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Thurber’s Tail: Can Dogs Talk?

Tom Purcell on

A dog walks into a dentist’s office one evening and says, “I think I’m a moth.”

The dentist says, “I’m sorry, buddy, but I can’t help you. You need to see a veterinarian.”

“I am seeing a veterinarian,” says the dog.

“Then why did you come to my office?” said the dentist.

“Your light was on,” said the dog.

The fact is, Thurber DOES “talk” in a series of funny videos featured on his blog, ThurbersTail.com. Watch him tell jokes at this link: ThurbersTail.com/FunnyVideos.

In any event, all of this talk about talking dogs reminds me of the fellow who sees a sign outside a house that reads: “Talking Dog for Sale.”

The fellow walks up to a dog sitting on the front porch, and the dog says, “May I help you mister?”


“You really can talk!” says the man. “You’re amazing!”

“My life has been amazing,” says the dog. “My talking skills helped me communicate with human authorities and other dogs to save avalanche victims in the Alps, as well as earthquake and hurricane victims all over the world. Now semi-retired, I spend my days telling jokes at the local children’s hospital.”

The fellow, flabbergasted, asks the dog’s owner, “Why on Earth would you want to sell an incredible dog like this?”

“Because he’s a compulsive liar!” said the dog’s owner. “He’s never left the yard!”


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