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Beads, bourbon and … babies in New Orleans?

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NEW ORLEANS -- The family stepped warily onto Bourbon Street and hurried past a burlesque joint, an absinthe bar and neon signs touting "Leather Lingerie Love Toys" and "Hunk Oasis Male Strippers."

Heather and Chad Bruton, a clean-cut couple from Texas, didn't want to visit this historic city for the first time without witnessing its famed ...Read more

Taking the Kids: What's new at museums for families

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Pirates and Winnie-the-Pooh, LEGO creations and the world of comedy. Welcome to what's new at museums this summer and fall.

That's right -- museums. Whether you have an end-of-summer trip planned or just a few days before the school year gets into full swing, consider checking out a new museum exhibit or two. And if you are a member of your ...Read more

Your child's dream of space travel is here

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We have all imagined what it might be like to go into space, to land on Mars, to be an astronaut. Now at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida you and your family can live it.

Learning about science and space is important, but experiencing the trials and actively participating in simulations of life on another planet gives ...Read more

7 bucket list trips you can do on a budget

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When it comes to travel, the term "bucket list" can be synonymous with "budget-busting." Sure, some bucket-list candidates, like safaris or around-the-world cruises, are so expensive you might need multiple lifetimes to pay them off. But we know you can have an epic, life-changing trip without draining your bank account to ...Read more

Ireland's culinary delights

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Irish cuisine has long been the fodder of jokes -- a kind of penance to suffer through in order to enjoy the people, music and lush scenery of the Emerald Isle. But that's an outdated notion: Travelers today find fresh, inventive, flavorful meals there -- and many Irish towns are working to establish themselves as foodie destinations.

Long ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Ronny Chieng

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Comedian Ronny Chieng makes his movie debut in "Crazy Rich Asians," where he portrays wealthy investment banker Edison Cheng. "This is my first film project, so I don't have anything to compare it with," says Chieng, 32, who's based out of New York. "But the cast got along really well. One of the greatest things about Singapore and Malaysia is ...Read more

Water and wine make a perfect pairing in Oregon's Willamette Valley

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Standing at the bow of a little rowboat and chatting with my two companions, I realize I'm not just fly-fishing Oregon's famed McKenzie River, I'm also a student in a floating master class on how chance geologic events made this valley about perfect for two things: growing grapes to make world-class wines, and sustaining some of the country's ...Read more

Daring to venture out — by water taxi — during Boston layover

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On our way to Nantucket, my travel companion and I found ourselves with a four-hour-plus layover in Boston. Naturally, I asked the JetBlue agents at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport if we had enough time to zip into the city for lunch.

The Twin Cities agents were unsure. Upon overhearing the conversation, a Boston native jumped in to warn me ...Read more

10 urban sanctuaries well worth a visit

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A foray into the heart of a city can be made all the more memorable and enjoyable with a visit to a public park. In addition to providing restful green spaces for a picnic or a stroll, most of the nation's metropolitan parks offer an extraordinary array of recreational opportunities and cultural sites. In many instances they stand out among ...Read more

Taking the Kids: An outdoor adventure in Breckenridge

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It was a day of firsts in Breckenridge, Colorado. It was the first time 4-year-old twins from Minneapolis saw mountains. "Just that is exciting," said their mom, Sarah Fessler.

The first time seeing a bear in the wild for 10-year-old Sadie Maraster from Dallas, who explained excitedly, "Near our cabin. That was an once-in-a-lifetime thing!"

...Read more

Lexington's historic Distillery District gets a new lease on life

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Approaching the Distillery District from downtown Lexington, Ky., motorists are taken aback by the large black-and-red mural depicting what looks to be -- depending on your perspective -- a demented scuba diver, a man wearing a gas mask, or more menacingly, a prison inmate flashing what may or may not be a gang symbol. Underneath are scrawled ...Read more

What's happening at Universal Orlando?

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Universal Orlando is dealing in a lot of mystery this year: What will replace Terminator 2, which closed in October? What will the new Nintendo attractions be and where will they go? Universal isn't answering questions.

Nothing Universal is doing is as mysterious as the land the company has acquired off Sand Lake Road. Some of the land has been...Read more

Hurricane-damaged Hawks Cay Resort reopening Aug. 30 after $50 million renovation

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Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys is scheduled to reopen Aug. 30.

The resort, at Mile Marker 61 in the Middle Keys, was damaged in Hurricane Irma hit last September. The $50 million renovation includes the lobby on the main hotel, 177 guest rooms and public areas.

"We're bringing back what guests loved about Hawks Cay with a fresh design in...Read more

Best hotel and airline reward programs

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To join or not to join a travel/hotel rewards program, that is the question. There are countless options out there, but which is worth its weight in perks? U.S. News & World Report recently released a list of the top travel rewards programs. The airline algorithm factored in ease of earning free round-trip flights, network coverage, flight ...Read more

The 12 best things to do in Vancouver

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Canada is a favorite travel destination for many Americans, attracting more than 12 million visitors each year. A sizable chunk of these travelers heads straight to Vancouver, which is arguably one of the coolest cities in the Pacific Northwest. Beyond its stunning nature, you can expect big-city attractions, hospitable locals and gastronomic ...Read more

Pomp and consequence: Visiting 20th-century fascist sites

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The sweeping impact of fascism in the 20th century can be felt to this day in the many monuments and memorials across Europe that remind us of those horrific years.

You can trace fascism's roots to the turbulent aftermath of World War I, where masses of angry people rose up, and their charismatic leaders manipulated that anger. Both Benito ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With James Lee

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Not long after James Lee celebrated his 27th birthday, the Royal Pirates bassist was involved in a freak accident in Seoul that nearly severed his hand and left it permanently damaged. No longer able to feel the strings of his bass, he quit his band and returned home to California, where he was born and raised. Lee, 30, is celebrating his ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Disneyland is all about Pixar, even the food

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Sydnie Hilliard was on a mission on this hot summer day -- her last at Disneyland Resort’s new Pixar Pier.

The Northern California teen, 14, had already ridden the new Incredicoaster, Disneyland's longest and fastest. That was fun, she explained, but this trip -- her seventh -- had a different ...Read more

The 12 best things to do in Wales

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The least-visited country of the British Isles, Wales will open your eyes to a whole new side of the region. It doesn't have an iconic monument like Big Ben in England or an Instagram star location like the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, but that means travelers will get a much more unique and less overrun experience. Wales has stunning natural ...Read more

Around the World: The Claremont is Berkeley’s Grande Dame

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BERKLEY, California – If you happen to be in San Francisco, Oakland or Berkeley and want a look at Bay Area exclusivity and elegance, include a visit to The Claremont on your agenda. The classically classy grand dame of a building has had a long and very interesting history that could be gleaned for a shelf full of good novels.
<...Read more