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"Jurassic World Dominion" may not come out until June, but why wait to have a dino-mite celebration until then? Especially when you could sink your talons into something as meaty as National Velociraptor Awareness Day (April 18)?

While creatures of the Jurassic period have been long extinct, the enthusiasm for them lives on. Whether you are in raptures over velociraptors or prefer to save your props for triceratops, now could be your time to throw a party more impressive than the teeth of a Tyrannosaurus rex (Fun fact: T. rex teeth were around 9 inches long).

Take a look at five Jurassic-tastic, dino-themed ideas every dinosaur enthusiast is sure to appreciate.

Velociwrap party

Thanks to Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" movie franchise, the velociraptor is probably one of the more recognizable predators of the dino world. And even though they’re 70-plus million years extinct, why not celebrate their ferocity with flare and fun? As an example, convert the “rap” in “raptor” to everything “wrap.”

Make your friends delicious “velociwraps” filled with savory spring selections. EatingWell.com has a delicious Spring Veggie Wrap recipe consisting of tofu, butter lettuce, shredded carrots, radishes and scallions, flavored with tahini, stuffed into a tortilla.


Extend the wrap concept to body treatments for you and your guests. WikiHow has a recipe for an aloe vera-based detox body wrap as well as healing and slimming wrap concoctions. After a healthy lunch and body treatment, display a stack of fuzzy blankets for guests to grab before roasting marshmallows over a fire pit, or prior to sitting down to watch a "Jurassic Park" movie. And don’t forget to adorn your velociraptor venue with fun “raptor facts.” Did you know that velociraptors were really only the size of a chicken?

T-Rex race

Full disclosure — the T. rex was not the fastest biped of the bunch. In fact, the monstrous and much-feared dino topped out around 20 mph. The dromiceiomimus speeds, in comparison to the larger T. rex, are thought to have reached 40 to 50 mph. But “Dromiceiomimus race” really doesn’t have the same ring as “T. rex race.”

No matter what you name your race, have each runner donate $5 as an entry fee. Encourage participants to don their favorite dino gear (masks, clothes, blowup T. rex costume if they dare). Consider plotting a 3- to 5-kilometer course (Fun fact No. 2: Some dinosaurs regularly traveled up to 300 kilometers in each direction!). The winner can collect the cash, or donate it to a local charity (or dinosaur museum?).


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