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How to Train a Dog to Get a Bottle Out of the Refrigerator

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Have you ever wanted to train your dog to get a beer out of the refrigerator? Thanks to recent dog videos popping up on the Internet there are many people who are now looking to train their dog to get a beer, soda, or other drink from their fridge. Training your dog to do this trick is very possible if you have some patience. Here is a list of things to do to train your dog to get your beer from the refrigerator:

First, you must have a dog that likes to retrieve things. Retrieving is a largely motivational activity for a dog so you must first have a dog who naturally likes to play fetch or play tug-of-war.

Start out by training this trick in what I call ‘bite sized pieces’. You wouldn’t teach your dog the whole trick from the beginning, but would rather split it up to make it simpler for your dog to understand.

Begin by teaching your dog a command to grab a towel and a bottle from your hands. Get a towel, wave it around to excite your dog, and then allow him to grab it as you tell him ‘get the towel’, ‘fetch the rag’, or some other similar command. As he grabs the towel play tug-of-war and encourage him to pull and tug on the item. As he tugs praise him and allow him to ‘win’ the item. Continue training this behavior and gradually build the game to where he will tug on the towel for 10 seconds or more before he wins the item. Repeat this same training activity with a soda or beer bottle.

Attach the towel to the handle of your fridge. Bring your dog close to the refrigerator and give him the command to fetch the towel. As he grabs it encourage him heavily to keep pulling. As he pulls on the towel he will open the door. When he does so, praise him heavily.


Once the door is open you can indicate that the beer bottle or soda bottle is inside. If necessary, take the bottle out, wave it around to get him excited then place it immediately in the fridge as you command him to fetch the bottle. When he fetches the bottle praise him tons!

With a little bit of practice you will be able to gradually increase the distance from where you command him. Be patient, work hard, and you will train your dog to get a beer from the refrigerator.


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