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Arizona dog's tongue dubbed the longest in the world by Guinness World Records


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(UPI) An Arizona dog whose tongue is 3.74 inches longer than his snout was awarded the Guinness World Record for longest tongue on a living dog.

The 3-year-old English setter, named Bisbee, was awarded the title after his owners, Tucson residents Jay and Ericka Johnson, decided to have the canine's tongue measured by a veterinarian.

The couple adopted Bisbee as a puppy at a charity auction and quickly noticed his unusually long tongue.

"He just looked really disproportionate," Ericka Johnson told GWR.

Jay Johnson said he initially didn't see Bisbee's tongue as all that unusual.


"I thought it was relatively normal, but she took it upon herself to prove me wrong and had his tongue measured and lo and behold he's got a long, long tongue," he said.

GWR said the record requires the canine's tongue to be measured from the tip of the snout, and Bisbee's tongue was measured at a record-breaking 3.74 inches.

The longest tongue on a dog ever belonged to a Michigan boxer named Brandy. Brandy's tongue measured 17 inches long before her death in 2002.

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