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Ask Amy: Found money raises privacy questions

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Dear Left Out: I give you permission to feel envious of these family members, jetting and sailing off into the warm sunset (whenever my sister-in-law posts photos on social media of her frequent trips to Italy, I experience an envious chill).

However, you do not have the right to be “offended.”

Every family operates according to their own relationship template. Your sister-in-law obviously wanted to share their intimate engagement news with her parents. It is her prerogative, and your husband doesn’t mind this because he likely would feel comfortable doing exactly the same thing.

Including all of their Caribbean comings and goings on a group chat is annoying and an unnecessary trigger for you. You should have asked to be taken off the chat-chain until they returned, or you could have responded, “Yes, let’s meet for the fire dance on the beach tonight!” with a smiling emoji, to let everyone know that you have a sense of humor, even when you’re feeling a little put-out.

Dear Amy: Yes, there is a definitive answer regarding whether to leave a toilet seat up or down.

The answer is … down. If there is a lid, that should be put down, also.

How many of us have fished our cellphones out of toilets?


– Wondering

Dear Wondering: I’ll take a show of (clean) hands.


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