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Deals & Steals: Did your Comcast cable or internet bill increase? Here's what to do about it

By Doreen Christensen, Sun Sentinel on

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Our Comcast bill doubled in January. Chances are, your bill went up, too.

When I called to ask why our internet bill jumped to $70 a month, I got a doozy of an answer.

Comcast had tried to contact me in December to renew the promotional rate I had been receiving, the customer service rep explained, but since they were unable to reach me to get my consent, my bill went up.

Wait, what?

So, Comcast needed my consent to bill me at the lower, introductory rate, but no consent was needed to double the bill. That logic is a bunch of hooey. I swear, I think the reps just make things up as they go along. Plus, they never called. This is exactly why Comcast is so reviled.

After a 30-minute phone call, the company allegedly lowered our rate back to $34.99 a month and promised to give us a credit for January. But I'll believe that when I see it. I say allegedly because I haven't seen the adjusted bill yet (they claim it won't be available to view online until paper bills are mailed in February) and I am skeptical they will do what they promised. That's exactly why I cut the cable cord with Comcast a few years ago. The company kept promising a lower rate, but never delivered.


Beth Pastorino also got a shock when she opened her January Comcast bill. It had increased $65.

The Boynton Beach, Fla., office manager had been paying $113 a month for internet, phone and basic cable. Her January bill came in at a whopping $178.

Why the increases?

Fees are one reason.


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