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8 experts share their solutions for jet lag, motion sickness, food poisoning, and other travel maladies

By Alisha Prakash, on

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Traveling the world comes with plenty of unexpected, unplanned moments: stumbling upon undiscovered gems, striking up conversations with new friends, and encountering spontaneous events on the streets. Of course, this also means there's a potential for unpleasant surprises, like food poisoning, motion sickness, and never-ending jet lag.

But don't let the unknown deter you from packing your bags. To help conquer the worst of your travel woes, we turned to experts for their tried-and-tested solutions for a number of travel-related maladies. After all, with a limited number of vacation days, it's important to make every second of your paid-time-off count.


Pepto Bismol

"After getting food poisoning while traveling solo in Mexico, I've learned from my errors and now take a couple of preventative measures for every trip. I try to take a probiotic pill every day, but I especially make sure to do so for at least two weeks before an international trip and during my travels. Having a healthy gut with lots of good bacteria is important for staving off contaminated food- and water-induced sicknesses. Additionally, I always have Pepto-Bismol chewable tablets on hand if my stomach starts acting up. If I'm traveling somewhere I know generally upsets my stomach, I'll take at least one each day preemptively. I've since traveled to Mexico, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic without incident, so it seems to be working." - Lara Grant, Editor at



Life saver mints

"My raging motion sickness - by car, air, boat, or even inflatable banana - has threatened to keep me grounded, which isn't an option when my day job is 'travel editor.' My solution has been pretty low-key: mints, and lots of 'em! I've read that peppermint oil is scientifically proven to reduce nausea, but I don't need peer-reviewed studies for proof because I've road-tested my mints on just about every trip (not to mention countless movies that use shaky hand-held cameras). Schmancy mints aren't required. I stock up on the O.G. mints: peppermint Life Savers. So, when it comes to leaving the house on a trip, my last-minute check becomes wallet, passport, keys, Life Savers." - Maria Teresa Hart, Executive Editor at What to Pack

Peace of Mind

"Although I don't let it stop me from traveling a ton, I often get nauseous on airplanes and in taxis. I usually have Origins Peace of Mind in my purse, which is like a tiny bit of fresh air. It's basically peppermint oil and it serves as a refreshing distraction when I apply it to my wrists and temples. I used it just this week on a 24-hour travel day from Cairo to New York City." - Laura Hinely, Senior Photo Editor at


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