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Ask Amy: Texting tussles arise from interruptions

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

This man sounds like my father!

My parents married in 1950 when my mom was 19 and my father, 40. He was German and she was American. He was Jewish and she was Protestant. Dad was exceedingly well-educated and mom had a high school diploma.

But did it matter? Not one iota!

My parents were exceedingly happy for 50 years until my father's death in the year 2000. I do believe that they were (if possible) more in love after 50 years than on their wedding day.

My two brothers and I grew up in a house filled with affection and a happy, stable marriage.

If they end up being even one-tenth as happy as my parents, they will be a lucky couple, indeed.


– Grateful

Dear Grateful: A wonderful tribute.


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