Drivers wrangle loose emu in the middle of Alberta highway


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(UPI) A group of surprised drivers had their morning commutes interrupted by a 6-foot emu in the middle of an Alberta road.

Lonnie Moberly said she was driving her kids to school just after 8 a.m. Wednesday when she came across the large, flightless bird in the middle of a highway near De Winton.

Moberly said another driver had already stopped and was calling the Alberta SPCA.

The two drivers teamed up to try to protect the emu from passing traffic.

"We were herding it like a cow, almost. We just kind of drove it up the highway a little bit and led it down one of the side roads," she told High River Online.


More drivers joined in the wrangling efforts and Moberly said a neighbor soon arrived and offered the use of a trailer. The bird was successfully loaded in for transport to a local veterinary clinic.

The Alberta SPCA took custody of the emu and said the bird is now at a caretaking facility while officials attempt to locate its owner.

Moberly said she was then able to finish taking her kids to school.

"They were very late, but they've got an awesome story to tell. I'm sure their whole class has heard about their morning adventure," she said.

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