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White sneakers are 'in' for most events, outfits

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I notice an increasing number of models wearing basic white athletic shoes with all kinds of clothes, casual and dressy. Is this a thing now? I like the look, plus the comfort factor. What brands/styles do you recommend?

- Latisha N.

Dear Latisha: White sneakers are back for (almost all) events and outfits. Yes, you can spend $700 or $800 or more - lots more - for Gucci, Prada or Chanel. But please don't, that's crazy. Stick with a budget under $100, although there are plenty out there for under $50 - Adidas, Vans, classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. White sneakers are the devil to keep clean, but you already know that.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My niece is due to graduate from college in December. What's the best thing to give a kid who's not likely to have the job of her dreams when she gets the diploma?

- Lizzie P.

Dear Lizzie: I'm assuming that the parent(s) are taking care of what passes for hoopla these days: Yard sign, cake, etc. Let's face it, great life events can't be celebrated with the fanfare they deserve during a pandemic. So what does that leave for Auntie? Well, money! Other options, of course, are gift cards from places she loves. Makeup? and For everything else: Please don't send a greeting card that spills confetti or glitter all over the place when she opens it. But whatever your budget allows, include a note with a loving, handwritten message of pride, love and hopes for the future. Heartfelt sentiments never go out of style.


Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Given I'm not bald and I don't need to keep the sun out of my eyes, is there any reason from a fashion standpoint for a man to wear a hat?

- James J.

Dear James: None whatsoever.

Dear Answer Angel ElIen: I know I'm not supposed to touch my face in these times of COVID, but I have terrible allergies that make my eyes itch like crazy. Any suggestions for keeping my grubby hands off my vulnerable orbs? (And boy, if you have an answer I'd really like to know it. I've tried EVERYTHING).


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