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Ask Amy: Adults’ anger leads to children’s tears

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Dear Amy: My two sons are not speaking to one another, after a fight that occurred during Christmas two years ago.

The result is that my granddaughters don’t like their uncle and aunt. The three girls are 11, 9, and 6.

While sleeping overnight at my house last weekend, I told my granddaughters that I love both of my sons equally. They ...Read more

Ask Amy: Young son worries about growing up

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Dear Amy: My husband and I have a very sweet 8-year-old son. His dad and I adore him. We’re having a great time going through life together.

Recently he has been emotional and sensitive. He has said several times that he doesn’t want to grow up. When I ask him why, he says he’ll miss all of the things we do together, like reading together...Read more

Ask Amy: Childfree man doesn’t love the ball pit

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Dear Amy: I have a recurring issue when going out with my girlfriend's brother.

Every time we plan to go out with him and his wife, the outings revolve around their children.

As a happily childfree man in his 40s, I have no desire to spend my Saturday watching kids play in a crowded play space.

I have suggested activities that are child-...Read more

Ask Amy: Son’s apology demand creates distance

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Dear Amy: Several years ago, my father and his wife visited me for a week.

I spared no expense trying to ensure that they enjoyed themselves, particularly his wife. (She married him after I was grown. My own mother died when I was five.)

The week was full of shopping, casino time, outdoor activities, and sightseeing.

I thought it went great. ...Read more

Ask Amy: Newcomer needs to find a ‘third place’

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Dear Amy: I moved to a semi-rural area for a public-facing job.

One way I am trying to meet people is by hosting small dinner gatherings where I invite a group of people whom I think might make for interesting conversation. These people may or may not already know each other.

This almost never works out. I've had people ask if I will invite ...Read more

Ask Amy: Missing cat takes its toll on a friendship

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Dear Amy: My friend’s cat has been missing for two weeks.

I have been supportive in helping her try to find the cat. I also feel her pain.

I have always had cats, but since losing a cat 30 years ago, I have always kept my cats indoors.

My friend lives in a canyon with lots of wildlife, including coyotes, mountain lions, owls, and other ...Read more

Ask Amy: Solo hiker is creeped out by a stranger

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Dear Amy: Most mornings I walk by myself on a forested walking trail.

Like most women, I keep a special eye out for my safety (regularly checking over my shoulder).

(For context, I’m a fairly attractive 33-year-old, or so I’ve been told.)

Recently, one man (aged in his late 40’s) has starting appearing on my walks. At first he seemed OK...Read more

Ask Amy: Online meeting might lead to a trap

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Dear Amy: I recently met a nice older man online.

After a few emails and phone calls, “Rob” and I went on several dates.

Despite the difference in our ages (I'm 30, and he's closer to 60), we have many common interests and enjoy spending time together.

Romantically, he is quite shy. So far, just hand holding on walks and a goodnight kiss...Read more

Ask Amy: Granddad is tired of constant video calls

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Dear Amy: My stepson and his wife and 3-year-old daughter live in Hawaii.

My wife and I are on the West Coast.

We visit them several times a year, and they visit over the Christmas holidays when they can.

The times we spend together are always warm and drama-free.

We're on good terms, and I adore them.

My one issue is our daughter-in-law. ...Read more

Ask Amy: Parents differ about sex happening in the house

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Dear Amy: My wife and I have a difference of opinion regarding our 20-year-old daughter. We would love your perspective.

Our daughter is a sophomore at a university in Europe, and has recently started dating another sophomore (male) student.

When she comes home for the summer, he plans to visit.

In conversations with my wife, I have indicated...Read more

Ask Amy: Estrangement extends through generations

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Dear Amy: My boyfriend of 10 years (with a few breaks) does not have a close relationship with his parents and really no relationship at all with his two siblings.

Little things have happened through the years that have upset people, and no one ever communicates or makes up with each other.

He also doesn't have good relationships with his ...Read more

Ask Amy: Marriage to a problem drinker has disintegrated

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Dear Amy: I married my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together for 50 years.

We had a great sexual relationship until five years ago.

My husband has a serious drinking problem which I have tolerated for decades. He has called me nasty and vulgar names, and now does nothing but watch TV and drink. When my father died last year, he didn’...Read more

Ask Amy: High-schooler wants to avoid ex’s drama

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Dear Amy: I’m a high school student, and I have an issue with my ex-boyfriend.

We dated for two years but then I broke up with him back in November. We got together again and tried to make it work, but I ended it again with him in early January.

Our relationship wasn't good. He was a very controlling person, wanting to decide what clothing I...Read more

Ask Amy: Manager is getting menaced at work

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Dear Amy: I am a manager at my job.

Last June, a new employee transferred from a different unit. She was very upset the first couple of days. She also had a fear of reporting to her new supervisor (not me) because she thought she “looked mean.”

I explained how I manage and how our team works. She was appreciative.

She started bringing me ...Read more

Ask Amy: A loving mom wonders why her son is SO single

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Dear Amy: Our 30-year-old son, “Thomas,” has a great job, is well-adjusted, and has many friends.

Thomas is outgoing and goes out with groups of friends, some of whom are married.

He is not dating anyone and hasn't “dated” (that we know of) since high school (i.e. going to proms, dances, etc.).

Thomas and I have a close relationship ...Read more

Ask Amy: DNA discovery leads to awkward reality

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Dear Amy: I recently completed genetic testing and learned that my brother and I are half-siblings.

We have the same mother, but we do not have the same father.

Fortunately, my mother (who is in her late 80s) is still living, so I asked her about our fathers.

She said that my dad was sterile, so she and my dad used IVF to have my brother and ...Read more

Ask Amy: A demanding gram wants to lay down the law

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Dear Amy: When our son visits us with his teenage daughter, she totally trashes her room during her stay.

As the grandmother and host, can I demand that she keep her room in some semblance of order?

– Demanding Gram

Dear Gram: It’s your home, and you can issue demands with abandon.

But your son should work with his daughter to teach her ...Read more

Ask Amy: Husband’s new friend becomes a menace

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Dear Amy: My husband and I are in our mid-70s

“Steve” is 20 years younger. He befriended my husband and started stopping by our house, offering help with technical problems.

Steve would chat with me and then head to the "man cave" to watch sports on TV, etc. with my husband.

He seemed nice.

A couple of months ago, Steve grabbed my face ...Read more

Ask Amy: Grandmother crafts herself into a corner

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Dear Amy: My son’s ex-wife, “Tammy,” recently had a baby with her new husband.

Tammy also has two children with my son.

I recently made slippers for my grandsons and sent the slippers to them.

I told my son about it, and now he’s asking me to make a pair of slippers for the new baby.

I don’t think I need to, as that baby is not my ...Read more

Ask Amy: Parents offer advice about emptying the nest

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Dear Readers: A recent question from “Not So Empty Nest Mom” sought solutions on how to deal with her two adult daughters’ stuff, which was currently filling the family garage after the daughters had left home.

I asked readers to offer their own solutions, and this column is devoted to these suggestions.

Dear Amy: I have two sons. ...Read more



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