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Ask Amy: New wife ruminates on drunk-scrolling

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“Faithful Reader” suggested using the word “ye” as a gender-neutral singular pronoun, and while I responded positively to that idea, it is not for Faithful Reader, or me, to assign specific words describing anyone (but ourselves).

Dear Amy: “Just Curious” wanted to know how to show people one photo on their phone, but then prevent them from scrolling through additional photos.

I no longer have that problem, as I have created a folder I titled “shareable.”

When I find the one or few pictures I want to show, I quickly select them and move them to that folder, and then just show the folder.

At the end of the night, I remove them from the folder so it’s ready for my next show and tell. I no longer worry about anyone seeing more than I was offering.

– Never Embarrassed


Dear Never: Great tip! [Amy quickly searches: “how to create a folder.”]


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