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Ask Amy: A night out could lead to July Fourth fireworks

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Recently, my fiancé and I went out with his friend (of 30 years) “George,” and George’s new girlfriend, “Janet.”

George went to the restroom. Janet took his seat so we could talk (the venue was loud).

After some chit chat, Janet reached over and stroked my fiancé’s face (from his jaw to his temple) without uttering a word.

I was completely shocked.

My fiancé left the table almost immediately to use to restroom himself. Upon his return, he switched his seat to be on the other side of me (not near Janet).

He later told me that he left the table to avoid her, AND that she had also been rubbing up against his leg.


I was beyond furious.

My fiancé begged me not to confront her, so we abruptly left.

Initially, I was furious with my fiancé for not saying something to her immediately. He said he was so stunned that he just wanted to leave.

The next morning, he told George what Janet did, and said how uncomfortable it made both of us.


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