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Ask Amy: High-maintenance friend is a drama-drain

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I love my friend “Charlene,” but she is the very definition of high-maintenance.

She drinks way too much – every day – and sleeps with strangers she meets in bars. The problem then becomes that she thinks she is in a relationship with them, and is then crushed when things don’t work out. And they never work out. I’m not exaggerating.

She is extremely sexual and is very vulnerable. She is desperate for an authentic and loving relationship, but men have used, abused, and taken advantage of her.

Charlene has behaved this way since the day we met.

She ignores every piece of advice I give her but then she expects me to be a shoulder to cry on when her life falls apart. It completely drains me.

I try to be supportive and non-judgmental because she really is a beautiful person. She has been there for me through some tough times, but this friendship has become draining and I feel terrible.


She wants me to drink with her, but I won’t, because she has a problem.

She is in counseling but constantly uses me to vent and cry to.

I love her dearly, but I don't want to be that listening ear anymore.

It's exhausting but I feel guilty and terrible for feeling this way.


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