Want a Bigger Salary? Just Ask!

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No. 1: "Turn the question around and ask about their budget."

Use interview jiu-jitsu to put you in the driver's seat. Let the interviewer fumble and mumble. Whatever dollar figure you are eventually presented, look off into the distance and pretend to think it over -- 15 minutes is about right -- before you respond, "Is that in American currency, or are we talking about Uzbekistani soms?"

This will embarrass the interviewer, who will definitely offer top dollar. Unless, of course, you are negotiating for a job in Uzbekistan, in which case, shut up. You've hit the jackpot.

No. 2: "Move past the question and go back to your qualifications."

Experts say you can duck the question with a response, like "That's not something I'm comfortable answering, but I'm happy to talk about my qualifications for this role." Experts also say that answering in this way "may be uncomfortable for you and the interviewers."

Even worse, it suggests that you may be one of those honest people with tons of integrity, who is not afraid to speak their mind to management. If this is what the interviewer suspects, you'll never get the job.

No. 3: "Do in-depth salary research before the interview."

Why do a lot of work in order to get a job that will be a lot of work? Instead, pick a number out of the air. Before the interview, take a stroll through the company parking lot, noting the types of vehicles you see. This is your multiplier. For example:


More than 25 Teslas -- double the number.

More than 25 bicycles -- cut the number in half.

More than three high-power, high-testosterone trucks like the Hennessey Chevrolet Silverado Goliath, or the Shelby Ford F-150 Super Snake or even one Humvee, even if it's pink -- you don't want to work here for any amount of money. Jump on your skateboard and head for the hills.

In the final analysis, the salary you're offered is never going to be the salary you want, but if you work hard enough, for long enough, you may eventually get the paycheck you deserve. In the meantime, don't forget the free kombucha.

You're worth it.


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