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Once the sun goes down, Venice shines

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I love Venice at night, and recently, I was reminded why. The evening started at one of my favorite Venice restaurants. The chef served up a seafood bounty from the lagoon, accompanied by deliciously grilled local vegetables and polenta. After dinner, twinkling from my sprightly Venetian white wine, I wandered through the tangle of back lanes, ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Kirk Acevedo

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Growing up in New York, actor Kirk Acevedo says he learned early on to be self-reliant. "Having lived on my own since I was 16 in a big city taught me to be very self-sufficient," says Acevedo, who portrays Ricardo Diaz -- aka The Dragon -- on the CW series "Arrow." "I trust people very slowly. And then I suffer no fools. And for these skills I ...Read more

Catalina Island beckons with new hiking trails, vestiges of old Hollywood

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California sun sends shimmers of light across the choppy waves as I depart Long Beach and head out to sea aboard the high-speed ferry Catalina Express.

My destination: a 76-square-mile fortress of rock that's marooned 23 miles off the coast of Los Angeles.

Catalina is one of eight of the Channel Islands, and it's the only one with a ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Following in the footsteps of royalty

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Didn't get an invite? You're in good company. President Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May and other world leaders also didn't make the cut for the May 19th wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. After all, St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle can only hold 800 people (600 have reportedly been invited to attend, with ...Read more

That time when a bear broke into our minivan on a family vacation in the Smokies

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As we checked in and got directions to our mountain cabin, we were told we might encounter bears on the property.

Don't feed them, we were warned.

OK, we said. Got it.

Not long after completing a 600-mile, nine-hour road trip from Chicago, we followed a winding road to an area just west of downtown Gatlinburg, Tenn., the gateway to Great ...Read more

The fires could not quench the beauty of California's wine country

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NAPA VALLEY, Calif. -- As I floated 2,500 feet above this storied wine-producing valley in a hot air balloon, all I could see below was a vast mosaic of greens. Greens in every shade -- from palest lettuce to soft sage to vivid emerald. Soaring over the Mayacamas Mountain Range, a tantalizing view of Mount St. Helena (not to be confused with ...Read more

What's around the Fillmore

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The Fillmore stands near the confluence of three neighborhoods. Here's what to visit in each.

Fillmore District

For a jazzier scene in a throwback setting far smaller than the Fillmore, step across Geary Boulevard to the Boom Boom Room at 1601 Fillmore St. Once known for its association with John Lee Hooker, the Boom Boom Room is a long, ...Read more

Museum of Ice Cream staying for the summer in San Francisco

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It will be a sweet summer in San Francisco.

The wildly popular Museum of Ice Cream is extending its run yet again. You can immerse yourself in icy-creamy goodness and flop into that pool of sprinkles anytime between now and Sept. 3. Tickets for the latest extension went on sale last week.

And there are new whimsical art installations at the ...Read more

Britain's royal residences: Where the queen cools her crown

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Chances are you weren't invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle taking place at Windsor Castle -- neither was I -- but that doesn't mean you can't visit the place where it happened, or other royal residences in Great Britain. In addition to Windsor Castle, London's Kensington, Buckingham and Hampton Court palaces -- and the more...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With MAX

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MAX's platinum single "Lights Down Low" was written as a love song for his girlfriend -- now wife -- Emily. Based out of New York City, the singer (born Max Schneider) met the Brit in Chicago. "The best travel memory I have is a proper Sunday lunch with my wife's family in Brighton, England, where she grew up," says MAX, 25. "It was just ...Read more

Finding Hidden Mickeys

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Walt Disney World features fun adventures from one end of the realm to the other, but one of the most popular with kids of all ages is the Hidden Mickeys hunt.

Yes, Mickey is a presiding presence throughout the theme park, clearly visible in all the usual places -- on the signs, admission tickets and guide maps that ...Read more

Feel the music at the Fillmore

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SAN FRANCISCO -- It's 10 minutes to showtime. Step up to the three-story Italianate brick box at Fillmore Street and Geary Boulevard. Avert your eyes from the payday-loan operation that takes up much of the ground floor. Submit to a brief search by security.

Then climb the stairs, grab an apple from the giveaway bin and check out the hundreds ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Useful gadgets and gizmos for the moms in your life

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Gadget or Gizmo? If you're thinking expensive flowers for Mother's Day, think again, as there are so many useful new affordable gadgets and gizmos, not to mention apps, which will be appreciated by the moms in your life every time they travel.

Of course, anything you can do to make a family vacation easier and more relaxing for ...Read more

Around the World: Traveling with Pets?

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Wondering whether she was alone in her concerns, a reader recently wrote in
to relate her personal ‘traveling-with-Fido’ story -- which was, unfortunately, a not altogether pleasant experience.

“Does this happen to other travelers? And, what did I do wrong?,” she wanted to know.

As for her first ...Read more

How to plan your next trip around a 'walk-cation'

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On my latest trip to Chicago, I consumed nine tacos, three doughnuts, an Indian crepe, a giant tamale, a mound of carnitas, a bowl of pasta and a table full of Vietnamese food. How did I not gain 15 pounds? Well, I also walked 8 to 10 miles per day -- which is typical for me when I travel.

Exploring a city on foot has so many benefits. I ...Read more

New airline seating proposal a stand-up idea

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For those in the economy section of an airplane, flying is already an experience that falls somewhere between tolerable and miserable on the comfort spectrum.

And that experience is not likely to get much more comfortable if Aviointeriors Group has its way.

The Italy-based aerospace interior design company recently unveiled its latest seat ...Read more

Berlin escapes: Three easy day trips

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Berliners joke that they don't need to travel anywhere because their city's always changing. While you could spend weeks in Berlin and not run out of things to do, even the natives like to get out of town once in a while. Recently I tried out three easy day trips from the German capital.

First I spent half a day at Frederick the Great's opulent...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Tiya Sircar

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For "Alex, Inc." actress Tiya Sircar, travel is a passion. Born and raised in Texas and currently a resident of California, Sircar -- who portrays Rooni Schuman on the ABC series -- says, "There are so many places I love for a variety of reasons -- Vietnam, Barcelona, Italy. But if I had to choose (just one), I would have to say India. It's ...Read more

Around the World: How to Interpret Travel Website Language

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With increased accessibility and reliance on online resources for information, those glossy travel brochures printed and distributed by tourist boards have pretty much become a thing of the past. People who are planning trips turn to official tourist board and tour operator websites and travel chat rooms for guidance about accommodations ...Read more

Legoland wants you to spend the night with knights and wizards

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Here are some of the highlights of Legoland's new 250-room Castle Hotel, which boasts 2,100 Lego models crafted from more than 3 million Lego bricks.


Greeting guests in the lobby is a 5-foot tall Lego model of a bearded wizard standing atop a pile of Lego spell books. With the tap of an oversized button, a spiraling chandelier ...Read more