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Each year, the nation's medical schools produce more than 20,000 graduates with M.D. degrees. Medical school enrollments are rising, too. But supply may not be enough to meet expected demand: By 2032, experts predict a shortage of up to nearly 122,000 physicians nationwide.

The scarcity will not be equally felt. Some cities are already feeling the pinch: El Paso, Texas, Miami, Cleveland, Phoenix and Denver have the highest current demand. The biggest need, in terms of specialty, are family medicine doctors, internists and emergency physicians.

Another big need: Doctors trained in telemedicine, which allows physicians to treat more patients without actually living in the same location or seeing them in person.

Body of Knowledge

The depression under your neck between your two clavicles or shoulder blades is called the suprasternal notch. Or sometimes the jugular notch.

Get Me That, Stat!


A Treasury Department economics review suggests that when the IRS sent 3.9 million letters out in 2016, offering tips on how to enroll in health care coverage, the mailing may have saved the lives of 700 people.

Federal economists found that the number of premature deaths, especially between the ages of 45 and 64, dropped by one for every 1,648 people who received an IRS letter compared with people who did not receive a letter.


120: Percentage rise between 2007 and 2018 in insurance claims for a health care service or procedure related to Lyme disease.


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