After a rough 2019, Hollywood's talent agencies brace for more uncertainty

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Few entertainment industry archetypes have remained as consistently recognizable as that of the brash Hollywood talent agent.

For recent film school graduates, joining the ranks of young deal-chasers was an entry point for those who wanted to get into show business yet preferred a steady income to the fragile existence of production assistants ...Read more

House passes resolution to nullify Trump student loan rule

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WASHINGTON -- The House on Thursday passed mostly along party lines a measure that would overturn a Trump administration rule rolling back protections for student loan borrowers, but the margin was well short of being veto-proof.

The joint resolution passed 231-180 with six Republicans joining 225 Democrats in favor. It now heads to the ...Read more

Outbreak of E. coli in Salinas Valley romaine lettuce is over, CDC says

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Federal health authorities have declared an end to three E. coli outbreaks traced to romaine lettuce grown in California's Salinas Valley.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifted its nationwide consumer advisory Wednesday, saying no more new illnesses have been traced to outbreaks linked to Fresh Express romaine lettuce ...Read more

As seas rise, coastal homes in Florida could lose value. One report says 15% by 2030

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MIAMI -- Increasing sea rise is going to water down the value of some of the most coveted and expensive real estate in Florida, and insurance rates will go up too.

That's the conclusion of a pair of new reports calculating just how much of an impact climate change will have on Florida's real estate industry.

A report from international ...Read more

NAFTA is history as Senate gives final approval to USMCA

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WASHINGTON -- Congress gave final approval to the new North American trade accord Thursday, with the Republican-controlled Senate moving swiftly during President Donald Trump's impeachment proceedings to hand him one of his biggest wins since occupying the White House.

There was never any doubt that the Senate would pass the United States-...Read more

Boeing orders from China could resume now that trade deal is signed

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The "phase one" trade deal signed by the U.S. and China Wednesday is expected to unblock an informal halt to Chinese orders for Boeing jets that had begun to affect the manufacturer's long-term production plans, and it could lead to big orders in 2020 and 2021.

The last Chinese order for a Boeing jet was in November 2017. In the more than two ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: You signed agent's agreement, so grit your teeth and pay

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Q: My tenant wants to purchase the home he recently rented with the help of my real estate agent. I checked the listing agreement I signed with the agent and noticed that it states that if I sell the property to the tenant, I need to pay the agent an additional sales commission. I already paid the agent for the rental, and I do not understand ...Read more

NJ company must pay for employee's medical marijuana, appeals court rules

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In a ruling that could have far-reaching effects, an appeals court in New Jersey ruled this week that a contractor must reimburse a former employee for the cost of the medical marijuana that he uses to treat his incessant pain from a work-related injury.

"This is huge. And the significance of this court decision cannot be overstated," said ...Read more

E. coli outbreak linked to romaine is over, FDA says, but hunt for the cause continues

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The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that consumers no longer have to avoid romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, California, though it continues to investigate the cause of three E. coli outbreaks that sickened nearly 200 people last fall.

The agency lifted the consumer advisory it issued Nov. 22 because the region's growing season is ...Read more

Microsoft ups its commitment to affordable housing by $250 million

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SEATTLE -- One year ago, Microsoft made national headlines with its largest pledge ever, a promise to invest $500 million in affordable housing.

On Wednesday, the tech giant put a potential $250 million on top of that.

Like most of its previous tranche of funding, though, the new money isn't for free -- it's a line of credit for a state agency...Read more

Why cutting car and truck emissions is so hard

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State lawmakers and regulators are turning their eyes to the road in the fight against climate change, recognizing that the transportation sector now produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other portion of the economy.

They are finding few simple solutions.

The Transportation and Climate Initiative released a proposal last month to ...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: Despite almost no evidence of abuse, Trump plans to narrow Medicaid eligibility

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For all that President Trump loves to portray himself as a protector of Americans' healthcare -- witness his fatuous new claim to have "saved Pre-Existing Conditions in your Healthcare," when he's actually undermined those safeguards -- perhaps the most consistent administration healthcare policy has been an attack on Medicaid.

The new year ...Read more

Dee Gill: Moving for happiness, part 1: How to relocate among people who bring you joy

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You're thinking about moving, from your hometown or college town or wherever you've been lately. Perhaps you've just graduated and are pursuing jobs in several states. Or you need to relocate so your spouse can find a better job. Or maybe you and your partner come from different cities, and you're considering those so your kids can grow up near ...Read more

Beyond plant-based meat, General Mills is now investing in plant-based seafood

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Tuna without the mercury and fish burgers without the fish.

That's what Gathered Foods Corp., a startup firm that developed plant-based seafood, is selling -- and General Mills has decided to help.

301 Inc., the venture arm of General Mills, and a handful of other venture capitalists are investing more than $32 million in a Series B funding ...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: Trump's China trade deal doesn't even get us back to square one, despite immense cost

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That sound you may have heard Wednesday morning was that of a heavy truck spinning its wheels, as President Trump signed an agreement with China that imposes a cease-fire in a trade war that has achieved virtually nothing for Americans, except the imposition of enormous economic costs on U.S. consumers, farmers and manufacturers.

At the signing...Read more

Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids blasts 'golden parachute' for fired Boeing CEO

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WASHINGTON -- Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids ripped Boeing Wednesday for the more than $60 million it will pay its fired CEO while Kansas aviation workers lose their jobs because of the grounding of the company's 737 Max airliner for safety issues.

Davids, D-Kansas, is a member of the House Transportation Committee, which has been investigating...Read more

GM to shift hundreds more temporary workers to full-time

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General Motors said Wednesday that more than 1,350 temporary workers at 14 of its U.S. facilities will shift to full-time positions before the end of March.

That includes the 930 the automaker already converted to full-time regular jobs on Jan. 6, as first reported by the Free Press.

"Our employees are essential to meeting the needs of our ...Read more

Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos case: Feds claim patient harms related to HIV, pregnancy

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Federal prosecutors this week attacked in dramatic fashion a move by fallen Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes to quash felony fraud charges related to patients who paid for the company's blood tests.

The bombshell court action by the prosecution came in response to a mid-December motion by Holmes to get a judge to dismiss ...Read more

GM bids to buy land for a new battery factory in Lordstown

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General Motors wants to build a new battery factory in Lordstown, Ohio, right next door to its former car assembly plant that it shuttered and sold last year.

The automaker said it has a purchase agreement to buy a 158-acre vacant site in Trumbull County, Ohio. It is land GM once owned, but surrendered during its 2009 bankruptcy.

GM is also in...Read more

Nexstar to launch national nightly newscast on WGN America

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Nexstar Media Group, which bought Tribune Media in September, is launching a nightly three-hour national newscast on cable channel WGN America beginning this summer.

Competing with established cable news networks such as CNN and Fox, "News Nation" will be broadcast to more than 75 million homes from new facilities being built at WGN's studios ...Read more