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WATCH: Kitten rescued from New Jersey storm drain


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(UPI) Animal control officers and public works employees in New Jersey came to the rescue of a kitten found trapped in a storm drain.

The Somerset Regional Animal Shelter said in a Facebook post that Animal Control Officer Jess Ostrowski rushed into action Sunday night when a kitten was reported trapped in a storm drain on Sunny Slope Road in Bridgewater.

Ostrowski ended up calling for backup and Animal Control Officer Karen Fisch responded alongside Bridgewater Department of Public Works employees.

The rescuers initially attempted to lure the kitten into a baited trap.

"We figured the kitten would go into the trap. Instead, we came back in the morning to find her sitting on top of the trap screaming at the top of its lungs," Ostrowski told Patch.


The team then managed to capture the kitten by lowering a net with food on top of it.

The kitten, dubbed Stormy in honor of where she was found, was taken back to the shelter.

"She is doing great today. Now that she is back in the shelter she is not dehydrated, her eyes are cleaned up and her vaccines were given," Ostrowski said.

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