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Motormouth: Brake booster likely cause of starting trouble

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Q: My 2015 Honda Accord is having random starting problems. The brake pedal is too stiff to depress and then pushing the start button proves useless. Usually, this condition self-corrects after several minutes of waiting. This happens randomly following no discernible pattern. My long-time trusty mechanic is thoroughly flummoxed by the problem ...Read more

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'Mega-development' for the Chicago's South Side gets official nod

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The Chicago City Council has approved the sale of the former Michael Reese Hospital site and zoning for a $4 billion mixed-use redevelopment, inching the proposed Bronzeville lakefront project closer to breaking ground.

The $97 million sale of the medical campus will allow a coalition of development companies to move forward on nearly 8 million...Read more


Real estate Q&A: Can my HOA charge me $1,000 to have a tree removed?

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Q: I would like to remove a tree on our homeowner association’s property in front of my house. My association wants to charge me around $1,000 for removing the tree, stump grinding and replacing the sod. My question is, can I be charged for this procedure? —Rita

A: Landscaping on your community’s common property belongs to the community ...Read more

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500,000 US hotel jobs won't return this year, lodging group says

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Even as tourists return to popular destinations, a new report says nearly 500,000 hotel jobs lost in the United States during the pandemic will not return this year.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association released their midyear report with two key findings: One in five of the lodging jobs lost nationwide would not come back by next January,...Read more

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Scabby, the Chicago-born giant inflatable protest rat, spared by National Labor Relations Board

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Threatened with extermination for allegedly scaring away attendees at an Indiana RV show, Scabby, the Chicago-born giant inflatable protest rat, has been exonerated by the National Labor Relations Board.

In a ruling issued Wednesday, the board found Scabby’s hulking presence alone did not violate the National Labor Relations Act, dismissing a...Read more


Amid PSERS troubles, Pa. lawmakers may be ready for pension reform

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With the state’s largest retirement plan facing an FBI investigation, poor investment results, and an attempted coup by dissident trustees, Pennsylvania legislators are finally showing signs that they’re serious about pension reform.

After many false starts, several bills have been introduced in the state legislature this year that would ...Read more

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GM to temporarily halt most of its full-size pickup production due to chips shortage

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General Motors has done everything it can to protect production of its in-demand and highly profitable full-size pickups from the ongoing global shortage of semiconductor chips used in many car parts.

But now GM will be pausing most of its pickup production in North America.

In a notice to union members obtained by the Free Press, and ...Read more


Carla Fried: Medicare Part B premiums headed higher for millions of retirees

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Once you’re enrolled in Medicare, the government picks up the vast majority of your medical bills. But not all. And the cost of a key part of Medicare coverage is expected to cost higher-income households significantly more in the coming years.

Medicare Part B means testing

Nearly all enrollees are required to pay a monthly premium for ...Read more

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Stellantis CEO on weather events pushing electrification: Our company is ready

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The head of the world's fourth-largest automaker on Wednesday acknowledged that public opinion in the wake of recent devastating floods in Europe and elsewhere is likely to push governments toward stricter regulations on emissions and accelerate the auto industry's move to electrification.

Specifically mentioning flooding that claimed hundreds ...Read more

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J&J, distributors reach settlement with states over opioids

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Drug maker Johnson & Johnson and three opioid distributors have agreed to pay $26 billion to settle thousands of government lawsuits blaming them for helping create a public-health crisis tied to their mishandling of the painkillers.

The deal — years in the making — calls for McKesson Corp., Cardinal Health Inc. and AmerisourceBergen Corp. ...Read more

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Ford's Europe sales up 43.7% in the second quarter

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Ford Motor Co. netted 242,618 sales in Europe in the second quarter, for a 43.7% increase over the same period last year.

Meanwhile, Ford's European sales of more than 500,000 vehicles through the first half of the year represent a 22.6% improvement over last year, when the onset of the coronavirus pandemic led to widespread lockdowns.

Ford ...Read more


Uber and Lyft drivers strike over pay, gig work conditions

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Uber and Lyft drivers joining a strike across California on Wednesday are aiming their message at Washington, in the first such strike by ride-hailing drivers intended to rally support for national legislative changes to improve their working conditions.

The 24-hour strike, which began at midnight Wednesday, aims to push Congress to pass the ...Read more

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No more invites. No more wait lists. Exclusive Clubhouse app goes public

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Clubhouse, the popular audio-streaming app accessible only by invitation, just got a lot more inviting.

Clubhouse announced Wednesday that it is ditching its signature invite-only structure in favor of a more open model, which will allow anyone to join a public livestream at any time — no wait list required.

Likewise, anyone who wants to ...Read more


Long Beach considers options for Queen Mary, including sinking the ship

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The aging Queen Mary could cost the city of Long Beach, Calif., up to $175 million to preserve and maintain over the next 25 years but it could cost even more — up to $190 million — to recycle for scrap or sink into the ocean.

Those were some of the options considered Tuesday by the Long Beach City Council, which formally took control of ...Read more

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Tech Q&A: Creating a second Chrome profile is like starting over

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Q: I created a new profile in the Google Chrome browser that's separate from the main profile, which is my wife's. But now when I use the browser, all of my bookmarks are gone. I tried to export the bookmarks from my wife's profile, but it didn't work. How can I get my old bookmarks into my new browser profile, or just delete my new profile?

�...Read more

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Cruise lines navigate complex rules as Alaska sailings resume from Seattle

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It’s a sight Seattle hasn’t seen in a while: lines of vacationers at Pier 91, many dressed in Hawaiian shirts, bucket hats and sunglasses, with suitcases and smiles. The Majestic Princess floats on their left, the Serenade of Seas to the right.

Under sunny skies, the first Alaska cruise of the season — and the first since the onset of the...Read more

Ford, Argo AI team with Lyft to launch self-driving robotaxi service in Miami, Austin

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Ford Motor Co. and Argo AI will launch a limited robotaxi service on ride-sharing company Lyft's platform beginning later this year, the companies announced Wednesday.

The initial deployment of the service in two cities — Miami later this year, and Austin next year — marks a significant step on Ford's path to launching a commercial ...Read more

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Uber and Lyft drivers are on strike today. What riders need to know

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Rides through Uber and Lyft that are already hard to secure these days — and sometimes eye-poppingly expensive — because many drivers stopped working in the pandemic may become even more difficult to reserve Wednesday, when some drivers will be on strike.

An organization that represents rideshare drivers has called for the strike and has...Read more

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Motormouth: How can I turn this off?

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Q: I recently bought a 2021 Ford F-150 with the center lane control. When driving on a straight road, such as I-94, etc., the light comes on telling me to hold my hands on the steering wheel every few minutes or more often, unless I move the wheel several times a minute. I am 85 years old, and I can hold the wheel straight, without moving it, ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: A labor regulator protecting workers? To Big Business, that's 'unfit'

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David Weil doesn't come across as a bomb-throwing leftist extremist, not this soft-spoken academic with tortoiseshell glasses, a receding hairline and his unfailingly polite replies to accusatory questions from some members of a Senate committee considering his nomination to a high Department of Labor post.

Business lobbies say they aren't ...Read more