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Answer Angel: Hair rollers are back?!

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel: My mom told me that when she was a teenager, girls would sleep on hair rollers with brushes inside them that were murderously uncomfortable. I thought today’s hair styles had left that all behind.

But when I was at the salon recently I was stunned to see women of all ages sitting with rollers in their hair. I asked my stylist about it and he said women, especially younger women, increasingly are asking him for rollers instead of curling irons and blow drying. He said he didn’t know why. Do you?

--Blanca T.

Dear Blanca: For the bouncy waves of longer hair that is increasingly popular on runways, red carpets and among style trendsetters, women are returning to tried-and-true hair rollers. Among the reasons is an effort to reduce hair-sizzling heat damage caused by curling irons and blow-drying.

And another oldie that’s enjoying a comeback?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I know Louis Vuitton is supposed to be the height of high-end fashion. But a recent ad for the brand features a stylish (?) young woman wearing white high heels with white opaque hose. I can’t stop thinking of the horrid Nurse Ratched from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest." The ad caught my eye but surely this isn’t high fashion? Or is it?

--Ellie A.

Dear Ellie: It kind of is, Ellie. Matching hosiery to the color of your shoes is having a high-style moment and that includes the white/white combo. It’s true that the uni-color look elongates the leg. And, that’s a plus. There was a time when nurses (Ratched included) were expected to wear white stockings and shoes with their starched white uniforms. White/white also was a popular look in the ‘60s.

To me, the white/white doesn’t look right and is distracting, but other uni-color combinations (for instance black/black and navy/navy) are easier to take and achieve the longer leg illusion.


Way back in history—2015 that is— headlined, “White Boots and White Tights Are a Surprisingly Perfect Winter Pair” so like everything else in fashion, styles come and go. This one won’t be around much longer. Until next time.

Angelic Readers

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Reader Rant

Marlene K., who lives in North Dakota, is angry about a question that appeared in this column: “I take offense! The topic was about wearing no-stretch jeans. Your reader Lucie M. wrote: ‘I’m 65 years old with a good figure but I won’t wear jeans anymore. After age 50 they look best on farmers.' Does she even know any farmers? Does she think all farmers wear them? My husband and I were farmers for over 50 years and neither of us ever wore jeans! He wore gabardine slacks for work in the fields and with cattle. They are cooler and more flexible than jeans. In the winter he wore insulated coveralls over them. I have never owned a pair of them. Today many men and women of all sizes and ages wear jeans. Actually our governor wears them, too. People wear them to meetings, to the beach, to sports events, to dances and even to church. They are worn in all states. Shame on that woman for thinking like that. She needs to get out more.

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