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Thanksgiving with your pup: Safety tips for your dog this holiday season

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As Thanksgiving approaches, we are all busy planning and prepping each dish. However, it is important to be vigilant about this much food around your pup when you may not be able to give them your full, undivided attention. This leaves room for your dog to sneak food off the table while you are not looking. The danger is that certain human foods can be toxic to your dog and sometimes even fatal. It is important to take extra precautions this holiday season to ensure your dog does not get their paws on your food.

The American Kennel Club offers the following tips to keep your four-legged friend safe during this holiday.

Leave food out of sight. Be sure to keep an eye on your dinner table during Thanksgiving and put all leftovers away. Any lingering food can tempt your dog to grab it from off the table.

Avoid feeding your pup table scraps. Those puppy dog eyes can be very tempting and hard to avoid when they are asking for scraps however, it is best to avoid doing so. While a small piece of turkey as a treat may be OK, many foods such as stuffing, pies, cookies and other foods will not agree well with your dog’s stomach. Be sure to remind your guests not to feed your dog from the table as well.

Not all bones are safe. You may be tempted to share bones off your plate with your pup, but it is best to avoid doing so. Turkey bones are a serious choking hazard for your dog and can lead to an emergency trip to the veterinarian.


Take the garbage out. Make sure that the garbage is disposed of right away to avoid the risk of your dog getting in and eating a risky item.

Create a comfortable environment. In the case you are hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner at your home, remember that not every dog is comfortable being around large groups of people. And your guests may be afraid of being around your dog. To keep everyone, including your dog, comfortable and safe, you may want to keep your pup in a separate room or even in their crate to avoid any mishaps.

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