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Ask Amy: Grandparents resent entitled child’s drama

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Dear Amy: My husband and I have two granddaughters whom we cherish.

I am growing increasingly concerned with the behavior of their parents toward the youngest one.

“Camille” has always been the "drama queen.”

If she didn't get her way, she pitched a fit and her parents acquiesced.

As she got older, they catered to most every whim and ...Read more

Ask Amy: ‘Something borrowed’ makes someone blue

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Dear Amy: My friend “Jill” is getting married next week. This celebration had to be rescheduled multiple times, due to COVID.

I'm excited for her, but I got an update from her this morning that's made me very angry and hurt.

Jill sent me a picture from her final fitting (veil and all), where she was wearing a delicate string of pearls that...Read more

Ask Amy: Traumatized friend now causes more concern

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Dear Amy: A decade back, as a Latino college student in my 30s, I became friends with an older Black student.

We have been friends ever since. I’ve been supportive and helpful.

Right before the pandemic, she shared with me that she was confronting childhood sexual trauma.

She moved nearby, and I have been visiting with her once a month.

...Read more

Ask Amy: Elder parents’ views cause concern

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Dear Amy: I am a 53-year-old woman. I have always been very close to my (now 80-something) parents, but our recent national political drama has forced us into different corners.

I try to think critically and independently. My husband and I have both had more conversations about politics recently than our entire 31 years of marriage.

Now both ...Read more

Ask Amy: ‘Real-life’ relationship brings up real problems

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Dear Amy: I've met a wonderful man. We've been dating for seven months — three online during COVID, and four months in real life.

We're older (I'm 45, he's 40) and have talked about moving in together and possibly having children. The problem is his ex-girlfriend. They dated for two years, then split up and stayed friends. Over the last 10 ...Read more

Ask Amy: Stepchild would like for dad to leave stepmom at home

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Dear Amy: My stepmother has been in my life since I was 15. There was a lot of trauma living with her. For years, I would have recurring nightmares of her berating me. I would wake up crying.

Her behavior puts a severe strain on my relationship with my father.

Recently, I discovered she has posted odd photos of the exterior of my home with ...Read more

Ask Amy: Grandchild would like to reject grandparents, for cause

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Dear Amy: I am 20 years old. I have never really had a relationship with my grandparents. I see them two or three times a year, usually on birthdays and holidays.

They are not nice people. Both are narcissists. They constantly make me miserable.

They pick on my relationship status, my schooling, and what I want to do with my life.

My mother ...Read more

Ask Amy: Grieving spouse searches for help

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Dear Amy: You often refer people to seek counseling. I believe in counseling and as a teacher, I often suggested that path for families facing challenges.

Now, I find myself in need of counseling. My husband of almost 50 years passed away last year and the grief is crushing.

I tried a grief group, but the other people there made me even more ...Read more

Ask Amy: Wedding livestock might bring guests together

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Dear Amy: My extended family has a history of division, of people not speaking to one another for years.

I am guilty of this, too. It’s a multi-generational pattern I’d like to end for the next generation.

We are joyfully planning our daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Unfortunately, there is one burr in the saddle.

One of my sisters has ...Read more

Ask Amy: Widower ponders the heartache of dating

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Dear Amy: My wife passed away in a car

accident about seven years ago.

We were together for almost 25 years.

I had a few dates with women in the years since my wife’s death, but I didn’t meet anyone who really interested me. My last date was three years ago. I guess I just didn’t think I was ready.

I’ve been pretty content with my ...Read more

Ask Amy: Not-quite-divorced couple enjoys ‘meeting up’

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Dear Amy: I have been dating a man for over two years.

He is good with my kids and I appreciate that, given that they aren’t his children.

I am not divorced, and occasionally meet up (if you know what I mean) with my not-quite ex-husband, “Dan.”

It doesn't happen often, but 20 years of emotions between us emerge and I just don't know ...Read more

Ask Amy: Spouse worries about husband’s drinking

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Dear Amy: I have been married for 45 years to a man who has a severe drinking problem.

It wasn't this way in the beginning, but over the years his drinking has progressed into alcoholism.

I have tried to help him in every way I know. He went to rehab last winter but didn't follow through with any of the support that was offered to him.

Now he...Read more

Ask Amy: Homeowner confesses to out-of-control messes

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Dear Amy: My big old house is pretty much a mess.

We bought it "as is" with the plan to completely renovate, but never did.

My husband died decades ago, the kids moved on, and now I'm a widow living alone in this huge three-story house that never got fixed up.

My hubby and kids left a lot of stuff behind, and I don't feel like fighting about ...Read more

Ask Amy: Couple can’t cope with feelings of guilt

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Dear Amy: My life with my (not yet divorced) live-in boyfriend of four years has deteriorated. We are both in our 60s.

He is experiencing ongoing stress and guilt from having an affair with me while he was with his wife. Work stress, physical problems, and the ongoing pandemic have all contributed to his heavy drinking.

When he is drunk, he ...Read more

Ask Amy: Yard-yacht sails into the neighborhood

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Dear Amy: My husband I bought a house a year ago. We had, at the time, a 24-foot boat, which we kept in a gravel spot next to the driveway. (The spot was designed for this kind of thing.)

By the way, if you don't know boats, this thing was big and looked even bigger out of the water.

We've met most of our neighbors and all seem very kind, ...Read more

Ask Amy: Hosts struggle filling the feed bag for kids

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Dear Amy: Next week my sister will be visiting, along with her adult son, his wife, and three children. They will be staying with us for almost a week.

As I plan the menu, I have asked if anyone has any allergies or dislikes, as well as a coffee preference.

My sister is coming two days before her son’s arrival (as they live in different ...Read more

Ask Amy: This boomer is not OK with how she’s treated

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Dear Amy: I am a woman in my 70s. I do not understand why women in their 30s think they can treat their elders with disrespect.

I had two unkind mothers-in-law but I wouldn’t have dreamed of being rude to them or “telling them off” because they were my elders — the mothers of my husbands, and the grandmothers of my children and ...Read more

Ask Amy: Attack victim wants to warn others

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Dear Amy: Several years ago, I was physically attacked — and seriously injured — by a man I had dated, on and off, for several years. I had him arrested.

He was charged and received one year's probation. I was granted a restraining order.

My issue is with his family. After the attack, his sisters informed me that: He was a pathological ...Read more

Ask Amy: Friend struggles to respond to #metoo accusation

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Dear Amy: I have been good friends with “James” and “Dennis” for over 30 years, since we were all in grad school. We shared many laughs.

James and Dennis remain best friends today; we don’t see each other very often, but we do stay in touch.

Dennis has been happily married for about 10 years. James has been in a committed ...Read more

Ask Amy: Long-married couple copes with negativity

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Dear Amy: My wife and I have been together for 44 years.

My wonderful wife used to be generally happy and positive.

Then came four years of politics, which seems to have scarred her permanently; she now worries about everything, is (at times) hypercritical, and has a decidedly pessimistic outlook. Negativity abounds.

During the Trump ...Read more



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