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Ask Amy: Baby’s mama worries she won’t find Mr. Right

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

It is causing grief for my family. It is not as simple as saying no. My family will be considered the bad guys if we do.

Please advise me on how to handle this without causing family strife?

– Avoiding Trouble

Dear Avoiding: A surefire way to avoid “family strife” would be for your sister not to invite her daughter along on your vacation.

You don’t say how old “Hillary” is, but a simple, polite response is all that’s called for: “Oh, I know this sounds like it might be fun for Hillary, but we’re going to make this trip on our own. Maybe another time we can have her join us.”

Maintain a good-natured attitude about this. A neutral attitude about being “the bad guys” might ultimately be good for your relationship.

Dear Amy: I read your column every day. I continue to be amazed that you can get some answers so right, and others so WRONG, sometimes in the same column!


– Frustrated

Dear Frustrated: An answer isn’t necessarily “right,” just because you agree with it, and an answer might not be wrong, just because you hold a different view.

All the same, I like to leave space for readers to disagree.


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