How to host one dino-mite party

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Corythosaurus forest

Dinosaurs inhabited swamp and prairie lands as well as jungles and forests.

Among forest dwellers was the corythosaurus, recognizable by its mohawk-shaped plate above its head. Surely the corythosaurus used its forest backdrop to hunt and hide — which is exactly what young dino fans are sure to enjoy.

To appeal to a younger generation of paleontologists, purchase a set of plastic dinosaurs (you can find several options on Amazon.com) and hide them throughout the forest — aka your backyard or a local park. Once all dinos have been accounted for, entreat everyone to an excavation; VIBRIT has a dinosaur “dig up” kit that enables kids to chip away at their own fossil (also available on Amazon.com).

Plesiosaurus pool party

An aquatic dinosaur, the plesiosaurus is said to resemble an elongated turtle — a 3-meter-long turtle. Use this prehistoric water dweller as a jumping-off place for a spectacular pool party.

Even if it’s still too chilly to swim, a nighttime pool filled with blowup Jurassic creatures (JetPack offers a four-pack of inflatable dinosaurs on Amazon.com) can help provide a mysterious mood. If you really want to raise the bar, spring for a fog machine. Provide decorative seat cushions and delight dinosaur-loving guests with an outdoor projector viewing of one of the "Jurassic Park" movies.


Stegosaurus smorgasbord

While you can simply surprise your guests with a stand-alone smorgasbord of yummy, punny options, the following dino delicacies can coincide with any of the preceding four themes above. We started with “velociwraps,” but a host of additional corny Crustaceous and juicy Jurassic treats await.

Any sugar cookie, for example, can be made to resemble a dino footprint fossil — different shaped claws and paws imprinted into the cookie (visit Pinterest.com for inspiration). Pretzel sticks become “dino bones.” Watermelon triangles transition to Stegosaurus “spikes.” Dino dip can be savory or sweet — cheesy or marshmallowy.

For an easy option children will appreciate, Dino Buddies offers whole-grain, chicken-breast nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs.

Remember, when it comes to hosting a party for dinosaur fans, there isn’t much your own imagination can’t accomplish. After all, isn’t that the credo by which Jurassic Park’s scientists abide?

And, as for your party budget? Jurassic Park founder John Hammond’s advice:“Spare no expense.” (But we all know how that worked out for him).



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