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The AKC shares tips for keeping your pup entertained indoors

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Winter can seem endless, especially when you are cooped inside with your dog. Even indoors, there are still activities you and your dog can do together to keep your pup physically exercised and mentally stimulated. The American Kennel Club offers the following tips for staying engaged during the winter months.

Treat scavenger hunt. To send your dog on an adventure around the house, hide treats around your home to put his nose to work to find the hidden treasure.

Improve obedience skills. If your pup has the basic obedience commands down, consider enrolling him in an intermediate or more advanced course to teach him new skills. Focusing while in a group setting and working with his owner can benefit a dog of any age.

Interactive toys. Mental stimulation is especially important and interactive toys are a great way to sharpen your pet’s mind. Because these toys usually involve hidden treats in an object, there are rewards involved too. There is skill required to figure out how the toy works to get to the treat.

Create an obstacle course. Using common household items and making the course as simple or as challenging as you see fit, build an obstacle course for your dog. Broken down boxes are good to crawl through, chairs can be set up to weave through, and a stack of books can be a jump for your pup.


Play a game of indoor fetch. Indoor fetch is a terrific way to keep your dog entertained; it works best in a long hallway or on stairs, and it’s safer on surfaces like carpet or something that has good grip. Be sure to clear away fragile or unsafe items first, then find a ball and start tossing.

Watch TV with your pup. It’s always easy to spend quality time with your dog while watching TV together and it’s always fun to see what your dog might enjoy watching. If you’re looking for a network for dog lovers, check out!

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