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How to personalize an iconic Airstream

By Patricia Sheridan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on

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PITTSBURG - The COVID-19 era has created a growing niche for interior decorators who are willing to take on recreational vehicles. With more and more people interested in traveling in these virus-free campers, the iconic Airstream is seeing a resurgence in popularity.

A new Airstream will set you back more than $157,000, so it might be worth redoing the interior of your old model. California designer Rachel Moriarty was hired to personalize a client's brand-new Airstream. She had her local Airstream dealer help with the colorful awning and do some of the riveting.

"He told me sales have been off the charts and trying to get your hands on an Airstream right now won't be easy, at least in California," she said.

In Pennsylvania, RV Trader is one place to look for a used RV.

HGTV design stars Erin and Ben Napier of "Home Town" refreshed their Airstream, a gift from friends Morgane and Chris Stapleton. The Napiers never thought they would have a trailer, but they succeeded in this mobile makeover.

"Because our Airstream is a 1973 model, I made the same choices I would have in a mid-'70s house regarding cabinetry style, color and aesthetics," she explained.


Moriarty had never redone a camper, either. Her task was to add character to the Bambi, which is just 22 feet long.

"The one thing about the Airstreams is they are extremely neutral. My client loves color - especially the color blue - and she just loves to be surrounded by 'pretty.'

"The Airstream is very cool and we love the aesthetic from the outside, the kind of retro vibe. The inside needed more personality," she said.

Moriarty tried to keep the Airstream's 1950s look. Turquoise and coral were the colors she used to capture the halcyon days of campers and trailers.


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