How to prepare for 15 types of emergencies

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In the 18 months since the coronavirus first hit the United States, an almost infinite number of things have changed. Among them is the way people in the country respond to emergencies and natural disasters.

In some ways, these changes have been for the better. For example, local governments, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and ...Read more

How data privacy laws vary by state

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Consumer privacy feels more vital than ever, but very few states have laws on the books that protect consumer privacy in a relatable way. Following the 2018 passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act, other states rushed to draft their own versions of this wide-ranging consumer protection law. The singular goal of almost all these pieces of...Read more

From Kodak cameras to the internet: The evolution of American privacy law

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Privacy is both a moving target and a living thing, requiring constant updates to the American body of law in order to keep up.

From the end of the American Revolution to the present, Zapproved compiled a timeline of federal privacy law in the United States. These landmark pieces of writing or legislation illustrate the extent to which ...Read more

Inside business travel's rebound from COVID-19

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Those in the travel industry have kept trained eyes on business travel during COVID-19—from its dramatic dropoff as people worked remotely and shifted to virtual meetings, to its recovery amid rising vaccination rates in the first half of 2021.

Hotel Engine selected a series of statistics that reveal the current state of business travel ...Read more

The 10 most dominant teams in MLB postseason history

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Baseball is a thoughtful sport marked by a storied history, long seasons, plenty of statistics, and a roster of teams that has grown steadily over time. That has caused some major changes in how the Major League Baseball postseason is structured. For this list of most successful MLB postseason teams, we’ve accounted for the team’s full ...Read more

Regions where home prices are growing the fastest

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The last year of record-making housing market gains was truly one for the books. Skyrocketing demand for housing across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated inventory shortages and caused bidding wars as well as significant pricing upticks across the nation. Rarely in modern history have potential homeowners and investors seen ...Read more

How concussions ended the careers of 10 professional athletes

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For many athletes, the terms “shake it off” and “you’re fine, get back out there” were thought to instill a toughness that was simply a part of sports. What the sporting world has learned in the past decade or two, however, is that athletes were often doing irreparable damage to their brains when they shook off head and neck injuries....Read more

10 things to consider before flipping a house

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Flipping a house can be a tantalizing prospect, but buyers and sellers, beware! It’s not as easy as it may look to the casual watcher of house-flipping shows.

Flipping a house can be a ton of work, a financial risk riddled with hidden and unexpected costs, and can end up being frustrating and time-consuming. UpNest consulted with real ...Read more

From net neutrality to clickwrap: 10 major internet law cases since 2000

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The internet has been available to the general public since the early 1990s—and those early days of the web were both rudimentary and fascinating.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when you needed a phone line and a modem to get online; when Netscape Navigator and AOL were the dominating forces on the web; and when the ping of ...Read more

15 cars that have depreciated the most in 2021

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Every new car depreciates in value once it’s driven off the lot—but in the months and years that follow, some cars retain significantly more value than others. Today, that information is more valuable than ever: The resale market in 2020 was more than three times larger than the market for new cars, with 39.3 million used vehicles sold as ...Read more

50 classics from (almost) everyone's high school reading list

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Research shows that reading fiction encourages empathy. While more high school curriculums should include modern, diverse writers like Amy Tan and Malala Yousafzai, certain classics—like John Steinbeck’s "The Grapes of Wrath" and Sandra Cisneros’s "The House on Mango Street"—endure. George Orwell’s "1984," a novel published in ...Read more

Most popular fruits and vegetables in the world and their health benefits

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A 2021 study comparing those who ate two servings of fruits and vegetables per day to those who ate five showed a significant amount of health benefits for the latter group, as well as a 13% lower risk of death from any cause. Dietary Guidelines for Americansrecommends two-and-a-half cups of vegetables and two cups of fruit per day, which is ...Read more

5 scientifically proven ways to improve your sleep

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The CDCrecommends at least seven hours of sleep a night for an average adult—yet that is a far cry from the actual amount many Americans get. 

Sleep disorders impact roughly 70 million Americans, according to data from theCleveland Clinic, and more than 100 million Americans do not get the recommended amount of sleep each night. 

...Read more

These are the most polluted cities in the US

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America has been fighting the battle against air pollution for decades. Images of dirty smokestacks in Midwestern cities and clouds of brown smog over Los Angeles have been replaced by optimistic pictures of greenways and clean industry, But dirty, unhealthy pollution persists across the country. Ozone levels—the chemical combinations that ...Read more

Countries with the biggest income disparity

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Income disparity has been growing in the U.S. since 1980, and with it comesdwindling economic opportunity and upward mobility for the millions of Americans trapped in poverty.  Globally, income inequality has decreased slightly but remains high. Inequality between countries is wide, a phenomenon notably on display in the COVID-19 vaccine gap...Read more

10 countries where US pet food comes from

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Data suggests that there’s no better time to be a dog. If you own a dog and are surveying the various orthopedic beds, myriad toys, enrichment activities, and human-grade food scattered about your house, you can independently verify this fact.

Over the last several decades we, as a nation, have gone from viewing pet ownership as a thing ...Read more

100 best TV shows from the '90s

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Before there was streaming, over-the-top media services, and satellite television, there was TGIF and Must-See TV. The 1990s proved to be a turning point in television history. Networks like NBC and ABC stocked up on comedies and realistic dramas, while relative newcomer Fox had its own arsenal of groundbreaking shows. Even cable networks like ...Read more

10 statistics that show the state of home flipping in America today

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Home flipping—making a profit from a home purchase after sprucing up the property to sell it quickly—has become a popular way to make money in the real estate market.

Today, you can find countless training seminars for potential home flippers and can hardly channel surf without stumbling onto a house-flipping show giving viewers an ...Read more

How 15 celebrities practice self-care

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The concept of self-care has been around for decades, but it’s taken off in recent years as a mode adopted by individuals, especially in the millennial generation. The coronavirus pandemic further popularized the idea of taking care of yourself as millions faced the unprecedented challenges of navigating a pandemic, quarantines, and caring ...Read more



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