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Ask Amy: New wife ruminates on drunk-scrolling

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I recently married a great guy. He loves me and loves my children (from a previous marriage) like his own.

When we first started dating, we disclosed a lot of our past to each other.

We were drinking, and he told me a couple of vulgar sexual things about one particular ex. I’m having a hard time moving past it.

He claims he doesn't remember telling me that, because he was drinking.

Also, due to my own digging through his social media (I admit it), I saw pictures and posts he would write to this same girl, and other girls.

Before me, he had a few one-night stands, drank way too much (hence the one-night stands), and would comment on lots of women's sexy Instagram and Facebook pictures.


I cannot get over his past behavior.

I overthink everything. Why doesn't he take as many pictures of us as he did with his exes? Why doesn't he write the things to me that he did to other girls? Does he think I'm as sexy as the girls he commented on?

He tells me he loves me way more than he ever loved any girl, and that he only did those things because he had nothing positive in his life.

In the four years I’ve known him, he is a completely changed man.


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