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Big Sky bliss

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Lounging in a sleeping bag on a cot in a tepee, fully clothed and bundled up, my cowboy boots kicked off on the warm wooden floor, I've been journaling and listening to the ever-changing Montana weather make music on my tent. The wind whistles through the flaps. The rain taps a rhythm on the canvas. The dramatic, fast-moving Montana cloudscape ...Read more

Culture vulture, foodie gets her fix in New York City

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New York is a city I've always had something of a love/hate relationship with. First the hate: the noise level, which most Manhattanites seem not to notice, has me ready to chew off my own ears after a day or two -- the incessant drilling of jackhammers; cabbies sitting on their horns even when it's obvious they are going nowhere fast, and ...Read more

Searching for moose, and dinner, in northern Minnesota

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"Good luck seeing moose," the clerk at Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply in Grand Marais, Minn., called out as my sister and I left the store. "Dusk is the perfect time."

It was 5 p.m., and pink clouds hovered over silvery Lake Superior as we embarked on a classic wintertime drive, following the Gunflint Trail on the hunt for dinner and a moose.

...Read more

Hawaii-bound? A first-timer's guide to thrills, chills on Kauai

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KAUAI, Hawaii -- As I hurtled through the sky above a sprawling valley, in view of sapphire waves and verdant mountain slopes, the wind was whipping past me and my eyes were streaming tears.

My lips were peeled back, I was yelling incomprehensibly and my brain was blaring, "This could be the end."

But let me begin at the beginning, before I ...Read more

How I lived it up in Vegas without breaking the bank

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I took a breath, buried my pride and slid the $20 bill across the counter, suggestively.

"Are there any complimentary upgrades available?" I asked the woman working the check-in at the Luxor Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

I was in town for four nights and on a mission to live it up in Las Vegas while keeping my bank account in check --...Read more

Universal Studios Hollywood raises daily ticket prices 7 percent

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Only two weeks after Disneyland increased daily ticket prices nearly 9 percent, the theme park's biggest Southern California rival, Universal Studios Hollywood, raised daily ticket prices by more than 7 percent.

The cost of a peak-demand daily ticket for Universal Studios Hollywood was boosted late last month to $129 from $120 at the front gate...Read more

Europe's best border-busting day trips

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With borders so close and transportation a delight, it's easy to throw a change of scenery and culture into your European itinerary. Here are some of my favorite cross-border day trips.

London to Paris. Zipping on the bullet train from London to Paris (or vice versa), deep below the English Channel (a.k.a. "Chunnel"), is exciting -- and takes ...Read more

CelebrityTravel: Go Away With Luna Blaise

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Luna Blaise has been juggling her burgeoning acting career ("Concrete Kids," "Fresh Off the Boat," "Surviving Theater 9") with concert dates to promote her latest single, "Camera Roll." One of the best parts of her job, she says, is getting to travel to so many different places. "I'm pretty adventurous when it ...Read more

Around the World: Traveling in a Flu-stricken World

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Every year, a new strain of flu is in the air, threatening to cause a catastrophic pandemic that will kill off nonessential travel.  And, what a shame that is.  People who’ve been looking forward to getting away to explore new places or revisit their favorite destinations are kept from doing so by their fear of getting sick.

...Read more

Taking the Kids: Channeling your inner-Olympian

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Got Olympic fever? Maybe your kids have Olympic fever after seeing athletes jump, race and twirl on skates, skis and snowboards, not to mention luge and bobsleds.

These days, we all know kids are influencing where parents take them on vacation, and we know that if kids are happy their parents will be happy too. So why not take a trip to the ...Read more

In LA, spa days can stretch into night

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LOS ANGELES -- The landscape of the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, a concrete universe of slightly less than three square miles in Mid-City, is a bilingual-signed jigsaw of strip malls and squat high-rises, barbecue restaurants and porridge joints. It's about as far away from John Cheever's Westchester County, the setting for many of the...Read more

Discovering the Romance of Germany's Black Forest

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In Germany's southwest corner, the Black Forest ("Schwarzwald") is a range of hills stretching east of the Rhine River. Ancient Romans found the thick forests here inaccessible and mysterious, so they called it "black." Today, Germans and tourists alike are attracted to this most romantic of German regions -- famous for its mineral spas, clean ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

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Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman was adopted when he was two weeks old. The actor, who splits his time between West Hollywood and Brooklyn, said he would love to travel to Ghana. "Recently, I did a DNA test and discovered that half of my bloodline stems from West Africa," said the 33-year-old actor. "(This) solidified my ...Read more

Hangtown Fry is a local legend, but it doesn't pass the smell test

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PLACERVILLE, Calif. -- The signature dish at the Buttercup Pantry comes with a disclaimer on the menu.


Feeling hungry? Or, more likely, curious and masochistic? Order the $15.99 Hangtown Fry, the roughly 170-year-old omelet, of sorts, that shares a ...Read more

Around the World: Are Frequent Flyer Tickets Really Free?

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Airlines are often offer irresistibly low discounted fares to many popular destinations, but the best deal is still travel for free--using frequent flyer tickets.
But are frequent flyer tickets really free?  No, sad to say, not really.
You earn frequent flyer miles by meeting airline specified behaviors. They’re rewards for ...Read more

Taking the Kids: An adventure in Belize

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Talk about getting out of your comfort zone. Lucy and Mick Fleming, a young adventurous couple, spontaneously bought an overgrown 140-acre farm and citrus orchard on the Macal River in Belize after meeting the owner in a bar in Belize City, about a two-hour drive away.

There were no roads, no electricity, no hot water, indoor bathrooms or phone...Read more

Spring in Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa offers more than baseball

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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- In Hammond Stadium's sleepy center-field seating section, I leaned back, pulled down my cap and sighed.

The sun beat the perfect amount of heat onto my shoulders during one of the Minnesota Twins' last spring training games in Fort Myers. The Key lime cider in my hand dripped with perspiration. And the crack of the bat -- ...Read more

Welsh revival: Cardiff sheds rust-belt past for glossy future

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Just an hour from major English destinations such as Bath and the Cotswolds, spunky Cardiff offers a taste of Welsh flavors that will leave you with great memories.

Most travelers planning a trip to Britain don't realize you can hop a train in London and, in just over two hours, you're in Wales' revitalized capital. From there, you can easily ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Steve Aoki

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Steve Aoki, a world-famous, Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, has collaborated with artists such as, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy. Most recently, he worked on the remix of BTS' hit single, "MIC Drop," which was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Known to ...Read more

Around the World: For Women’s History Month, Explore the Feminist Legacy of Lower Manhattan

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Let current headlines about equality and diversity issues lead you to downtown Manhattan, where you’ll find yourself in the very spots where America’s founding feminists took a stand for women’s right to vote and other key issues regarding gender and racial equality. It’s an ideal tour to take during March, otherwise known as Women...Read more