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Seattle-area chefs on what to splurge/save on in the kitchen

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Same for vegetable peelers. "Don't buy the fancy, expensive ones, get the multicolored cheaper ones," says Brian Clevenger, chef and owner of General Harvest Restaurants.

Everyone agreed that you should always splurge on high-quality ingredients.

"I'd rather pay the money to local butchers, farmers and producers, and love filling my pantry with quality spices," says Rupee Bar chef Sarah Monson.

Here are other saves and splurges these chefs and restaurateurs suggest you keep an eye out for the next time you're looking to switch things up in the kitchen. Responses have been slightly edited for clarity.

Where to save

Cast-iron pots


While you can spend a ton of money on beautiful enameled cast-iron cookware like Le Creuset, less-expensive brands such as Lodge offer relatively similar cooking performance at a fraction of the cost. Their cast-iron products come pre-seasoned, are oven-safe and will last forever if you take care of them properly.

— Kinga Borkowski, chef and owner, Good Morning


My No. 1 gadget is definitely my coffee machine! I currently use a Mr. Coffee with a simple on and off switch. If am looking for something more than just drip, I'll leave it to the professionals, also a simple milk frother will help you enhance your favorite latte.


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