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Ask Amy: Texting tussles arise from interruptions

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My wife believes it is inconsiderate.

What is your opinion?

– Looking for Leftovers

Dear Looking: Greeting your host with your Gladware out and at the ready is definitely gauche.

Not all hosts want to send leftovers home with their guests.

Some may believe that enjoying a few days of leftovers after hosting a large dinner with many guests is a great benefit of hosting. (It’s hard to imagine voluntarily surrendering the all-important leftover turkey sandwich ingredients.)


However, if you want to keep some containers in your car or your bag, these might come in very handy if the host decides to send leftovers home.

I’m also wondering if a pack of new “takeaway” containers might be a nice gift for the host — along with flowers, wine, or whatever dish you may contribute to the meal

Dear Amy: "Caring Mom" was concerned over the 17-year age difference between her daughter and the man she was currently dating.

The mother described him as kind, intelligent, grounded, and respectful.


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