, she scratches my upholstered furniture and rugs. She only does it when I am in the room. I have tried sprays, tape and correcting with a spritz of water. I have various scratching posts, which she is not interested in, even...Read more

Talking dogs: How do you get your dog to like bathing at home?

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Maria has written in about her Cocker spaniel, Molly. It seems that, although Molly loves to swim in the pool, she detests getting a bath. Maria bathes Molly herself, in the bathtub, every few weeks. Molly's behavior has worsened over time, to the point that it has now become a bathing battle that Maria feels she is losing.

Not to worry, Maria....Read more

Does this cat have nine lives? Probably not — but it will land on its feet

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Q: How and when did someone ever come up with the notion that "a cat has nine lives"?

-- Patricia Porter

A: Among my dozens of cat T-shirts is one that has a golden puss on a pedestal with a message that starts: "The Ancient Egyptians Worshipped Cats as Gods."

Then, thinking of every cat's supposed finickiness, it adds snidely, "Cats Have ...Read more

Coyote chases car in California desert

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(UPI) A traveler on a stretch of road in a California desert captured video of a wild coyote chasing their vehicle at a high speed.

The video, captured Wednesday, shows the vehicle traveling on a road through Death Valley while the coyote runs close behind.

The filmer said the animal appeared to be looking for food.

"At first when he was in ...Read more

'Found! Fresno rallies to bring home Steve the pit bull. 'Love won today'

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A search for a lost and much-beloved pit bull named Steve ended happily Friday, March 23 nearly a week after the dog disappeared from his central Fresno home.

An emotional plea by Steve's owner, Nicholas Dodson, for his dog's safe return was answered after his message was shared on Facebook nearly 12,000 times since the prior Tuesday evening.

...Read more

Bobcat captured aboard Pittsburgh sight-seeing boat

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(UPI) Animal control officers in Pittsburgh were filmed conducting a capture during a highly unusual call -- a bobcat that somehow ended up on a sightseeing boat.

Crew members on the Empress, a sightseeing boat with the Gateway Clipper Fleet, were conducting their inspection before passenger boarding started for the day Sunday when they spotted...Read more

Are robot cars safer? Only one way to find out

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SAN FRANCISCO -- As long as robot cars roam public streets and highways, they will occasionally kill people. That's an ugly truth that no one in the driverless vehicle industry can deny.

Will those robot cars kill people at significantly lower rates than drunk, stoned, tired or distracted human drivers do now? Automakers, technology companies, ...Read more

My Pet World: Got allergies around a rabbit? Look at the rabbit's food, first

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Dear Cathy,

I just read your piece on adopting rabbits. Another issue worth mentioning, which my family encountered is allergies to Timothy Hay. My husband had to wear arm-length rubber gloves when handling the hay, and the dust kept us sneezing. Rabbits eat a ton of hay, so if you're sensitive to it, think twice. -- Chris, Manhasset, NY

Dear ...Read more

'Puppies' rescued by firefighters found to be red fox kits

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(UPI) Colorado Springs firefighters said they were surprised to learn that the littler of "puppies" they rescued from a storm drain were actually baby foxes.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department tweeted photos showing firefighters fishing what were initially thought to be abandoned puppies out of a storm drain near the closed St. Francis ...Read more

Lost cat returns home 14 years after hurricane

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(UPI) A Florida man whose cat disappeared in the aftermath of a 2004 hurricane has been reunited with his beloved pet 14 years later.

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast said in a Facebook post that the cat was found as a stray late last week and officials discovered he had a microchip with his owner's information.

Perry Martin said he ...Read more

Talking dogs: Chubby pup? Bad nighttime routine? Trainer has answers

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Q: My dog Ruben was recently labeled as 'fat' by a well-meaning friend and dog lover. My vet has never mentioned a weight problem, and I feed Ruben the recommended amount of food as noted on the back of the bag, but now that I look at him, maybe he is a little portly.

-- Tom

A: My first recommendation for you, Tom, is to specifically ask your ...Read more

Cat has first dibs on the buffet

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Dear Amy: My husband and I are friends with a couple-- "Rose and Jack," who enjoy entertaining in their home.

Here is the problem: Jack and Rose have a beloved cat that has the run of the house, including tables and countertops, as well as the kitchen sink. This has always made my husband and me uncomfortable, but it does seem to be typical cat...Read more

My Pet World: Tips for getting dogs to pee outside and cats to pee inside

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Dear Cathy,

During wintery weather, our 14-year-old, 10-pound female Chihuahua mix dog doesn't want to go outside. Normally, we go for walks two to three times daily to take care of her toileting needs. Because of the snow and cold weather, however, she refuses to have bowel movements (BMs) outside and will wait almost the entire day to urinate...Read more

Parkland survivors discuss gun control

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SUNRISE, Fla. -- Frustration resounded in the voices of many who attended a gun-violence panel discussion hosted by U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Monday morning in her Sunrise office.

"I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I had to hide behind desks and hold the hands of my classmates, shaking and praying, hearing the gunshots outside ...Read more

After 10 years, $3 billion and several deaths, railways set to miss safety deadline — again

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WASHINGTON -- Better late than never. But still not enough.

A major U.S. rail transportation watchdog said Thursday that progress on rail safety is welcomed albeit tardy by years.

"My boss worked in aviation for years, and he's been scratching his head at how this industry functions with the government," said Sean Jeans-Gail, vice president of...Read more

My Pet World: Five questions to ask before adopting a rabbit

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The description on the website reads: "Alana and Andrina are a bonded pair. They must be adopted together. They are somewhat shy ... and are very sweet and playful. They are litter trained (excellent litter box habits) and neutered. Prefer experienced adopter. Indoor housing only."

While this sounds like a description for two cats or kittens, ...Read more

My Pet World: Help for dogs who swallow inanimate objects

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Dear Cathy,

We have a 1 1/2-year-old beagle mix that we rescued. We got her around 6 months old. She is adorable, loving and gets along well with our 7-year-old lab pit mix that we also rescued as a pup.

Our problem started when we began crate training her. She ripped everything and anything we put in the crate -- pillows, blankets and towels ...Read more

My Pet World: Helping a traumatized cat trust his environment again

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Dear Cathy,

After seven months missing, our indoor cat was found by a neighbor. The poor cat suffered through below zero temperatures. We are assuming he lived in a garage or barn. Our neighbors were not aware our cat was missing. They found him eating out of one of their cat dishes in the middle of the night. They trapped the cat and brought ...Read more

My Pet World: What to do when a cat licks and chews clothing

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Dear Cathy,

I have a rescue kitten that was born June 2017. He was picked up on a freeway underpass. He weighed about 1-1/2 pounds and was 5 to 6 weeks old. I adopted him in July. He is thriving and uses the litter box, but he "eats" clothing. He started with shoe laces. He chewed the laces off my husband's shoes while my husband...Read more