Consumer Confidential: Let's talk about Medicare for all — for pets

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Medicare for all. For pets.

I've been chewing on that idea since chatting with Stephanie Napoles, 32, who shared a recent experience involving her Cane Corso, Rockie.

Rockie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia after a minor accident. It's a relatively common ailment among larger dogs (and Cane Corsos are big; Rockie, at 8 months, already weighs ...Read more

Meet Alki David: The self-appointed ambassador for the wronged men of the #MeToo movement

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LOS ANGELES -- Inside a stuffy Los Angeles Superior courtroom, Alkiviades "Alki" David, the British-Greek billionaire heir to a Coca-Cola bottling fortune, held forth, stomping around in Louis Vuitton combat boots, purple jeans and a Ramones T-shirt that did little to conceal his body atlas of tattoos. David, who is the man behind the dead-...Read more

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos live there. So why is this town asking its residents to pay more in property taxes?

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MEDINA, Wash. -- Within the gated estates that line this city's leafy streets live the richest of the rich.

People with names like Gates, Bezos and Nordstrom call the waterfront enclave home, helping burnish Medina's image as the heart of Lake Washington's "Gold Coast." The city has 3,200 residents, a smattering of businesses and a citywide, 24...Read more

Breathalyzer for weed could be a 'game changer' for legalization efforts

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PHILADELPHIA -- When New Jersey lawmakers debated earlier this year whether to legalize recreational use of marijuana, the Garden State's police organizations were adamantly against it.

The cops said that legal weed might lead to an explosion in the numbers of impaired drivers operating under the influence. And the police would be caught ...Read more

It's a tight labor market, and unemployment is at a 50-year low. So why aren't wages rising?

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Recently we learned that the nation's unemployment rate fell to a nearly 50-year low. Great news, right? Yes, but job gains have slowed and wage increases are moderating.

Aren't wages supposed to rise when labor markets are tight? And isn't job growth supposed to be strong when the economy is expanding solidly?

What is really going on in the ...Read more

Lithium will fuel the clean energy boom. This company may have a breakthrough

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Gaze across the Salton Sea, a sparkling oasis in the California desert, and you'll see white plumes of steam rising against the hazy Chocolate Mountains.

The steam comes from 11 geothermal power plants, nestled between the accidental lake and the verdant farm fields of the Imperial Valley. The area has been churning out climate-friendly ...Read more

GM deal with UAW on health care costs may help end strike, hurt Ford

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DETROIT -- General Motors, in its negotiations with the UAW, has cost Ford a lot of money.

Why? Ford employs the most hourly workers in the United States and as a result pays more for health care. So any costs that GM negotiates in what is seen as a master contract with the Detroit Three directly impacts Ford disproportionately, labor analysts ...Read more

Flour mill in Baltimore County's Oella, Maryland's last commercial mill, to shut down

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Maryland will lose its last commercial grain mill when a flour and corn mill on the banks of the Patapsco River across from old Ellicott City shuts down early next year.

Wilkins-Rogers Inc. plans to relocate its Oella milling operations somewhere in the Midwest, according to Baltimore County officials who have been in contact with the company. ...Read more

UPS launching self-storage service

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UPS is launching a self-storage service allowing customers to have packed bins picked up and delivered to a UPS facility for storage.

UPS launched Storage on Demand after a team of four UPS employees pitched the idea at a company innovation competition and brought it to market in nine months.

The service is available in greater metro Atlanta ...Read more

UAW summons its National GM Council to Detroit, but has no deal with yet

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DETROIT -- The UAW has sent a letter to its National General Motors Council summoning union local officers to Detroit on Thursday for a morning meeting at the Marriott downtown.

Meanwhile, negotiators for GM and the UAW wrapped up a day of talks Monday evening, on the 29th day of a nationwide strike against the automaker. Negotiations are ...Read more

As CDC warns against all cannabis vaping, California's legal market tries to ease consumer fears

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SAN DIEGO -- Pesticides, mold, bacteria -- these are boogeymen that technicians at cannabis testing labs are intimately familiar with and look for daily as part of California's rigorous requirements to legally bring THC products to market.

In the past month, they've increasingly been asked to look for something else: vitamin E acetate.

The ...Read more

Facebook's Libra faces more resistance from finance leaders

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Facebook is meeting even more resistance to its Libra cryptocurrency as financial officials with some of the world's biggest governments are expected this week to say Libra should not be allowed to go forward without stronger assurances that it won't disrupt the international finance system.

A report from a task force made up of officials from ...Read more

Riot Games tells broadcasters to keep political issues off the air

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Before pro gamers took the stage this weekend at the League of Legends World Championship Group stage, developer Riot Games laid out some ground rules.

But the company's message had little to do with the game itself.

Seemingly wary of stirring any geopolitical controversy after rival studio Blizzard faced backlash for punishing a gamer with ...Read more

Qualcomm chips to power 30-plus devices targeting 5G home broadband

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Can new 5G mobile networks deliver wireless Internet service that's fast and reliable enough to challenge cable companies in the home broadband market?

That question could be answered relatively soon. As 5G network roll-outs become more widespread, delivering broadband to homes is considered one of the most promising potential businesses for ...Read more

Disney+ reveals everything it will start streaming on Nov. 12

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Disney on Monday threw down a new gauntlet in the streaming TV wars when it released the list of practically every TV show and movie title that will be available on the Disney+ subscription service when it goes live on Nov. 12.

And fans of Disney classics -- or the studio's more obscure titles dating back decades -- are in luck.

"It. Is. Time....Read more

UnitedHealthcare plan faces Medicare sanction

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UnitedHealthcare is facing enrollment restrictions next year in one of its Medicare Advantage health plan contracts, regulators say, because the insurer hasn't been spending a large enough share of revenue on the health care needs of enrollees.

The sanction from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) applies to just one of United'...Read more

The Journey: How companies can improve employees' retirement security

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There's a wide gulf between what employers think they are doing to help workers retire comfortably and what workers are actually experiencing, a new survey shows.

Seventy-five percent of employers consider their workplaces to be "aging friendly," but just 54% of workers say their employers are aging friendly, according to the Transamerica ...Read more

On Philanthropy: In the eyes of business leaders, 'social purpose' has replaced 'shareholder capitalism'

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Nearly 50 years ago, Milton Friedman launched the era of "shareholder capitalism." At that time, the Nobel-Prize-winning economist admonished American business leaders that their only responsibility was to maximize profits. The world has changed a lot since then -- for better and for worse. Some still espouse this theory.

According to Friedman ...Read more

Sanders pledges 20% worker stake in sweeping governance overhaul

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Bernie Sanders proposed sweeping changes to U.S. corporate governance that would give workers 20% ownership in public companies and the right to elect 45% of their directors, while expanding the government's power to stop mergers.

The 2020 Democratic presidential contender's "corporate accountability plan" proposes to restore...Read more

Susan Tompor: Scammers are fooling millennials out of millions of dollars: Here's how

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Stefanie Rinna, 26, initially was pretty happy to get a text from a prospective employer who said she spotted the young woman's information on the job site So Rinna jumped on the chance in September to do an interview via Google Hangouts.

The interviewer for the food packaging company seemed to want to fill a real job.

"At first, ...Read more