The Week Ahead: Is this Fed fight round over?

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Don't get into a fight with anyone who is bigger, and judges success differently than you.

In other words, don't fight the Federal Reserve.

For the past year, the Fed has been fighting to get its target interest rate back into what it considers a more normal range and cut back on its massive portfolio of mortgage-backed bonds. It has been ...Read more

Auto review: Hyundai updates its Elantra sedan for 2019, adding technology, safety

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The compact Hyundai Elantra sedan, now in its sixth generation, gets a thorough redesign for 2019, inside and out, including more standard technology features, along with a new infotainment system and additional active safety features standard on more trims.

Exterior styling is upgraded with a wider grille featuring horizontal slats, and deep-...Read more

Apple is the latest tech giant looking for a home away from home

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Apple will expand its workforce at new and existing offices across the country and plans to build a billion-dollar campus for 5,000 additional employees in Austin, Texas.

Though Austin will land the biggest part of the Silicon Valley giant's expansion, the Cupertino company also announced plans Thursday to open additional offices in Culver City...Read more

Donald Trump tears into GM: Mary Barra's decision was 'nasty'

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President Donald Trump again attacked General Motors and its CEO, Mary Barra, over its plans to cut 14,000 jobs.

"I don't like what she did," Trump said during an interview with Fox's Harris Faulkner. "It was nasty. Ohio is going to replace those jobs in two minutes."

GM on Nov. 26 announced it was closing five factories, including Lordstown ...Read more

Whole Foods is officially breaking up with Instacart

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When Instacart began delivering Whole Foods Market groceries in 2014, it was the first national partner the startup had landed. Instacart founder and CEO Apoorva Mehta once described both companies as sharing "a common vision to create great grocery shopping experience."

That once-close partnership, however, will soon be ending.

Pushed to the ...Read more

Apple says it will establish a new location in San Diego, add 1,000 jobs over three years

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Apple said Thursday that it plans to expand in San Diego, bringing 1,000 employees to the local workforce over the next three years.

The Cupertino iPhone maker, which is in a bitter legal fight with Qualcomm over patent fees, made the announcement as part of its unveiling of a new $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas.

Apple said it was ...Read more

Sudden impact: China's soybean purchase jolts prices

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China's decision to purchase 1.1 million metric tons of U.S. soybeans, announced Thursday by U.S. officials, had an instant impact in Minnesota, lifting bid prices at grain elevators and sending farmers and grain marketers to their calculators.

Shipping terminals in the Pacific Northwest started accepting soybeans for the first time in months. ...Read more

Sears racked up nearly $1.9 billion in losses amid bankruptcy

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Despite closing dozens of stores and laying off 200 corporate employees as it tried to stave off a bankruptcy filing, Sears racked up nearly $1.9 billion in losses in the nine months ending Nov. 3.

That's more than triple the sum the Hoffman Estates-based department store chain reported in the same nine-month period in 2017, according to a ...Read more

Delta Air Lines' new boarding process loads big spenders and loyal customers first

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Getting passengers onto a plane in the most efficient, and potentially most profitable, way possible is a favorite study topic for air carriers and academics.

Delta Air Lines is going to try something different: boarding based on what the passengers paid, whether in cash or loyalty points.

Under the system that starts Jan. 23, Delta will no ...Read more

United Airlines could power jets with biofuel made from trash

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A new plant in Gary, Ind., plans to turn hundreds of thousands of tons of trash into fuel, some of which could end up powering United Airlines' planes.

California-based Fulcrum BioEnergy on Thursday announced plans for the $600 million alternative fuel plant in Gary. Construction is not expected to start until 2020. But once operations begin, ...Read more

NC hog farm's neighbors not entitled to punitive damages, judge rules

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- A federal judge on Thursday brought the fourth hog farm nuisance trial to an abrupt halt by ruling that the plaintiffs presented insufficient evidence to impose punitive damages.

The end to the month-long trial came after jurors on Wednesday returned verdicts in favor of all eight plaintiffs, who live near a Sampson County hog ...Read more

United Airlines flight attendants launch protest over downsizing of international crews

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To voice their frustration over proposed staffing changes, United Airlines flight attendants launched noisy protests Thursday at airports around the world, including Los Angeles International Airport.

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, representing 50,000 flight attendants at 20 airlines, organized the picketing campaign to protest the ...Read more

Tribune Publishing ends talks about selling company to McClatchy

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Tribune Publishing has terminated negotiations to sell the Chicago-based newspaper company to McClatchy, a source familiar with the matter said Thursday.

The decision, reached by the Tribune Publishing board Thursday, followed several months of negotiations with the California-based McClatchy Co. The source said potential antitrust issues in ...Read more

Second Canadian detained in China as diplomatic dispute escalates

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BEIJING -- A second Canadian man has been detained by Chinese officials, raising the stakes in a growing international dispute over a Chinese high-tech executive who was arrested in Canada and held for extradition to the United States.

Michael Spavor was taken into custody Monday after being questioned in the country's northeast, near the ...Read more

International piracy ring targeted Hollywood film companies, prosecutors say

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Five men accused of operating an international movie piracy ring were indicted Wednesday on federal charges after authorities say they hacked into Hollywood film company computer systems to steal unreleased movies and TV shows such as "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "The Walking Dead."

Federal prosecutors say the group would alter the properties of ...Read more

Allstate CEO: Stop arguing about climate change and start preparing for severe weather

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Allstate has paid out more than $1.2 billion to victims of two devastating wildfires in California.

The Northbrook-based insurer on Wednesday announced estimated November losses of $685 million before taxes, including an estimated $670 million related to the Camp Fire in Northern California and the Woolsey Fires near Los Angeles. That's despite...Read more

Backpack-wearing bumblebees could buzz fields, tell farmers how crops are doing

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Scientists have been using tracking devices on large animals for decades to monitor the health of a herd, or study an animal's range and habits.

Now, a group of University of Washington researchers has figured out how to put a tiny tracking sensor on a bumblebee.

The sensor, or "backpack," weighs as much as seven grains of dry rice, and can be...Read more

Flight has to turn around after human heart was left onboard

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SEATTLE -- On Sunday afternoon, a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Dallas made a hairpin turn over eastern Idaho and headed back for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The reason, the captain told passengers: Someone forgot to unload a human heart.

Dr. Andrew Gottschalk recalled that his fellow passengers went through a series of ...Read more

Virgin Galactic reaches suborbital space for the first time

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MOJAVE, Calif. -- Virgin Galactic reached suborbital space for the first time in a test flight Thursday, bringing Richard Branson's company closer to flying its customers beyond Earth's atmosphere.

Thursday was the fourth time VSS Unity fired up its rocket motor and flew on its own power after being released from the belly of a larger, twin-...Read more

Real estate Q&A: Yes, probate is tricky — but you can make it easier

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Q: I inherited two lots in Florida from my mother who recently died. Her estate was probated in South Carolina, and she left everything to me. The Florida tax bills still show the property is in her estate. How do I transfer the lots to my name? -- Barbara

A: To answer your question I need to review the concept of jurisdiction. A court's ...Read more

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