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Airline investors see a post-pandemic rebound in low-cost travel

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(Bloomberg) — New money is flowing to low-cost airlines in the U.S. as they take on giant carriers racing to recover from the unprecedented collapse in travel during the pandemic.

Two established carriers that had already been flying sold shares in the past month, while two new airlines managed to raise more than $100 million each in a little...Read more

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Government, consumers want lower EV prices, but automakers still pricing high

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Government officials and consumers want to see cheaper electric vehicles, but automakers are launching expensive options as they work to make these types of vehicles affordable down the road.

The automakers, including General Motors Co. with its "Everybody In" campaign, say they will offer EVs across a wide range of pricing. And, to help speed ...Read more

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This food tech startup wants to keep the world's bananas and avocados fresher longer

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Hazel Technologies, a Chicago-based startup that created a small drop-in packet to keep bananas and other produce from turning prematurely brown, is starting to produce a lot of green.

The 6-year-old company announced Tuesday it raised $70 million in a completed investment round, financing ambitions to grow Hazel into an international food tech...Read more

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Grain Belt Express promises stronger electric grid -- if Missouri lawmakers don't kill it

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Developers of the Grain Belt Express say the massive transmission line remains on track to open up by 2025, connecting wind power in western Kansas with voracious demand in the East.

The 800-mile project promises to add more reliability to the electric grid — all the more enticing since rolling blackouts in February left millions of Americans...Read more

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Tech Q&A: Pros and cons of downsized 'Windows 10 in S mode'

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Q: To get a lower price, I purchased a new laptop with Windows 10 running in "S mode." I understand that S mode is supposed to be more secure, but that my software choices are limited. (I also know I can upgrade to full Windows 10, but I'm not sure this PC could handle it.) But I'm still trying to figure out security. How can I do a manual ...Read more


Spanish-language media giants Univision and Televisa to merge

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Univision Communications and Grupo Televisa plan to merge their entertainment assets to create a powerful new Spanish-language media company with one foot in the United States and the other in Mexico.

The companies jointly announced the move late Tuesday, formalizing a process that began quietly after Univision came under new ownership late ...Read more


Spanish-language media giants Univision and Televisa to merge

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Univision Communications and Grupo Televisa plan to merge their entertainment assets to create a powerful new Spanish-language media company with one foot in the United States and the other in Mexico.

The companies jointly announced the move late Tuesday, formalizing a process that began quietly after Univision came under new ownership late ...Read more

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Georgia faith leaders push big business for action on voter laws

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Georgia faith leaders and corporate executives met virtually on Tuesday in an effort to find common ground to fight a slew of election overhaul bills sweeping the nation, including the state's controversial SB 202, which was recently signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp.

The closed summit, which lasted about an hour and a half, was led by Coca-...Read more

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Wells Fargo investing in 5 Black-owned banks

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Wells Fargo is investing in five Black-owned banks, including two in Georgia, the company said Tuesday.

The company has pledged to invest up to $50 million in minority-owned institutions. As part of that, Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta and Carver State Bank in Savannah will receive capital injections, as will First Independence Bank in Detroit,...Read more

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Epic Games raises another $1B from investors. Video game maker now valued at $29B

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CARY, N.C. — Epic Games has completed another astronomical round of funding from investors, making the company worth nearly $29 billion and easily making it the most valuable venture-backed company in North Carolina.

The Cary-based video game developer said Tuesday it raised another $1 billion from investors — money it will use to continue ...Read more

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GOP Senate bill seeks to override CDC's cruise regulations, allow sailing soon

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WASHINGTON — Florida’s U.S. Senators introduced legislation Tuesday to override the Centers for Disease Control’s existing framework cruise ships must follow to resume operations and replace current regulations with a new set of recommendations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 aboard ships.

Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, along with ...Read more

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Going back to the office? How most employers are handling COVID vaccines for workers

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As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available to workers across the state, Florida employers are planning for thousands of people to start heading back to the workplace.

But the process is easier said than done. Many employers are hoping to get their workers inoculated. In turn, they face an array of legal considerations. Where will ...Read more

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United wants passengers to donate money to sustainable jet fuel. But is it better than carbon offsets for saving the planet?

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United Airlines is giving customers who want to reduce the environmental impact of their travel a way to buy sustainable jet fuel that releases fewer emissions than traditional jet fuel.

The Chicago-based airline has already secured commitments from about a dozen companies using the program to help offset emissions from employee travel or ...Read more

Disney's inclusion push includes updated rules on tattoos, jewelry, hair for cast members

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Walt Disney World workers soon may look different thanks to changes in the Disney Look, the company’s long-standing appearance guide. Visitors may see tattoos, fingernail polish and newly allowed hairstyles for the first time in Disney theme parks.

These dress-code changes and other alterations are part of the company’s broader look at ...Read more

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Housing advocates want equity provisions in infrastructure bill

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Witnesses urged senators to bake provisions to ensure equity into President Joe Biden’s proposed infrastructure package or they would risk repeating a history of public investments that locked African Americans and minorities out of buying homes and building wealth.

Federal policies, including provisions of the New Deal and a 1950s law to ...Read more

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Tax cheats are costing the US $1 trillion a year, IRS estimates

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The head of the IRS calculated that tax evasion in the U.S. may total $1 trillion a year, a figure that is multiples higher than previous estimates from the federal government.

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Chuck Rettig told a Senate panel Tuesday that previous tallies of the tax gap — which came to a cumulative amount of about $441 ...Read more


NHTSA investigating air bag failure complaints in GM vehicles

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The U.S. government's highway safety agency is investigating complaints that the air bags may not inflate in a crash on thousands of General Motors vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the investigation covers nearly 750,000 Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC vehicles from the 2020 and 2021 model years. Most are full-size ...Read more

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Jack Ma's double-whammy marks the end of China tech's Golden Age

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The full implications of Beijing’s rapid-fire moves against Jack Ma’s internet empire in recent days won’t be apparent for weeks, but one lesson is already clear: The glory days for China’s technology giants are over.

The country’s government imprinted its authority indelibly on the country’s technology industry in the span of a few...Read more

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Boeing wins orders and resumes 787 deliveries as March hints at positive momentum

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Boeing airplane orders and deliveries ticked upward in March as the 737 Max's return to service gained momentum and some airlines flying the airplane began to look toward a possible recovery from the pandemic downturn.

Sales data released Tuesday shows the planemaker recorded positive net orders for just the second month in a row, after more ...Read more

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Consumer Confidential: Why spend billions for Ancestry's DNA data if you don't plan to use it?

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Shirley Ruge has long been fascinated with exploring her family tree. At one time, that meant many hours spent combing through records at courthouses and libraries.

For the last 20 years or so, the Indian Wells resident has focused her research on Ancestry (a.k.a., one of the leading sites for genealogical sleuthing and DNA ...Read more